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The Metal Gear Solid Family Tree | The Leaderboard

The Metal Gear Solid Family Tree | The Leaderboard

– [Dan] The Metal Gear Solid series is no stranger to dysfunctional families. Sometimes you just gotta duke it out with your brother on
top of a nuclear mech. It’s what the holidays are all about. Okay, I know Solid and Liquid
aren’t technically brothers, but they’re clones so I
think that still counts. I mean, Liquid calls Solid
Snake brother all the time. And they’re hardly the
only ones who are related. So today, we’re going
to look at the pedigrees of all our favorite Metal Gear characters. This is The Metal Gear family tree. Each of these characters
deserves a timeline in their own right, so
we’re just gonna focus on their origins and how they
came to establish themselves. If you want us to cover
individual characters, let us know and subscribe
to The Leaderboard. (upbeat synth music) The Boss and The Sorrow. Okay, we have to kick
things off with the woman who started the whole Metal Gear series, the greatest soldier who ever lived, the mother of the Special
Forces, The Joy, The Boss. She’s the daughter of one of
the original Philosophers, the secret society
formed after World War I by some of the greatest minds from the U.S, Russia, and China. I like to call them the Proto-Patriots ’cause that’s just what they remind me of. After her father revealed
Philosopher secrets to her, the other members assassinated him and took her in to be trained
in combat and espionage. Yeah, and this all went down when she was still a little kid. By World War II, The
Boss had already become perhaps the most prolific
soldier in the U.S. military. She founded Cobra Unit,
a team of elite soldiers consisting of herself, The Pain, The End, The Fear, The Fury, and The Sorrow. As the bonds between the team grew, The Boss and The Sorrow developed an especially intimate relationship. The Boss soon became pregnant
and ended up going into labor on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day. Like I said, the greatest
soldier who ever lived. She took a bullet to the gut, so the birth required
an emergency C-section. The baby, Adamska, was
successfully delivered on the battlefield, but the Philosophers snatched him up right
away to use as their pawn. Cobra Unit disbanded some time later. Boss returned to America and The Sorrow returned to his homeland of Russia. Not long after, the Philosophers decided to tie up their loose ends. Using their child as
leverage, they forced The Boss and The Sorrow to battle to the death. The two met on a bridge and
discussed their options, ultimately deciding that The Sorrow had to be the one to die. And so, The Boss executed her lover to save the life of their son, who, oblivious to any of this, had been making a name
for himself as a soldier. Adamska AKA Revolver Ocelot. The Philosophers raised
Adamska as a soldier in complete isolation from his parents. There’s a bunch of conflicting accounts about his upbringing, but we
do know he eventually became a distinguished major in
the Soviet GRU forces. During his service, he
earned the nickname Ocelot. From there, the Philosophers entrusted him with secretly spying on his commanding officer, Colonel Volgin. Okay, so I’m just gonna
put this out there. Ocelot is one of the most
storied, detailed characters in the entire Metal Gear series. Like I said, we’re not gonna
have time to cover everything, but basically, he’s a secret agent who likes revolvers and
torture, especially torture and especially the Colt
Single Action Army. If you ask Revolver Ocelot, it’s the greatest handgun ever made. John AKA Naked Snake AKA Big Boss. There’s a whole bunch of Snakes,
but that whole family tree begins with a young man named John. Born in 1935, John joined
the military in his youth, where his talents were quickly
recognized by The Boss. The Boss took him under her wing, and the two became extremely
close as mentor and student. From there, The Boss taught
John everything she knew. They even co-developed a
new form of martial arts called CQC, close-quarters combat. During his military
career, John was present at the historic hydrogen
bomb test in Bikini Atoll, where the radiation rendered him sterile. After earning a number of
accolades in the Green Berets, John was selected for a
top-secret rescue operation under the CIA’s new FOX unit,
dubbed Virtuous Mission. Under The Boss’ guidance, John, codenamed Naked Snake for the mission, headed out to rescue Nikolai Sokolov. Colonel Volgin is forcing
him to develop Shagohod, a massive tank capable of
