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What Is Big Cat Rescue About?!

What Is Big Cat Rescue About?!

[Music] Big Cat Rescue started in 1992 with the rescue of a single Bobcat named Wind Song. But then people started calling and saying, “Would you take my Lion? Would you take my Tiger”? I’m like, “what are you guys doing with lions and tigers”? So that was how it morphed into what it is today. Basically we come in in the morning, first thing we do is close all the lock outs and get these guys fed. So we go through about 300 pounds of meat in a day, a lot of meat to get everybody fed. We usually have about four routes, it takes about eight or ten people about an hour and a half to get everyone fed. [Music] They don’t want to be a pet, they’re still a wild animal, they’re not domesticated, they’re not going to domesticate, it’s not a good life for them, and if you really love the cats you would not do that to them because it’s not good for them. People tell me all the time, You’re so lucky you get to work with these cats, and every day it just breaks my heart to see these cats in cages because that is the antithesis of who they are and what they deserve so it’s a very difficult thing for me to even walk through the sanctuary because I feel like it’s just so wrong for them to be caged, but they can’t go free and the only way I can make it up to them is by doing everything I can to make sure there’s never another cub born into that situation. [Music] The only solution is a ban on the private ownership would eliminate these animals as pets, would eliminate these roadside zoos so the Big Cat Public Safety Act is what does that. It grandfather’s in the existing people so nobody’s gonna take away their cats and there would be no place for them to go even if that was not the case, it exempts the big AZA zoos, it exempts sanctuaries, but when you craft these exemptions you have to be careful, very careful not to make it a big loophole. So basically it would put a stop to the roadside zoos, the cub petting and the pet ownership, which is 98 percent of the problem [Music] EDITED-MN-DQ

86 thoughts on “What Is Big Cat Rescue About?!

  • I really respect what you guys are doing and support you all I can. Also “What are you doing with Lions and Tigers” had me dead.

  • It breaks my heart to see such majestetic creatures in cages. But I know that these guys cant go free anymore. The only thing we can do is to give them the best rest of their life in captivity and make sure that no cub will be born in such. They deserve so much more. I hope people gonna understand that before its too late. I admire your work and cant imagine how difficult it is to walk through your park. I got tears in my eyes when i saw these beautis via yt. I love u BGR. We need more good people like you😍😭👏👏👏

  • U r amazing people thank u so much for all inspiring u give to us , I love u so much 💟💟💟💟

  • As sad as it is for these big cats to be in cages, I think they are very well looked after and 1000 times happier at big cat rescue than where they used to be.
    I'm so glad amazing people like big cat rescue can offer an incredible place for these fantastic animals to live.

    I hope one day people will stop keeping these animals as pets, and I will support the legislation to do so.

    Great work big cat rescue ! You're amazing people !

  • I dont believe having them in small cages. They deserve atleast 2 or 3 acres of land atleast. As long as they have a large enough space and get plenty of food and water and have like a big pool for em. Then im okay for it. They get to live longer lives and always have something to eat and dont have to worry about getting something to eat. But you just have to be rich.

  • How does this video only have 1 comment?! This is so heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time!

  • Miss those cats 💔 So good to see them again. Carole you are an angel, I broke down hearing you talk about them. Thank you for being their voice and caring for them ❤️

  • I admire people who are, by nature, kind and fair to others, including animals. Carole and Howard Baskin, you are a blessing to the world. Bless you both and your wonderful team.

  • To make big cats no longer endangered species, they need to have cubs, beside cubs are cute, and you don't need to have cubs photo, and you could train them to be release back to the wild.

    Big cat rescue care about money to not buy things they Want, but to help the cats

    I love Big cat Rescue

  • BCR is awesome,when it comes to wildlife Big cats are my #1.I love big cats,my favorites are;lions,tigers (Bengal,Siberian,and Sumatran) and leopards (African and Amur).They're just so awesome and really grasps my interests,leading about their looks,diet,and habitat.
    Love the channel 😍😎💙

  • Eine ganz großartige Organisation seid ihr. 👍🐅💕Und ich bin sehr sehr froh das es solche Organisationen wie euch gibt, die Großkatzen retten und so liebevoll betreuen wie ihr. 🐯🙏Dankeschön dafür.💋👍🐾💕🐾💖🐾💐

  • Wow seeing Carole cry was hard. I know it sucks. But least when there in a cage with you they get so much love and better life than they where having before. Hopefully no more one day ❤️😀

  • This a great video for sharing. The sign at 0:27 and the end text saying cub handling is the number one cause of abandoned big cats and suffering opens the door to explain to people who can't connect the dots due to lack of information. The person who has had an opportunity to pet a cub or wants to pet one tends to think the cats are so precious the owners must be taking great care of them…or it wouldn't be allowed. If it was really harmful it wouldn't allowed is so (family channel self censoring) often said that's clear people still believe because they're dangerous animals the authorities must be keeping a close eye on them. They don't have enough money or manpower to control the problem with organized dog or cock fighting.

