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Toro Lynx® Water Savings

Toro Lynx® Water Savings

♪ [music] ♪ – Lynx allows me to really be efficient with
water. I can tell each head how much water I use. I can turn the dial up
or down, and it’s very easy to do. – We have six soil sensors in our greens
and that helps with not overwatering the green surfaces where the sensors are
showing that it’s starting to dry out. – We have a weather station onsite, and
it’s job is to measure rainfall. We have some parameters set up on the alert
system within Lynx that if we do get a quarter of an inch of rain, it will shut the
system down. – I have an irrigation head that I only
want to water a part circle of 180 degrees. I enter that in the computer. You
can adjust the run time based on the arc and angle of it. – Every night, the amount of water we need
and where we need it changes. So Lynx enables us to put the right amount of
water in the right place without overwatering or underwatering. – It’s not just a playability issue, it’s
also a water conservation issue.

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