launching a nuclear weapon. Following an encounter with Major Ocelot, Snake retrieves Sokolov, but The Boss intercepts him at the extraction point. In a shocking betrayal, The Boss, alongside the reunited
members of Cobra Unit, recapture Sokolov and blast
Snake off of a bridge. After recuperating from his injuries, Snake goes back to the Soviet
facility of Groznyj Grad to eliminate The Cobra
Unit, including The Boss, destroy the Shagohod, and
secure the Philosopher’s Legacy. It’s this microfilm that
has $100 billion in it that Volgin stole from the Philosophers. During Operation Snake Eater,
Snake joined forces with EVA, a supposed American spy
who was secretly working as a triple agent for
the Chinese government. After Snake eliminated the Cobras along with Volgin and Shagohod, all that was left was a
final showdown with The Boss. She tells Snake that she had
never truly betrayed America, that she had been working
for the CIA to infiltrate Volgin’s ranks and steal
the Philosopher’s Legacy. However, when Volgin went rogue and nuked a Soviet
facility, the CIA determined that the world could never
know of America’s involvement. As such, The Boss continued
her revised mission, knowing full well she would die branded a traitor at the
hands of her protegee. After doing what he had to do, and a quick game of Russian
roulette with Ocelot, Snake and EVA make their getaway. By the next morning, however, EVA took off with the Philosopher’s
Legacy, presumably to China. Too bad the microfilm
she stole was a fake, and Ocelot swiped the real one during their final confrontation. Once Snake got back to the U.S., the President awarded
him with a new title, one that surpassed even The
Boss, the title of Big Boss. Yeah, that’s some real Kojima
level naming conventions. (laughs) What’s better than The Boss? I got it, Big Boss. (laughs) After establishing and
leaving The Patriots, Big Boss went on to found
a bunch of different PMCs and go on a ton of different missions. There’s the Militaires Sans Frontieres, the Peace Walker Incident,
the Ground Zeroes Incident, Diamond Dogs, even though
that wasn’t actually him. It was Venom Snake, who has
actually one of his soldiers that was physically
altered to look like him and mentally trick to think he was him. You know what? I really don’t feel like opening this whole can of nano-machines, so let’s just move on to his clones. Les Enfants Terribles, yeah,
I took French in high school. With the cash from the
Philosopher’s Legacy, Ocelot, Big Boss, Major
Zero, and a few others create The Patriots to unite the world and honor The Boss’ last wishes. Big Boss is the figurehead
of the organization, but he grew disillusioned
with his role as a poster boy. And Zero’s world-domination-y plans didn’t help matters either. See, Zero didn’t want to
lose Big Boss as a symbol, so he spearheaded a
project to clone Big Boss without his knowledge:
Les Enfants Terribles. EVA volunteered as a surrogate mother, and The Patriots succeeded in creating the Twin Snakes, Eli and David, one with Big Boss’ dominant traits and one with his recessive traits. With the dominant genes,
Eli was considered to be the superior clone,
which is not how dominant and recessive genes work, but whatever. I’m not gonna ask you to
pull out your Punnett squares like this is seventh-grade science class. Point is, when Big Boss
learned of the project, he was furious and abandoned
The Patriots for good. David and Eli were raised separately. David was raised in America,
joined the armed forces at an early age and demonstrated
superior military prowess, and eventually earned the
code name Solid Snake. Meanwhile, Eli was raised
by The Patriots in England. While on assignment to Africa, he escaped and became the leader of a
platoon of child soldiers. Things went even further south after his encounter with Venom Snake, who he thought was Big Boss but, again, I’m not getting into it. Point is, Eli grew to hate Big Boss. He believed that Big Boss had determined that he was the inferior
clone and abandoned him, so he swore revenge against his father. As he grew up, he became envious of Solid Snake’s accomplishments and started going under
the name, Liquid Snake. In reality, Liquid was the superior clone but was nonetheless defeated
by his inferior brother at the end of the Shadow Moses Incident. After succumbing to Foxdie,
Liquid’s arm was grafted onto Revolver Ocelot, and
Liquid’s consciousness would take over from time to time. Ah, yeah, Liquid Ocelot was
a thing for a little while. Anyway, some time after
the birth of the twins, a third clone was created, this time without modified dominant
and recessive genes. The Patriots would tout this
