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The RAREST Switch Game? | Hello Kitty Kruisers Nintendo Switch Review

JAMES: Autumn is finally here, which means that I can finally sit down and play some more of my favourite kart racer for the Nintendo Switch! K19: WHOA whoa whoa whoa. I believe it is “I” who is the Hello Kitty Kruisers world champion!
JAMES: Oh hey! What’s up k-19? I’m pretty sure I could beat you at this game any day of the week. K19: If this game supported online play, I’d beat you down right now! JAMES: Wait, it doesn’t even support online in the Steam version?
K19: What’s a Steam? JAMES: Regardless, this is Hello Kitty Kruisers for the Nintendo Switch, a game that really earned more press coverage than it rightfully deserved when it came out. This was because, despite being a budget title, it’s actually a rereleased port of what’s debatably the rarest and most expensive game for the Wii U.
K19: That version of the game is really crazy. I mean, I love this game and all, but I don’t $200 love it. JAMES: The real question is: should you love Hello Kitty Kruisers at all? Should I stop throwing my Nintendo Switch around like this? Well, we’ll find out in today’s video! Welcome to Stuff We Play, home of everything weird and retro and potentially someday the Hello Kitty Kruisers Invitational. Trust me, it’s much more prestigious than Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Invitational, but if that sounds cool to you why: not subscribe? Sp, I’m James and joining me is my buddy k-19!
K19: This was potentially my most hyped game for the Nintendo Switch! More than Smash. More than Mario Party. I reserved this game day one. Besides even if it wasn’t a good game, I’d still be getting a physical release of a new budget game, which is just isn’t a normal occurrence nowadays. JAMES: This game, which in full was titled “Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio Friends”, was published by Rising Star Games. I was unfamiliar with them before this game caught my attention, but apparently they published a Harvest Moon game recently on both the Switch and PS4…okay. Also weirdly enough, this title, as far as I can tel,l is US and UK exclusive. I was hoping to potentially get a review copy of this game to have this review out when this title was originally released, but planned to ever come out in Canada. There’s apparently just no plans for it to come out up here.
K19: I wonder if that means this game is going to be a crown jewel for Canadian Switch collectors. Luckily, I, as an American, can proudly treasure my copy which I got from Amazon.
Kiss. JAMES: For certain, I’m glad that you can create multiple region Switch eShop accounts on a single Switch console. Downloading this game was as simple as getting a US eShop code and setting up an American account, but was all that trouble really worth it? K19: Hello Kitty Kruisers takes place in a… place. I don’t really know why all these characters are racing but, hey, it’s a kart racer. I expect it to be light on plot. JAMES: I’ll be honest, this game is very much so :what you see ism what you get.” You can do Grand Prix tournament races, time trials, race against friends (locally, I should mention. There’s no online whatsoever), or do some special challenge missions. That’s really it. K19: Saying “that’s it” is missing one key aspect: Along with just karts, some tracks involve you being in a boat or in a plane instead. JAMES: Oh, so it’s kind of like Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed or Mario Kart 8.
K19: Well, kind of. Unlike in those games, where your cart would transform during the race, here, they’re either in a cart, a plane, or a boat from the beginning of the race to the very end. That’s it for the track.
JAMES: Also, what the hell is up with these tracks? There’s four Grand Prix tournaments with four races each, but in reality there’s only four tracks each with some slight variations to them. To be honest, they aren’t mind blowing. Well, except for this game’s equivalent to Rainbow Road, where there are literally POTATOES flying through space. Okay, I did not expect to see that today. K19:For those accustomed with Mario Kart, it may seem like we’re playing this game in a 50cc or other slow mode. You’re likely desperately wanting us to go faster. Well ,that’s too bad, as this is the fastest you will go in this title. JAMES: Also, am i the one who finds the presentation a bit lacklustre? Like the music is fine, if a bit repetitive, but the graphics just aren’t doing anything for me. K19: Personally, I think this looks wonderful… for a GameCube game. JAMES: This title is definitely bright and vibrant, for sure, but there’s a fair share of graphical and even sound glitches.
K19: We are not saying that a Hello Kitty racing game should have graphics comparable to a AAA first party Nintendo title such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’re just saying that it should look, well, good. JAMES: Also, what some of these challenge missions? I went ahead and got three stars on all of them and they’re absolutely pointless. I had to follow HOW many trails of candies to accomplish this, and for what? The one saving grace this game has is potentially its controls. Accelerate with “A”, steer with the left joystick, one bumper button uses items and then the other one is used for drifting. It’s simple and effective, albeit a little bit twitchy. JAMES: There’s definitely fun to be had here, but there’s also a hell of a lot more fun to be have with, say, any Mario Kart game. K19: I’d agree, but also I’m proud to say, oh yeah, that I am the Hello Kitty cruisers world champ! JAMES: Oh I’ll beat you in this, and then in All Star Fruit Racing as well, and when it comes out, Team Sonic Racing!
K19: But before I beat James down… thank you very much for watching. I’m k-19, subscribe to my channel you sexy devils. Also subscribe to Stuff We Play and all that great stuff. Now, how am I going to go about proving that I am the number one Hello Kitty Kruisers kart racer in the world? JAMES: You know what? I think I have an idea. K19: You sexy devils.

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