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the Sri Puma I would appreciate if you
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interruption but back to the show surd Poole is one of the more phantom
cats or ABCs derived from alien big cats reported in southwestern Surrey and an
adjoining part of Hampshire from 1959 to the present year Surrey Puma refers to a
clutch of sightings reported to police and newspapers of phantom cats
categorized into slightly larger than domestic cats resembling iberian lynx
‘as to reports of large black cats from an early stage so identified in the
press and by some ciders as Pumas in the wild barring escapees a pan-american
genis by the mid-1960s records included a plaster cast of a paw print less than
five inches handed into cold da Ming’s got domains or godalming’s police
station where it was the public display piece of a minor priority big cat file
that centred undamaged to livestock in 1966 black-and-white photographs of a
larger than usual cat by a former police photographer in pert next to a house and
war Paulson warp listand worplesden there followed an 18-year hiatus and
nontestimonial allegations with corroborating evidence until a report to
the police with a hair sample of a puma taken from peas lake in the heavily
wooded part of green’s land twenty-one years after this a color
video was recorded of a cat or big cat walking away beneath a branch a sir
Wildlife Trust officer in the local press at the time considered the animal
film was not a Suri Puma as we recorded the thought as a woman recording thought
but was consistent with Iberian lynx assessing this and the organisation’s
own records of that year in its ranges in its boroughs to the north the borough
of Guildford this video was taken at Winx Worth Arboretum or our board arboretum winkworth a burrito buzz
bridge and the Southwest of Surrey loosely corroborated sightings have been
in southwestern Surrey and one in a neighboring part of Hampshire from 1959
to about 2005 anonymous and vague sightings in Surrey have been reported
to the police the local and national press sporadically since 1959 in 1975 an
8 year old boy was playing alone a woodlands in shiting fold the woodland
backs into a field and it was from this field that a golden coloured big cat
entered the woodland the cat walked in a westerly direction staying close to the
edge of the field as it passed the boy at a distance of approximately 10 meters
it turned its head and stared momentarily at him but was it
disinterested and carried on walking lucky boy the boy named Patrick light
lived at a house now named bluebells in pock furred road when asked if it could
have been a dog the boy replied no because it had a long curved tail a
white head and it picked its feet up like a cat but it was the same size as a
big dog 1959 was it the first possible sign there it was
recorded in 1959 when police received a number of big cat reports in the
farmhand as well as the Surry Hampshire border 1960 to 1963 was to further
sightings as recorded 90 seats to by a waterboard personnel in Hampshire and a
third in the winter of 1962 63 a cat-like beast was seen at bushy Lee’s
farm Crandall Hampshire was seen at bushy Dale or bushes
was seen at bushy Lee’s farm Crandall Hampshire well the police officers cited
Lee suppose Shooters Hill cheetah and a southeast London in 1963 media interest
turned to other big cat sightings injured livestock of a 1964 police taken
podcast naming the Surrey Puma this whole thing’s going to be editor like a
lot of repeats here I’m gonna put it together separately from what I wrote in
August 1964 a Bullock at bushy Lee’s farm was found severely lacerated
following press coverage numerous reports of contacts with these animals
dubbed the Surrey Puma came to the press ranging from fanciful to some taken
seriously by the police academy police station 362 362 reports were received in
a two year period the station from this period kept a cast of the five inch paw
prints on display identified as a dove the Puma by la danza reports noted that
its size implied an extremely large specimen and that there were distinct
differences between it and the alleged European prints of other Pumas the
investigation file was closed in the middle of summer of 1967 1966 in August 1966 pert took her granny
shot which he claimed showed the Sri Puma at war Paulson and a cat facing the
camera and a longer than average length body then going to 1968 and 1970 a
farmer claimed to have shot a Puma but could not provide any evidence sightings
gradually tailed off all the paw prints found in the snow in 1970 generated a
flurry of further reports as well in 1970 Alber a history society as a 1991
publication about the hurt wood interviewing no 1981 publication about
the hurt field about the her wood interviewing her twists controls Ranger
Bob where who claims several sightings the hurt wood spans Farley green pitch
Hill peasley and Hall Murray Hill 1984 hair samples taken at Pease Lake were
identified as Puma the previous year an unclassified big cat dubbed alien
featured in the archers and beasts of Exmoor made national headlines 1995 the
Surrey adventurer a newspaper reported a sighting was recorded by police officer
Steve Ashcroft in 1995 outside hilltop st. Theresa schools 2003 Detective Constable Steffen – cross
saw the same or similar up at halls Berryhill in June 2003 an area with
sightings logged within following 12 months by Peter Hayes warden of the hurt
wood which covers the hill and the ridge to its north and west 2004 newspaper
added residents of ringer Commons the neighbourhood woodland and farmland area
reported that in the last two weeks they had seen a big cat relying on big cat
surveys by the British big cat organization 2005 we had of links and
mr. Fowler visiting a partner wings worth Arboretum abort or iam or winkworth Arboretum sent their video
camera footage to a local newspaper which they reduce or which they
reproduced instills they described this animal as gingerly brown color by the
size of a now a now station dog but definitely wasn’t a fox Surrey Wildlife
Trust Ranger mark have ler having looked at this believed it was an Iberian lynx
and received fifty calls of sightings of similar in the next two weeks
many backdating to when they occurrence it actually happen to them reports that
you’ve logged as a Surrey advertiser headquarters were of more than one
non-native Wildcat in the boroughs of Guildford and the neighboring districts
some lyst spot and bobtail on a sandy colored animal suggesting a Lynx others
of a no spot and long tail which could mean a puma to resident walkers
were included in the publication overview reports across the years since
1960s the reporter interviewing the animal license officer Merrill zoo
outside of the sightings area to assess whether the old findings were linked who
explained the need for sufficient breeding pairs given these animals
lifespans with say a 1 in 99 likelihood in ideal conditions of having
multi-generational offspring if the first algae if the first alleged
sightings were true and he expressed doubt on a veracity of those reports if
there are black Pumas living in the wilds and nowadays there will be second
or third-generation animals so to keep this recessive gene in the wild here is
unlikely especially in Surrey however lynxes and Pumas are a
possibility it would take six to eight animals living in the same area to keep
a species line going the reports states from 1964 it reported the first
appearance of the golden brown animal of around three to five feet in length
while he was black burying one lunch time according to George wisdom in
closing I’d like to say that the evidence seems extreme there’s something
there and I’ve also heard of reports and a few different sources that have
mentioned that all the ABCs in the England area
possibly other countries where they shouldn’t be I know in some of the
Americas there are some conditions of them and what it is is there’s been
conditions like in Americas where’s animals have escaped from zoos during
natural disasters as in hurricanes New Orleans lost a lot of animals then you
also have in England there was a period where they suddenly created a fine for
or a tax or a power used to see it but they would charge you for your exotic
animals so a lot of people to save the huge amounts of money went out and
released him also I have report have a report of a zookeeper one time from the
London Zoo it was retired it stated he knows for a fact that during a time
period when tens were down costs were up they were trying to find a way to make
the zoo there in London viable they let some animals out took him away from town
and let him go because it costs too much to keep and they would have also had to
pay the taxes on it so it’s actually obvious that’s probably what it is it’s possible you’ve got a new species
bringing out there a hybrid between two couple species is a set in Jurassic Park
life will find a way thank you for your time I know this was a long one and I
appreciate you for watching please subscribe and notify so I can get you
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that’s the plan I know we lost we have mail do a few but we’ve been having uh
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