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Caracal vs Clouded Leopard | ANIMAL BATTLE (+Dingo vs African Wild Dog winner)

I hope that intro made you curious because these 2 animals are just amazing, one being a very skilled tree climber and the other being able to jump more than 3 meters in height! I can’t wait to announce the competitors of the 11th episode of Animal Battle. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor …

Dingo Meets a Coyote!

Dingo Meets a Coyote!

– [Coyote] I’m gonna get to go inside the enclosure with the dingoes themselves. – [Mark] You nervous at all? – Watch your back, Mark, here they come. (intense music) (growling) (intense percussion music) There are over 375 species of mammals that call Australia home, and almost all of them are completely unique to this …