    Another issue people find hard to wrap their heads around is the huge big cat parts market. The topic often gets the confused "Huh?" response because many people do not think that's really a "thing" or that it's a big "thing" ….if it exists. That cute little cub you paid to pet may one day be killed in canned hunt or just cut up for it's parts.
    Actually it can take them seeing cats like Mickey ( still remember you), why Keisha is missing most of her tail, Zabu's inbred lip problem, etc. etc. etc, can be very effective in driving home the points about cub petting, that backyard/roadside zoos are not well policed, irresponsible breeding to get unusual cats is wrong and privately owning big cats is often just a way to cruelly exploit them. Sometimes it's seeing a single background story on a cat like Mickey, the suffering he lived through and he lived with the results of his hellish life until his last breath that will get someone to make that call or support in other ways.
    All it takes is to pull out the phone, find the appropriate video and before you're seated for dinner, the film starts or whatever space of time you have, pass on what one day may save other cats from abuse. Everyone who knows the problems can do something to help those who are taking care of cats or trying to prevent more from suffering the same fate. Say something to people face to face , there are plenty of videos from BCR to back it up.

  • I still don't agree with the claim in the end, but I don't know in this moment how to rephrase it better.
    It just strikes me like something PETA would say while claiming games promote animal abuse.

    Aside from that, completely agree that the American big cat law must change and that these animals deserve freedom.
    Freedom which is sadly being taken away by poachers and other crap.. Which sadly makes them safer in cages.
    Oh what a world…

  • I Love big Cats 😍😍😍😍. My favotrite animal is Tiger 🐯🐅🐯🐅🐅❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love u guys im remeber me going here when i was little my heart was fill with joy but i was sad because some of them cant go back into the wild

  • It really says something when even the CEO/Founder says it's difficult to look at the animals in the sanctuary cages bc they deserved better lives.

  • Hi. In Mexico there is a guy who has a "rescue" centre called "black jaguar white tiger". He recived cats from circuses but he interacts directly with them in public
    i think that gives a wrong message of what a rescue centre should be. I guess you don't have direct handling of the cats, do you?


  • I don’t get why the government of the USA cares so little about animals and nature… You’d say it was a well educated country. I’m really glad to see there are still people who care about animals and their wellbeing, I just wish the government would too. (Not only USA, but every country that is throwing waste in the seas and air and keeping wild animals as pets)

  • When you are free, the best thing to do is rolling over & over without being chained.. 🐈🐱🐱🐱

  • Thank you for this video and for your activism. Your other videos are fun and laughs. This too was needed.

  • Did I catch it correctly the on the other video that almost all big cats in captivity today were BORN captive???

  • I love how well you take care of all the cats and even go above and beyond to do special things for them like give them special food for their birthdays or give them things to play with like boxes or watermelons you take such amazing care of all those cats!!

  • I hate to see big cats in cages, to, but the don't have an easy lie in the wild, either. China, India, Siberia. Mankind has destroyed so much of their natural habitat. Fortunately organizations such as BCR can care for them.

  • Thank you Carol for your dedication to these animals. You and your wonderful staff keep these cats healthy and happy. Love the vacation rotation episodes.

  • I am happy you realised VIP CATS are to be free, it breaks me every time seeing them in cages.
    Can you not get a bigger space for them or team up with Kevin Richardson.

  • BIG CAT RESCUE I NEED YOUR HELP theres a circus named loomis bros circus they abuse,threten,and stabb there elephants and tiger and pony can you guys PLEASE HELP THESE ANIMALS

  • Its sad to see that the people working at the sanctuary have to deal with the retarded decisions other people made and ultimately the consequences.

  • You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work! We can't lose these beautiful creatures! They deserve to live too! Forget what them animal haters think and say! They don't care what happens to big cats and other animals and that's really sad

  • That is a REAL rescue. I saw one cat with a blind eye and another one a bit lame. They would never make it in the wild. They are not just pets people got rid of. Some have permanent injuries. God bless these people.

  • They may have good intentions but I don't understand why cages can't be bigger with no bars on top so that they can have unobstructed view of sky

  • I feel so bad because when we were little we went to a roadside zoo and help a cub. We had no idea how bad it was for them and we thought that the cats in the cage were happy. I'll never do it again because now I know how terrible it is for them.

  • Don't cry you did an amazing job making big cat recuse exist if it weren't for you these big cats would still be hurt by mean people so good job

  • words can’t describe how much this touched my heart. seeing all the cats that have past was heart breaking but knowing they had a good life thanks to you guys makes it all better.

  • It is unfortunate there are people who cannot put aside their egos and realize how wrong it is to keep animals like these beautiful, wild cats as pets or "attractions". It also says something about our society when we have to consider legislation in order to keep this from happening. I totally support such laws. Thanks to you and others like you who dedicate their lives to saving and caring for these incredible creatures!

  • I want to say that you guys are amazing! I admire your resolve to help big cats. I love how respectfully you treat them. I know it is terrible that wild animals are caged by humans, used as pets… But I am fairly sure that your sanctuary is the best place these cats could ever get to, apart from the wilderness. You are restoring my faith in humanity.

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