This Organization Gives Rescue Dogs And Cats A Second Chance

There are amazing pet stores all over the world, but one site in Culver City, California stands out for all the right reasons. We call this a retail adoption center. We do pet adoptions of animals, but we also do retail products and services for pets. All the money goes into helping us save more pets. Adopt & Shop is part philanthropy, part social enterprise, and 100% about helping rescue dogs and cats find their forever homes. The money that we use will make sure they’re micro chipped, vaccinated, spay, neuter and taken care of. This exceptional animal haven is thriving thanks to Alya and Dr. Gary Michelson. Adopt & Shop is really just a different kind of thing where we’re functioning like a rescue group. We have the ability to do things are much larger than that and our driving purpose is to save animals’ lives.

It’s basically animals that were rejected by society and bring them to our place where we make them attractive and they all adopt. The soul of this organization is fueled by selfless hours of animal TLC given by volunteers. The majority of the time, I’m doing day-tripping, which is where we take the dogs outside of the Adopt & Shop premises for long walks. I also run the play groups for the large dogs. ¬†We clean kennels, we pull out all the bedding and spray it and wipe it and feed them and give them new water. Whether it’s a high school student volunteering in the summer or a retired person looking to give back to the community, everybody’s loved and appreciated. Volunteer Maria went one step further and became a foster mom to a rescued Chihuahua Jack Russell mix named Penelope.

She then made this canine cutie a permanent member of her family. When I first met Penelope, her personality was very shut down. She slowly started to blossom and come out and develop into a loving, brave little dog. I will always be grateful for this organization for the new love of my life. When it comes to cats, not everyone who wants one can get to the store, so a one-of-a-kind caddy wagon was built to bring the pets to the people. It is essentially a food truck chassis that we have outfitted with kennels and meet-and-greet rooms. On a good day, we will adopt six to eight kittens out at a community event. We save their lives, we get them homes. It’s just great. The foundation is also passionate about micro chipping for any animal who needs. The idea is that we want to make it free and easy for anyone to register their microchip, so that if their dog or cat ever gets lost, a shelter can return that pet to their loving home as quickly as possible.

We created a database where our computer will instantly send them a text message, an email saying your animals been located. It’s over here and you can come and get it. Good boy! He’s going to make somebody a great family member, right? Yes he is! For every animal cuddle they give, for every life they help save, this all-around feel-good venture is helping to change the future of pet homelessness. These pets have not had the easiest life sometimes and they need a second chance. Our staff and volunteers put their time, their energy, their love and their passion into making sure that our pets find safe and happy homes.

Pallas’s cat conservation

Pallas’s cats are a small felid from Central Asia and, like that of our native Scottish wildcat, are in desperate need of conservation. RZSS work closely with Nordens Ark of Sweden and the Snow Leopard Trust and together we’ve been implementing and developing conservation strategies for Pallas’s cats. On top of this, we’ve been delivering important conservation and education work across the field. Working closely with range specialists so that we can ensure that effective conservation action is delivered for this amazing species. As part of our project, the Pallas’s Cat International Conservation Alliance, we will soon be publishing, in collaboration with the IUCN cat specialist group and our partners, a new review on Pallas’s cats. Which will include, importantly, a conservation strategy so that, long into the future, we can ensure effective conservation action.

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