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“Animal Guy” Scott’s favorite cats – Big Cat TV

“Animal Guy” Scott’s favorite cats – Big Cat TV

As a staff member of Big Cat Rescue, so often, people say, “which is your favorite cat” or “who do you like best” and it’s so tough that’s like picking which one of your kids you like the best. So, today we’re going to take a quick tour and we’re just going to go look …

Big Cat Vets~Carole’s update on Apollo Siberian Lynx – 8.23.2019

This is Apollo he’s 22-years-old which is like being over 120 in cat years. He’s one of the last remaining cats from the fur farm rescues that we did in the ’90s. Yesterday, his keeper said that he wasn’t acting his normal self when it was time to get his blood sicle treats. He was …