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What’s inside a Lucky Cat?

What’s inside a Lucky Cat?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m here in Tokyo, Japan, and
actually the town of Narita, and I’m looking for
something to cut open. I have my nice little tourist map, and I’m touring around all
these beautiful streets. It’s very quiet here and peaceful. There’s a lot of gift
shops right around here. I’m on my way to the temple to check out what that looks like. Here’s the global edition
from Japan of What’s Inside. (spiritual music) I’m here at this beautiful temple. It’s with a three story
pagoda that’s behind me. I don’t really know what
this is, where I am, if these are headstones or
what, but it is beautiful. One thing that I see everywhere in Japan are these dolls, that are annoyingly bobbing all the time. So I think it might be a good idea to get one of these Lucky
Cats and see what’s inside, ’cause everywhere I
go, in every gift shop, they have those cats everywhere. And they’re just bobbing and waving. Hey, what’s up? Another store, another bunch
of bobbling pets and weird cats that are moving their arms. So I think that is what I need to get, because it’d be great to
cut one of these open. So that’s what I’m going for. Get one of these guys. And maybe get one of these guys. Done. I just got back from Japan yesterday. I’m completely jet lagged. I slept about two hours last night, but I’m really excited to show
Lincoln what I got in Japan, so I’m gonna do this a little differently. I’m gonna show him the video that I edited so far of my trip in Japan, and showing the thing that I bought that he doesn’t know yet. And then under this box
is the thing that I got, so I’ll lift it up and show him. (laughter) So from Japan to the USA, here we go. (cheering) – I like this one. It’s like
in a cradle, it seems like. – So this is called
Maneki-Neko, or Beckoning Cat, or most people call it a Lucky Cat. The main reason why people have it is because they will put it
in front of their stores and they say that this
arm is telling people to come in to their store, and that they’re gonna sell more stuff and they’re gonna have better
fortune and make more money, because they have this
cat that’s waving them in. (laughter) – OK, time to skin this cat
and see what it’s made of. – Let’s do this. (energetic music) – So now we’re just gonna
try to break the head off of the cat. Sorry, cat, decapitated. Come on, kitty. Come on, kitty. (cheering) Let’s see if it still works. (laughter) – Yeah! – It still works. Here’s a kitty cat head. (energetic music) – OK, we have cut
precisely around his body, kinda like a pumpkin. Let’s see if we can take it out now. (laughter) Check it out! (laughter) – There’s his body.
– It still works! – Let’s see if it still works here. – Yeah! We did it.
– Check that out. That is funny. So the bottom, you can see
it’s solar powered right here, and then that’s where it
just goes back and forth. It has some sort of magnet
that’s close to that coil, and every time it goes by, it gives it just enough boost
for it to keep spinning. I feel kinda like I’m
that boy in Toy Story that, in his backyard, he
destroys all of those toys. What’s that kid’s name?
Do you remember that kid? – Sid. – Sid. Sid from Toy Story. I’m Sid. Just need to put a firecracker
on here and explode it. Good thing we don’t have
Buzz Lightyear out here or something. So we have this weird-looking cat. I really don’t wanna
destroy it too much more, because I like the way it works. It looks great. It
still works. It’s funny. – Yeah. – But before we do anything
more with this one, let’s figure out this
little roly poly cat. – Roly polies!
(laughter) – Here we go. (energetic music) Now it’s not even pulling out. – Just cut around here. Cut around here. I think that would look cool. – OK. (energetic music) – It’s like the cat is cut,
and then the side is cut. – Well, pull it off. – OK. Oh, wow, that was easy.
(laughter) It’s like this little,
tiny chip right here. And this is probably the same
thing from the other cat, right here, the magnet that
makes it go back and forth. – Oh!
– Oh! – There we go. Who’s that middle part? Here’s the inside of this cat. You can see where it dangles down. – I guess it broke this. – So, see, we’re not so bad. We’re not so mean to the Lucky Cat. We can still put him together, kind of. Oh!
(laughter) – Nevermind. – The head just falls off.
(laughter) – So there you go. That’s
what’s inside of a Lucky Cat. And his other Lucky Cat friend. – Meow. – If you liked this video, and
you’d like us to open things from other parts of the
world, just let us know. Give us some suggestions.
We are open to it. So hopefully by keeping this arm going, it’ll encourage you to
subscribe to our channel, like this video if you liked it, and watch some of our others. Thanks so much for watching. (meow) (purring)

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