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Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

Today I want to talk about keeping moms and babies together and how to trap a feral mom outside using her babies So I got a message this week from someone who had found that kittens were born in a bush in her front yard and she asked me “Where should I take the kittens?” But you don’t want to just scoop up the kittens, you want to try to get the mom too. So I grabbed a trap, a carrier, a heat pad, some towels, and some bait and I headed over to try to catch the whole family This is a humane box trap, and this is what you use to catch the feral cat outside Usually you use food as the bait, but today we’re going to use the kittens as the bait for the mom I can totally see the mom, she’s right here Hi momma! You’re a baby factory. – Una fábrica? Is that how you say?
– That’s correct – Fábrica de gatitos I just want to get her to leave mommy cat you gotta go She’s so protective of her babies. It’s awesome but I’m like
– I’m trying to help your babies, we’re trying to help them! Hi mommy cat! I know you’re very [inaudible] I see the babies- Oh my god! Shit She’s really feral! -Don’t mess with her babies -This is [laughter] There’s five babies. -Son Cinco?
-Five? Five. There’s the babies [gasp]
Mommy look! Ok Just gonna triple-check, don’t wanna leave anyone behind. Okay, so now we’re gonna put these guys in here They are very very young they do look like they’re about a day to two days old When people find kittens outside their first instinct is often to swoop them up and take them inside. While this is often a well-intentioned action the results can be devastating Most people don’t realize that when they take kittens off the street they’re actually taking them away from their mother 80% of kittens who are born every year are born outside so if you find a kitten outside and they’re alive and look clean and fed, that’s because they do have a mom Removing kittens from their mom hurts in a number of ways First, the kittens may or may not survive Most of the time people take the kittens to a shelter that might not be set up with a foster home So it’s possible the kittens will be euthanized In other cases people will try to take the kittens inside and they may or may not be able to provide good care to them Of course nobody is more set up to care for a kitten than the mom themselves so we want to try to keep the mom with the babies The other problem is that when we take kittens off the street and we don’t look for the mom we’re leaving a breeding population behind So there’s just gonna be more kittens every couple of months So trapping the mom with the babies gives the kittens the best chance of surviving And it ensures that the mom can be spayed once the kittens are weaned Okay so we’re all set up. The babies are on the other side of this bush in a carrier covered up. The carrier is pressed up against the back of the trap She’s gonna look through there and see and smell her babies in the carrier And she’s hopefully going to walk right in, we’ll be able to get her and then we can reunite the whole family indoors Hmm She’s like really really trap wary. She doesn’t wanna go in the trap. She doesn’t even want to go near the trap So the mom doesn’t want to go into the bush, and that’s okay So this is our setup We’ve got our babies back here, and they have a heat pad to keep them warm while they’re not with their mom Babies back here, trap here, a little bit of food in it, we’re hoping she’s gonna go in here Come on momma go in that trap, go in that trap There she goes Okay, so we got the mom. As soon as the mom noticed that the babies were in here she got really upset and was looking around for an entrance The only entrance was the front of the trap, she went in to try to get the babies and now we can reunite them indoors where we can have control of the situation where we can raise the babies, get them eventually spayed and neutered and adopted and the mama sterilized and then returned to her outdoor home So yay! We did it! And that’s it! So now that we have the mom and babies we’re just monitoring to make sure that the babies are okay Once they’re weaned the mom will be spayed and returned to her colony and the babies will be spayed, neutered and socialized for adoption That’s your babies! And they don’t have to live in a bush no more! Look at that! Heres your babies! Hello skeptical mom Oh my gosh
-He looks like a little turtle [spit/hiss] Okay, nevermind Even though the mom totally hates my guts we just leave her alone for a couple of weeks So stay tuned to see what happens -Wooooo!
-Woo! -Spring break!

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  • I am strongly against trapping mother cats to be with their babies for an appropriate length of time for the babies' health, fixing the mother, then returning her to be a feral in the dangerous outside environment. I believe that you are obligated to complete the assignment and work with the mother to tame her, ready to be adopted. Expensive and time consuming? Yes, but entirely possible. Part of the project. Returning her to the wild is a cop out.

  • What motivates such a lovely lady to mutilate her body with all those silly tattoos? So very sad that she can appreciate the beauty in our cat friends but rejected her own natural beauty.

  • Congrats cat, you can now go back outside with no shelter or food, you don’t get to keep your babies, and as a little plus, we are taking away any chance of you ever producing offspring ever again. Good luck!

  • My question is, has a feral mother ever tried to escape with her babies? Meaning has she ever moved the babies and hid them somewhere and then ran out whenever they could find a opening to do so.

  • Wait..do you leave the mom with her kittens trapped in the space for a couple of weeks until the kittens are weaned, then take her to get spayed? I'm trying to figure out what to do with this same situation.

  • So we recently caught a 6 week old male kitten and his mother swatted at him so we took him in is that fine or what

  • Our kitten was super skinny when we first got him. He had no other glowy eyes around so we just took the kitten into care. But he is so healthy and he suits our family!

