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Sex and the Kitty

Sex and the Kitty

[Opens door]
[Owner] Be good kitty. [Kitty purrs]
[Music playing] [Fish bubbles]
[Dogs barking] [Music playing]
[Cat meow] [Music playing]

32 thoughts on “Sex and the Kitty

  • Hey! So great to hear! You can help animals today. Just email [email protected] peta2 is our youth division, they do all sorts of fun stuff to help animals.

  • Some of your things make sense like this video about neutering cats, but some of your complaints make no sense. Take for example the article i read on your site about how fishkeeping should be banned and no one should support the fishkeeping hobby. I am a very hard working fish keeper and i do anything for my fish health and happiness. I have a heavily planted tank thats overfiltered, fish carefully selected, live and prepared foods, and i haven't lost a single fish since i set up the tank.

  • Unfortunately, as you probably know, most people are not as responsible as you. Fish are often seen as unfeeling toys, not the thinking, feeling beings that you know them to be. We're only thinking of the animals.

  • I definitely see what you mean by that, and i think that there should be something setup where you have to be approved to buy a certain fish based on your current setup, just like how people have to be approved to buy or adopt a dog or a cat. It appalls me how some people shove a goldfish into a small little fish bowl only to have it die in a few days, then going out to buy another one only to have that one also die.

  • Agreed, it is hard to fathom how people can treat two different species so differently. We should treat all animals with the same respect!

  • Probably, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't protect them. We can reason and weigh ethics, while they (at our level) cannot. It's our responsibility to treat all life on this planet with respect.

  • Usually about 6 months, but you should definitely ask your vet. Way to go!

  • my mom has a cat problem and at more than one time, we had them coming out our ears. however, she has gotten better about fixing them, and now we don't have near as many. nevertheless, we still have some that aren't fixed -.-

  • There are cheap spay and neuter clinics in many communities. Give it a search and see what you can find, you'll be saving soooo many cats!

  • I was actually thinking about raising a "cat farm" so I can sell people some furry little companions in hopes that they would see that animals need to be loved, and cared for instead of killed and eaten or used as clothes or all that trash. But I have no idea how or if that would work. 🙁

  • Lol. I'm so glad this was made. Also, if kids aren't mature enough to watch something like this then they shouldn't be using the internet. Period. Until then, teach them sex ed so that way they won't be ignorant to the subject, be curious in middle school when mom and dad are still too embarrassed to talk about it and end up on MTV.

  • so let me get this strait 1) Go Vegan 2) make your pets infertile 3) protest and raise awareness about people who don't treat animals with the same respect as people 4) live in harmony with the earth for the remainder of human existence. Ya might as well try breeding the inherit savagery of man out.

  • guys if people dont want kittens, spay them safeley. if they want kittens dont spay or neuter them. its their choice. PETA is saying if you dont want kittens, please spay your cats, but get it done safeley. its not that hard to comprehend.

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