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THE MOM INTERVIEW with English Subtitles (Dubai Lynx 2019)

THE MOM INTERVIEW with English Subtitles (Dubai Lynx 2019)

Excellent. Really excellent. Fast promotions. Team leader for 6 years? Impressive. Wow. Excellent CV. We did a little research on you. A routine research, totally standard. On LinkedIn. Facebook. A little bit of Instagram. But it’s not stalking. A little bit stalking? A lot of stalking actually. But you know why? Because we are a big family. And I want you to be part of this family. I found a picture of you in which you’re holding a… ..tennis racquet? It’s my racquet. So you play Tennis? I play tennis. But do you play Tennis or PLAY tennis? I PLAY TENNIS. Okay. Let me be transparent with you. Because we are a transparent company. Fathy, please close the door. I am worried. Why? Will you be focused on your work or on Tennis? Will you be thinking about the client or Ronaldino? Ronaldino plays football. Scenario! We are in a big sales meeting… Me and you. I’m trying to sell our product… and you’re just thinking about your racquet and balls Problem! Big problem Why would I… Because it’s your baby. Tennis is your baby. So you think about it. I love something, I think about it a lot. That’s okay. But it’s not okay. -You know what I mean?
-But I’m professional… Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed.. Wait, let me tell you this. Tennis taught me a lot of things… Discipline, multi-tasking and work under pressure. And this is someone you want in your team. You’ve convinced me. For real. You’ve convinced me. Looks like you’re gonna be a sales champion too. Now I’d like you to meet our head of HR. Oh here she is, Mrs. Hala… Hello, nice to meet you. Project manager… 8 years sales experience Master’s Degree. Very nice. A tennis champion? Oh how lovely. Since when? Three years. A tennis player is a hero. And a hero must sacrifice. What is this? This is the average salary for the position. That’s half my salary two years ago. There are things we value here more than salaries. Like culture. The positive environment. The bean bags. You would never find 34 bean bags in one company. I appreciate that, but… As a transparent organisation, I told him that we’re transparent by the way… I’ll tell him again! Ok. As a transparent, reputable organisation, we have an open door policy. We like to think outside the box. For example… We have an important meeting… Ahmed is not here. Where is Ahmed? Where is he?! Oh he has a muscle cramp… He was playing a match last night! Don’t I have any annual leaves or sick days? Oh so we’re talking about holidays in the interview?! Now that’s new! This is unbelievable! What’s the problem? I have experience, a master’s degree and I’m qualified. Why are you just focused on Tennis? Okay. We’ll call you. I have references. Don’t you want to see them? No it’s fine. It’s okay.

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