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Woman Truck Driver, Kitty Liang, Follows Her Dreams at Schneider

Woman Truck Driver, Kitty Liang, Follows Her Dreams at Schneider

My name is Kitty! I’m from Sacramento, California, and I love driving with Schneider. I am a truck driver because I want to see the country and be able to do my art and do my writing in all those states America. and also uh… I became a citizen in 2007. l’m originally from China and I’m just really excited to see my new country. Got my master’s degree in english creative writing last year. You know, I don’t want to get stuck
with an office job. That’s why I decided to go over-the-road. You have no idea how many people out there I meet who hear that I’m a trucker and they’re like, “I thought about driving and being a trucker like 20 years ago.” You know, I feel like, man, it’s not that hard. You just do it and feel good about yourself forever. It’s like such a sense of accomplishment once you imagine you’re on your own in this truck. I love driving, getting on the road and putting it on cruise control and blasting my music
cruise control and blasting the music, just singing, talking to myself, doing whatever I want. It’s a lot of freedom out there. I only listen to old country. That’s my thing. George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard. Just some good ol’ country tunes. People at Schneider here are really nice and, like, laid back. I mean, ever since I got into, I mean the first
time I got to training in Fontana, like, I was surprised by how laid back the instructors are.
that instructors are They were always joking around. Just really relaxed atmosphere. I thought that was just training, but then when I got to my real job in
Stockton, my dispatchers were the same way.
They would joke around. They listen to me and they’re generally very caring people. They’re always telling me to
drive safe and asking me how I’m liking it. I could tell they really do care about their drivers. I mostly just like encourage myself. Say stuff like, “Kitty, stay positive, things are so great right now!
positive reactions are so great written You’re living your dream. You’re driving for Schneider. This is great!”

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