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Wisconsin Hookups, Sharing PS4 Profile & CATNIP!

hey all you beautiful people how are ya and the others too you know who you are welcome to Wisconsin I’m in Wisconsin now I’m I’ll show you exactly what I got going on behind me but I’m here at the Ho Chunk gaming Black River Falls casino doing some overnight parking here in their casino lot I’m not a big gambler I will play some games but they got a good buffet in here I already looked at it we’re gonna go do that for lunch today but they have some truck parking car parking and then they have designated RV parking with hookups okay so not 30-amp right this is just standard 20-amp household electric but you can use an adapter and then you can park three RVs one here one here and one over where I’m at you can see the three poles this is the one right next to me garbage is full right now it was full when I got here I’m over here I taped it up because mine doesn’t have a case right there and I don’t want the moisture to get in the way but I’m using my little 32 20 amp adapter there and well I just I won’t use the air conditioner or the coffeepot off of this powers I don’t want that wire to get too hot but it’s nice to be able to have to worry about running the generator or not getting solar or something here at the casino so really nice that they have this available the cones in this instance are not necessarily for getting people to slow down the cones are just to say hey can you can you give me a room can you not block me in here I know I don’t I’m not as big as some of the other RVs but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to park right in front of me and block me in right or sneak in here and use me for shade or shelter and on the other side I mean look how big the lot is guys there’s lots of room right so I’ve just kind of put my cones out for feet you know just so you don’t put your your bedroom window right up against my dining room window you know otherwise let’s go inside and get some grub I skipped breakfast so I’m gonna eat a really good buffet lunch right now starting off basic here turkey chicken potatoes mmm and now night is falling I just wanted to share what this casino looks like at night here I had one class a RV join me that light just go out on my trip and I’m tripping a little class a join me right here the lot is very lit at night yeah just something you got a deal with and two trucks over there both of them idling their engines but they’re they’re pretty far away so you know like I said it’s a it’s a nice place it’s a quiet place it’s better than a Walmart parking lot buy it at least eight times eight times better than a in a Walmart parking lot but you know this is a little unusual because this isn’t any natural beauty this is strictly lot docking yeah that light is flashing why is my new light flashing that’s new that’s new okay well it didn’t take me very long to figure out what the heck’s going on with my outdoor speaker bluetooth late thing out there because my ipod is connected to two things at once yeah this is still connected to my sound bar but I was listening to music but it also as soon as I flipped this switch for the outdoor speaker my ipod is connected to both so it’s playing through the sound bar and outdoor speaker which is good to finally figure out because I may be in some quiet campground thinking I’m just blasting music or listening to an audiobook inside where if I turn the porch light on outside now I’m broadcasting to everybody I feel like this should only go to one source at a time that’s very strange good to know though I will make sure it’s off when I turn the outdoor light on okay we’re having a staring contest what how you doing can I have that Paul that one right there I can’t have that one you weren’t using it right now now we’re just uh we’re just hanging out inside actually you know trying to think if I really want to do this yeah so I’m gonna play some video games tonight but here’s the here’s the thing the ps4 system is brand new to me as of Christmas of last year so I’m more of a retro guy I like a Nintendo 64 and ps2 Guitar Hero stuff but I have been getting into ps4 lately and I play a few games that are multiplayer games and so I know I have a lot of subscribers so this is kind of scary but what if I share my profile and then ask if some people want to be friends and possibly do some multiplayer games on like a rainy day or something okay so I don’t even know if I’m gonna give you enough information but my ps4 profile is nomadic fanatic Eric Jacobs 1 4 6 3 you’ll see the Seahawk logo banner and my face like on YouTube okay so I’m guessing you can search for that you can add me as a friend like Facebook or something I don’t know how exactly how that works but oh I’ll share with you the games I have and the games that I might be wanting to play on multiplayer you guys already know I’m not normal so let’s don’t laugh but these are probably in the order that I actually like to play them my favorite game is MLB the show 18 right now and we can multiplayer that or Madden 18 also world series of poker need for speed pac-man mxgp 3 a motorcycle game Doom shadow of mordor guardians of the galaxy NASCAR heat 2 Crash Bandicoot Star Wars Battlefront grand theft auto v skyrim elder scrolls I’m not gonna say that one Kingdom Hearts 2.80 and the golf club to the maybe not all of those are multiplayer games I didn’t even check that first but anyway if you play ps4 or you think it’d be fun to like battle or like play football game together or baseball or a golf or something like that maybe you should become my friend on ps4 is that a thing man I’m so out of it I don’t even know but anyway just thought I would throw that out there you guys know where to find me now I will try to find a way to accept new friends on the ps4 dude dude it I think we need some drama music gonna kill it Jax yo you don’t like it you don’t like that huh what what he gonna do about it can’t do anything about it you know you’re not doing anything huh so I’m safe as long as I keep the glove up here I won’t get bitten or bat clawed by him but as soon as the whole hand comes down and touches the belly this is this is dangerous oh yeah look at those back claws coming out the teeth don’t like it yeah yeah that’s dangerous that’s dangerous hun Jax I should just keep it up here like this where I’m safe huh should we break out the catnip and get high Jax let’s get high okay I’ll go find the nip you want to hold on to this for me okay you hold on to it I’ll be back are you sharing that is that is that loaded with catnip can I have some I can’t have any but I thought you were gonna share oh not one shoe whoo you’re feisty that thing is loaded with nab where’s my net where’s my adult net can I have some adult nip while you’re enjoying dangerous this is Jax’s first toy ever the original from the very first RV and bands we lived in and everything we call this mr. Quackers because he’s like a duck never found these again it used to be on a string and have not found a replacement in eight years so I don’t really let Jax chew on this one because it’s just kind of nostalgic that’s that you want to cuddle with it you want to snuggle with it he’s like no I like this catnip filled sausage patty yeah I can tell good grief dude are you sharing tonight I know but I wouldn’t I just wanted one link we’re freakin monster look at your heavy breathing and everything just plain a dangerous to grab belly when there’s catnip involved huh I shouldn’t grab belly I get belly now you like in a state it you’re hilarious may I you pie Lucy your eyeballs huh let me see your eyes what are you doing with the back legs is that dangerous to go there whoa whoa okay can I have some now feel like you’ve had enough it should be my turn so I should probably get some links no thanks I’m gonna Duke it up first because I don’t like it wrong okay the job okay I mean technically speaking if you have a cat you don’t need TV Netflix movies videogames or anything catnip and extra gloves you’re slowing down is that is it catnip starting to kick in it’s not okay I kind of beg to differ you’re acting strange would now be a safe time to grab some belly oh I can’t oh my a big claws you have oh my okay well I’m gonna steal this that’s her no I can’t have it oh that’s lost it you lost it man oh man hey did yeah you did I saw it actually I do have Emily to watch someone to make some popcorn I have ready player one ready to watch with Jax on the couch so watch that I think it’s gonna rain tonight or tomorrow we’ll see I’ll get back to it well good morning everybody the entire lot is empty this morning no RVs no trucks no maybe it’s just a one-night thing I’d they didn’t they didn’t give me a limit no no no it was it was quiet here tonight so I’ll get back on the road and head west Jackson L see any couple days bye guys

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