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What it’s Actually Like at a Japanese Cat Café

What it’s Actually Like at a Japanese Cat Café

– Oh, hi. Oh my goodness, why, hello. Oh, hi everybody. I have never been so
completely surround by cats. Ba-doing. So one of the things we really want to do while we’re in Japan is go to one of the numerous animal based cafes. (jazzy music) They have reading material. You can really spend
some quality time here with your kitty friends. (gasps) Ah, excuse me. I didn’t see you there. Aww. Oh my god, this is paradise. – We can pet them right?
– Yeah. – Okay, we just can’t pick them up? – Yeah. Aw, everybody’s playing. There’s so many kitties in here. Hi kitties. Oh my god, they’re so cute. (jazzy music) Hi. What do you got going on in there Ella? Oh my god, are you serious? Aw, hi, you make me miss our kitties. Hi. Look how beautiful these cats are. Hi. Aw. Oh, look at that majestic
creature right there. Hello. (angelic singing) – [Ella] Oh my god, look at this guy. – We’re surrounded by kitties. This is my dream come true. But wait, there’s more. This place is huge. It’s cat paradise. (jazzy music) That was amazing. That was 100% incredible. – So cute and so worth it. Sometimes you think that
these things are gonna be gimmicky, but it was
really, actually really fun. – A 100% worth it. We got to spend 20 minutes. They charged in increments of 10. It was wonderful. There was wifi. Could you imagine just
working out of that cafe with the kitties? Ah, kitties. I don’t know how any
other cafe could top that. I would say that–
– I don’t either. – Out of all the cafes in Harajuku, cat cafe might be my favorite.

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