child as the perfect clone, the ultimate recreation of Big Boss. This boy, named Solidus,
was raised by The Patriots, and as their sphere of influence grew, he was groomed to become the
President of the United States. And so he furthered The Patriot’s agenda from within the Oval Office
as President George Sears, forming the counter-terrorist
group Dead Cell. He and Dead Cell would eventually
rebel against The Patriots as the Sons of Liberty during
the Big Shell Incident, even though The Patriots planned the whole thing and arsenal gear. Look, it’s another can of nano-chines I’m not gonna get into. We made two different
timelines on Metal Gear, so if you’re interested,
go check those out. Huey and Dr. Strangelove. So, it seems like the Emmerich family has nuclear destruction
written into their DNA. Otacon’s grandfather worked
on the Manhattan project, and his dad Huey was even born the day of the Hiroshima bombing. Working for (sighs) Hot Coldman, Huey Emmerich went on to
develop the Peace Walker, a bipedal artificial intelligence capable of starting a nuclear war. Once Huey realized the destruction his work would bring, he vowed to leave. Big Boss offered him the
chance to atone for his sins by joining the MSF, and
Huey gratefully accepted. Huey went on to help Big Boss by giving him invaluable information on Coldman’s lead AI
scientist, Dr. Strangelove. Strangelove was a brilliant scientist and had actually worked alongside Huey in the Mercury Project, a
top-secret NASA operation to launch the first woman into space. That woman was none other than The Boss. During their time together,
Strangelove fell in love with The Boss, and after her
death in Operation Snake Eater, she grew to despise Big Boss and vowed to bring The Boss back to life. Strangelove joined Hot Coldman, modeling the Peace Walker’s
AI after The Boss herself with the intention of learning
the truth about her death. After capturing Big Boss and unsuccessfully interrogating him about whether The Boss had
truly betrayed America, she finally got the closure she needed. The Boss AI inside the Peace
Walker sacrificed itself by submerging itself in a lake in order to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Strangelove realized
that The Boss’ intentions had always been good, and
joined up with the MSF. Strangelove eventually left the MSF in order to pursue more AI research. When Huey betrayed the MSF by allowing the paramilitary group
XOF to attack Mother Base, he was captured by their
leader, Skull Face. Skull Face made Huey work
on another super weapon, a giant walking mech
known as Sahelanthropus, using The Boss’ recovered AI pod. Strangelove eventually ended
up also being taken by the XOF and reunited with Huey to
help develop the weapon. The two eventually began
an intimate relationship, although it’s possible she was just trying to spend time with The Boss’ AI. Either way, she soon became
pregnant and had a son, Hal. But when Huey began to use
Hal as a guinea pig pilot for Sahelanthropus, the two
got into a heated argument. To keep Hal safe, Strangelove secretly
sent him away to America. When Huey found out, he was furious. He locked Strangelove
inside The Boss’ AI pod and left her there to die. Years later, Venom Snake
would rescue Huey from XOF and recruit him into the Diamond Dogs. Nobody trusted Huey,
especially after he betrayed the MSF, and their guts were right. Even though Huey helped
out and killed Skull Face, he started experimenting
on the Diamond Dogs with a deadly virus. From there, he was sent into exile, presumably returning
to America to find Hal. He would later marry a woman
who had her own daughter, Emma, and the four lived together
as one happy family, until Hal started having
an affair with his stepmom. Once Huey found out about that, he drowned himself in their pool and even attempted to take his
stepdaughter Emma with him, but Hal was able to rescue her. This incident deeply traumatized Hal, but he would still go on to
become a prolific scientist, developing Metal Gear Rex
and eventually becoming Solid Snake’s best friend Otacon. So, yeah, if you thought your
family was dysfunctional, just be happy you’re not Otacon. I can only imagine what holidays at the Emmerich house are like. And you know what? Christmas with the Snakes
must be pretty awkward too. What would you even get
Snake for the holidays? I’d get him, like, an ugly
Christmas sweater version of a cardboard box. Anyway, I’ve been your host, Dan, and be sure to subscribe
to The Leaderboard. All players are welcome, even clones. (upbeat synth music)

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