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Wookami’s Song HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Well I’m no good at bein’ merry And I’m no good at bein’ glad Smile at me and you
better be wary Because I’m good at bein’ bad It makes me ill to
have to do good deeds Your happiness just makes me mad Mass destruction that
sounds good to me You be good I just wanna be bad Wookami – that’s my name Evil deeds are in my sights Wookami – someday soon You’ll see my name in lights Wookami – that’s my name Wicked as the day is long Wookami – mischievous mean… And just wrong! Now soon the whole wide
world will know me As their mortal enemy The go to guy for infamy I have a gift and
I’m gonna flaunt it To make everyone
around me feel sad You know you could be
good if you wanted what a waste! ‘Cause I’m so good at bein’ Yeah he’s the best at bein’ Open your eyes and you will see Take a good look
and you’ll agree I’m (He’s) very
good at bein’ bad!

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