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¿Tanto ruido para esta mierd*? Sí, pero con matices | Call of Cthulhu 2018

¿Tanto ruido para esta mierd*? Sí, pero con matices | Call of Cthulhu 2018

I know what you are thinking. I know exactly what you are thinking. What´s going on Lynx? Yo dissapear for three months. You say nothing. You don´t upload videos, you spend all the day in Twitch doing your… you were the chosen reviewer one. The one that would bring balance to it, not join them. Yeah, yeah, I know, I am sorry. I should have uploaded some time ago, a month, a month and a half a video about Pokemon designs that the Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Cartoon Network and Nintendo shut down, they tried to rape me in all the holes the four companies that are in the care of Nintendo. In the end, I made a video about my first impressions about Call of Cthulhu but… I have… I have a good excuse. It´s because…it´s because I am in Korea. I am still in Korea, working with Esportsmaniacos covering the Worlds of League of Legends, so… my time is a bit limited and that sort of things but don´t you worry, less talking about my life and more talking about what matters here, what the hell happened to Call of Cthulhu? Don´t worry for those who plan to play it, there are only visual spoilers from the first two hours of gameplay. Since it was announced that this French studio was going to produce a Lovecraftian adaptation, many people who shared my profile were quite excited. First because if you’re a fan of the eldritch horror that brings life and colour to the works of Lovecraft, with less than two glimpses of this game you seemed to be in luck; secondly, because, unlike other works that do wish to adapt novels or short stories with the minimum detail, this time the adaptation was going to be about the role-playing game which some of you already know I like a lot. With each trailer it was way easier to get excited about what we were watching … until it was finally released to the market on Halloween´s Eve… and then hell broke luce for the game. Come to think about it, the reason is quite simple … The game is … truly the definition of “EuroJank”. I could explain it, but I’m tired and Quetzal has a sexier voice than me … Quetzal: “What the hell do you mean bu “Eurojank”? In American terms, “Janky” is used in order to define something half broken or not completelly functional and the preffix Euro is getting popular in gaming critics. Basically, it seems to be a pattern around European game developers in releasing to the market unpolished. Problems that, somehow, don´t bother the Europeans that much, but grinds the gears of American game critics that use the term.” It’s a terminology that I hate, I consider it meaningless, but the expression “It needs to be polished” in this case fits like a glove. The animations are quite mediocre, the character models seem to be from the beggining of the last generation, all those who are not going to have weight in the story are clones of each other. And I cannot speak for other players or those who play it on PS4, but at least on PC the 5 gigabyte patch from the beginning, or the detail from the game to autodetect settings on highest, even though it was a torture to play it until I lowered it to high, I think it may indicate that maybe it´s not too optimized. In addition to these mistakes, for many it´s a game that does not fulfil what it promises. From the first encounters with the arcane and the occult, what seemed to be a struggle against Lovecraftian deities, Stellar Seeds of Cthulhu or trying to escape from R´Lyeh itself, in gameplay they turn out to be scripted cutscenes placed there to traumatize our player despite having no real effect on the gameplay something unforgivable having in mind the importance of losing sanity in the RPG it´s trying to adapt. Its combat system is more primitive than its predecessor´s from 2005 appearing later in the story, sporadically and forced leaving the bulk of the gameplay in walking, talking with people and solving simple puzzles, in other words, it´s a walking simulator with graphic adventure´s elements, or a game like Amnesia with fewer encounters with enemies. All these problems would not be so bad if the game did not cost 45 dollars, euros or the equivalent price in your currency… If its price was between 20 and 30, I highly doubt that people would be so pissed off, but releasing it with the content it offers, a gameplay as compatible as it´s consumed in the form of gameplay and sharing at the same time a release date with the company’s favourite cowboy simulator… makes it a difficult task to justify it. Please, at this point you could buy Dark Corners of the Earth, The Evil Within and the whole Amensia´s and Outlast´s collections for that amount. And these games would offer you rather superior experiences … But…but… I am not here only to talk shit about the game. In fact, I will not deny that I like it quite enough. You already know me, I love tabletop role-playing games, and of these … my favourite and the one I’ve played the most has been by far “the Call of Cthulhu”. The Lovecraftian environment of running into things that one does not understand. The uncertainty of finding out what the characters you encounter truly know. The terror of starting a fight even with a harmless enemy due to the eldritch