  • Ok this is my story so in our window 5 kittens and they mom sooo i get one to home to check her if she a girl cuz the others boys i want a girl so then i named her luna then i see her want to drink milk then when i go out to put her back whit her brothers i see her mom sitting in door then i get scared then i put her in ground the mom cat grab her and she take her to car then i start to get back luna then mom cat hiss on me then i back home and cry (45 min) later i go out i check on the kittens see if luna there then the mom meaw on me then i give her food i check on car i nee no kitten so when she eat food i check on the kittens carful i see luna then i became happy ☺

  • I didn’t get to my feral cats first litter, unfortunately they were already eating and running, but we finally caught her before she had her second and one kitten was rehomed, but she herself and her three others are happily in the same room with me now. She even comes up and cuddles me when she wants to lol. My Miss Diva

  • I cringe horribly watching you give cats food directly from the can. There is danger there. Even if you are lucky enough to have never had an issue, even if 99% of the time it will be okay, there is real danger in cutting the cats tongue badly on the sharp inner edges of those self-open tab top cans. Can't you use little bowls or something instead rather than chance it, even if the chances are low?

  • Any update on these kitties? How long do you keep mom and babies together and how do you ween the babies? Thank you for all you do. You’re awesome!

  • So you kidnap the family and destroy all their reproductive organs so their bloodline goes extinct. Such lucky cats.

  • There was a stray mama cat and her 4 kittens who I fed and cared for, for weeks but one day my neighbors in front took the cats to keep them “safe” from a bad thunderstorm. The neighbor actually asked if I had seen one of the kittens bc it was apparently lost in the storm. Few weeks passed and none of the cats came. 2 days ago the mama cat came to visit me again but I found that half of her left ear was ripped off :/ idk how and the kittens are gone. Maybe the neighbors took the kittens to a shelter but now the mama cat is a mess. She doesn’t have half her ear and no kids. She’s become mean and angry and I legit cried bc I missed them and we grew a bond before :,( reeeally DONT like the neighborsss

  • We found 4 little 6 week old feral kittens and the mom abandoned the kittens they where very anemic and need help I work with a small rescue for kittens and we tried for months to get the mom and she never came home back we got the babys healthy and tried to put then out side where we found the babies and mom never came back so we decided we would take a mom that already had kittens that sadly passed and she took the 4 kittens we decided to spay/neuter them and now they are so sweet mom still hasn't came back we set up cameras and all that but mom just wont come back we think she either passed or ran away.

  • KL, You realize that the Mama Cat might be Wild, and NOT Feral, yes? Its not going to be easy to catch Mama if she’s Wild. Those Wild ones are truly afraid of us. Not to mention, extremely clever. Fractious once in captivity. Good luck…

    What IS your name, hon? Hannah? I just saw it at the end, there. Terrific! Ciao…

  • Let's all go out there and emulate the amazing kitten lady by doing our own rescues and nurturing, trying to be the best kitten and cat ladies and gentlemen we can, each with our own respective resources. As a lifelong cat lady (still mourning my longtime cat gentleman friend who died suddenly over two years ago) I am heartened by all the true love expressed in the videos and many of the comments.

  • Did anyone else notice how she was nervous to go inside the trap on her own, but when she heard her babies, she went rushing in after them with no problem? How sweet is that!

  • The shelter doesn't want anything to do with your trapped feral cats. Trust me, I work there. We euthinize them, because a feral cat can never be taken on as a pet. If we nueter them, you will have to pay for it. Rat poison in tuna cans works best, but you didn't hear that from me.

  • Is there a way to keep a ferral mom lol we trapped a pregnant ferral and she had 4 babies. There now 5 weeks old. We live by coyotes so afraid to release her. So confused..

  • Why not find someone to socialize the mom and get her adopted also. There's a street right by where the cats are. ..some of them have to be getting hit. It's way too dangerous to leave any cat outside that'll be crossing the street quite often.

  • Thank you for not editing out the mom checking it all out. I have adhd and my ability to wait in that situation is difficult. It will be so much easier knowing that. 🤞

  • Omg the grey one reminds me of a kitten my cat had her name was Pounie and she was sick when she was born and the second day of her life she died i miss her so much

  • There's a veritable cat colony in my city, new babies being born all the time so it's full of cats and kittens. Most of the mamas choose to have their babies in the cat bed in front of a house that I'm pretty sure is abandoned. Most recently I saw two tabbies, about 4 months, and a litter of 1-2 week old babies with mom in the cat bed. The moms are friendly and someone seems to be feeding them, but I was going to look into a TNR program, or maybe even adopting out some of the kittens because the neighborhood is overflowing.

  • once i found 1 moth old kittens i found them i brought them home and my mom looked after them for a while then i went and looked for the mom then i found the mom then i reunited their mom whith her kittens

  • Uhh just a suggestion..how about the kits go with her outside it makes the kits and mom upset to be separated..

  • My vet says Cats like it when you stick your finger in their bums once in a while, it calms them down. Be sure to use some vaseline so your finger will slide in with no problem. Works on males and females

  • Kitten Lady: trys to get something from in the bushes
    Also Kitten Lady: Seems to get swiped at or scared of something
    Mother Cat 3 mins later: “it is I, m O r t Al

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