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Young Bae & Tati Confront Kitty | Black Ink Crew

Young Bae & Tati Confront Kitty | Black Ink Crew

– TED: Oh, them [bleep]
look real. – ♪ – So as it turns out,
Sky’s idea for team building is actually to play
laser tag. Which would be a good idea
if she were here to lead it. But instead,
she put Teddy in charge. And we all know how
that goes. – Sir, we have a reservation
under the name “Sky.” – MAN: Okay, Sky left
this note for you guys. – What?
– Wait, what? – “So here’s what
I want you to do.” – SKY AND KITTY: “Each person
has to say something that “has truly been bothering them
about the other coworker. “People with unresolved issues
are on opposite teams. Have fun, bitches.” – “Love, Sky.” – No, I told you
this was a setup. – Oh, you gotta be
[bleep] kidding me. I am definitely not in the mood
for no Kumbaya bull [bleep]. – Well, everybody, come on. So whatever unresolved issues–
come on! I actually think
this is gonna be fun. I mean, it may even be
cathartic for everybody. – Just pick the teams. Pick the team. – Okay, right side,
versus left side. I’ll sit here,
and I’ll be the coach. I got my money on… the right-hand side.
– BAE: Wow. – That’s because there’s
more ladies on that side. – No, it’s actually because
you’re on this side. – WALT: Oh yeah. – [laughing] – That’s cute. I’m surprised you ain’t
sitting next to your new bitch
on the other side. – Whoa.
– Damn, shade. – I mean, my life don’t
revolve [bleep], so I can’t relate.
– Oooh! – On my left, we have
a scorned girlfriend. Tati!
– [bell rings] – And on my right,
the mistress of all mistresses, Krystal! Ding, ding, ding!
Fight! Unresolved issues on one! – TATI: We ain’t got
no unresolved issue. I just don’t like you. – ♪ – Tokie, I think
you phony. – ♪ – Really, Tati? You’ve been acting like an ass
ever since Teddy dumped you, so what the [bleep] ever,
bitch. – And also, Kitty,
I think you fake. – ♪ – KITTY: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why is Tati calling me fake? Last time I checked,
we were friends. So, this right here
is new. Please tell me how I’m fake. – TATI: Bae, why don’t you
tell her? – KITTY: What are you
talking about? Bae and I are friends. – ♪ – Like–I mean like, me, I didn’t have problem
with no one, because, you know,
like I’m cool with everybody. But I heard Kitty was
talking mad [bleep] about me. – ♪ – Huh? Bae is one
of my closest friends. Why would I
talk [bleep] about her? Anything I ever have to say
behind somebody back, I say it in their face. – You didn’t come to me,
you talked [bleep]. – What–what did I say
about you? – ♪ – Like I don’t do nothing. My mom don’t do nothing. – I didn’t say nothing
about your mother. Never said nothing
about your mother. I’m gonna miss her, but it’s
a good thing she’s leaving. You know, it free up
some money for us. – TATI: You ready?
Yeah, I’m ready. – Let’s do it! – I don’t know
what’s going on here, but something is foul. And we ain’t starting this game until Bae gives me
an explanation. Bae, you need
to explain yourself. What did I say
about your goddamn mother? – Please do no
disrespect my mother! Please, please!
– KITTY: –[bleep]. Tati told me this morning
at the shop that Kitty was talking [bleep]
about my mom and my child, Niko. – The other day we was
in the shop, and Kitty was kinda like openly talking about
the fact how she was so happy that Mama Bae’s out.
– What? – Like, “Why we wasting money
to pay your mama to help you out with Niko?” Like you should be able to take
responsibility for yourself. – [indistinct yelling] – KITTY: Whatever, bitch.
You come to me first! – [indistinct yelling] – What you gonna do,
you dumbass bitch?

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