consequences they may cause. The books in dead languages that one does not dare to read … for what will knowledge do once it enters your mind … or for what you may be reading from the other side. All these and many more are elements that make the charm of Lovecraft´s role-playing games more attractive to me than the good D&D I have to leave in a respectable second place. And when this game said that it was adapting the RPG Chaosium … the truth is that it is undeniable they have done a competent job. The elements of action or terror may not be there, not at least as far as we expected, but the RPG elements improve the experience, at least for me. The decadent environment of a true hardboiled private investigator, and the way in which clues appear as we interact with objects and these lead the way to new clues or dialogue options that were not there from the beginning, makes the experience of investigating and questioning look like those of a Call of Cthulhu nature, even further than that. In the same way that in the game you have a character sheet with its strengths and weaknesses, here you can also decide in which skills you want to invest the initial points so that they adapt to your style of play. Maybe you are like me and prefer to use your silver tongue to avoid unnecessary conflicts or decide to raise your strength and let your fists in charge of diplomacy. This is not only an improvement in order to give flavour to the protagonist, it also has a weight in the gameplay allowing you to face the situation of getting involved in a crime scene or entering an office using a chain of favours that starts by asking for alcohol to a distrustful bartender whose confidence you have to earn before he gives you the booze or use your subterfuge skills if you want to force a lock in order to avoid looking for a well-hidden key. The way in which you can face the missions does not change significantly from one route to another, but it is definitely a step in the right direction if you want to make the experience feel like a tabletop RPG, being able to use some skills or others, choosing between the options of the dialogue wheel, and then continuing the development of those as the plans are successful like if it was an RPG. But all this innovation would be of little use if the story behind it was not worth it, and after having carried out so many Call of Cthulhu modules, I can say that it is quite competent. All the Lovecraftian elements are in place, and these connect well through charismatic characters that contain much more than their initial cliche, research that has a real effect on the gameplay by unlocking new ways to solve a problem and not only being there for more narrative context. A mechanic to reconstruct scenes similar to the description a DM would give you if we were at a table, and an atmosphere and environment that at least have conquered me. Do I regret paying the 40 euros that it costed? *Gurgle noises* The truth is I think so just a bit … it is a convenience store game but even though it is expensive for what it is, and has all the problems that have been accused, I think for a fan of Lovecraft or role-playing games that use their diegesis, it is a highly recommended experience, but, perhaps … you should wait for Christmas, when a good discount comes. For now, if you want a better-balanced option between puzzles, conversations and action, Dark Corners of the Earth is still the best way to go if you get it to run on your computer, And believe, right now it´s complicated the graphic adventures of Infrogrames are classics that know how to capture the spirit of the author perfectly although they are out of date by today’s standards, and I continue to defend that Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is the ultimate Cthulhian pulp experience Let’s see if I can put it in the list of things to talk about in depth in the future. For now, I will continue enjoying this game on Twitch and my second channel even if is a disappointment, and I will keep my fingers crossed with The Sinking City, which does seem to bring us the next gen Lovecraftian action experience in an open world that the work we are discussing has left us halfway. And that’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll see you on a podcast explaining a bit about the cause of this past absence, and I’ll also continue to release gameplay of the game on the second channel and giving information about the links with the original RPG. I also leave a playlist of the last series I did, The Last Door, a beautifully written Lovecraftian graphic adventure from the creators of the now developing Blashphemous that, sincerely, has been one of the discoveries of the year. If you are a Lovecraft reader, you have to take a look at the game. And I leave you a Call of Cthulhu´s RPG session in case you want to see how is the adaptation of something like this on the table. Goodbye and see you next time. Intense guy: “Nigtmares… can hear things and voices whispering we´ll follow its reader and appear at various locations gifted with its own conciousness until it finds a new reader” SHOW ME HE WHO HAS KNOWLEDGE OF THE OCCULT! This guy This guy looks like he knows… This guy looks like he knows what he is talking about THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT F*cking hell…

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