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Top 10 Family Friendly Cat Breeds Perfect for Children

Top 10 Family Friendly Cat Breeds Perfect for Children

Welcome to another episode of Lifessence. Looking for the perfect family cat? Well look no further, because today we’ve
prepared a top 10 list of cat breeds that are intelligent, playful, social, and good
with children and other pets. #10 Himalayan Cat
Himalayan cats are a cross between Persian and Siamese breeds, which give them long-hairs
with characteristic blue eyes and point-colouration. Like the Persian cats they have a round body
with short legs, which makes it hard for them to jump high, but they will still happily
play fetch with their owners. They are a well-tempered but active breed
that are happy to play with a crumpled-up piece of paper for hours. If you’re looking for a friendly family
cat that’s both well-tempered and active, this breed should be on your short-list. #9 Siberian Cat
Siberian cats originate from Russia and is believed to be the ancestor to all modern
long-haired cats, including the Norwegian Forest cat. They are a powerful and muscular breed with
strong hindquarters that make them agile jumpers. Their saliva and fur are known to have less
allergens than other cats. Research in labs have shown that their Fel
d1 levels can be much lower than other breeds. This can be good news for families with members
that are allergic to cats. #8 Scottish Fold Cat
Sottish Folds get their name from their characteristic ear fold that give the cat a round and owl-like
appearance. The original Scottish Fold was a white barn
cat named Susie, who was found in a farm in Scotland in 1961, and subsequently bred into
the current Scottish Fold. While cute in appearance, these cats suffer
a genetic defect that causes joint pains throughout most of their lives. They are loving, good-natured, and will play
well with children as well as other pets. They are known to become very attached to
their owners, making them perfect for families looking for a lovable cat. #7 Persian Cat
Persian cats are famous for their short muzzle and round face. The origin of this Persian breed is unclear,
but these cats are often found in ancient hieroglyphics, and were imported to Europe
sometime around 1620. The Persian has a long and thick coat with
short legs, and a wide head with large eyes. They have an extremely short muzzle with ears
that are set far apart from each other. These cats are known to be quiet and well-tempered,
making them perfect for apartment and family life. #6 Siamese Cat
Siamese cats are one of the most famous of Asian cats. Their name comes from the old name of Thailand,
“Siam”. They are sought after for their characteristic
blue almond eyes and triangular head paired with large ears. They are social and will seek human or other
feline company. But because of their social nature, they will
become depressed if left alone for too long. Siamese cats are very affectionate, intelligent.
and will make a good addition to the family. #5 Ragdoll Cat
Radolls are a muscular and longhair breed with blue eyes and a beautiful colourpoint
coat. The name “Ragdoll” comes from their tendency
to go limp like a doll when they are picked up. They are dog-like in nature and will follow
their owners around the house and are comfortable with physical contact. They are very calm and docile, and are friendly
towards other pets and visitors. Ragdolls are easy to handle and are perfect
for families with children. #4 Manx Cat
Manx cats originate from the Isle of Man in the UK, and are best known for their very
short tail and elongated hind legs. They are expert hunters and have often been
used by farmers and ship crews to deal with rodent problems. Manx cats are known to be social and tame,
but also playful like dogs. They will play fetch and even protect your
family like dogs. If they see an animal or person that is a
threat, they will growl or attack to protect their family. Otherwise they are a laid-back and loyal cat
loved by their owners. #3 Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coons are a natural breed of North America, originating from the State of Maine, where
they are designated as the state cat. These cats are among the largest of domesticated
cats and an average male can grow to be 120 centimeters or 48 inches in length. Currently the Guinness records for longest
cat is held by a Maine Coon named Stewie measuring in at 123 centimeters or 48.5 inches in length. Maine Coons, nicknamed “the Gentle Giant”
are a sociable breed that are known for their friendliness and loving nature. They are sought after as a family cat and
are even used for therapeutic purposes. #2 Burmese Cat
These cats originate somewhere from the Thailand-Burma border. However, most modern Burmese cats are descendants
of a female cat named Wong Mau, which was brought from Burma to America to be bred with
the American Siamese. Burmese cats are known for their playfulness
and mischievous nature. Their curiosity will constantly put them into
hilarious situations and will entertain the entire family. They are good with people and will even play
fetch just like a retriever. Burmese cats will enjoy love and attention
from their owners, but will not object to being alone for a while. #1 Abyssinian Cat
Also known as “Abys”, these cats are loyal, affectionate and among the most playful of
cats. They have a distinctive “ticked” tabby
coat, where individual hairs are banded with different colors. They are named after Abyssinia, or Ethiopia,
which is where they are thought to have originated from. They are social and active, making them perfect
for families with children and other pets. Abyssinians will stay away from toddlers but
will play full-heartedly with school age children and will match their energy level. When not playing with you, these cats will
keep themselves busy with self-appointed activities such as exploring their surroundings. Abyssinians are a smart breed and can be taught
some tricks with the right training. If you are looking for a social, family friendly
cat, then look no further, the Abyssinian is the right cat for you. That’s all the Lifessence for today, we
hope you had fun with our top 10 list of family friendly cat breeds. If you enjoyed this episode, please click
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