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Rescued Cheetah: Cheetah Loves Walking On A Leash

COMM: To the amazement of shoppers, Yakira the cheetah is happy to be centre of attention
as she poses for photographs outside this South African supermarket. 00:35
COMM: Although Yakira is tame, she is not a pet. She was raised at the Kwa Cheetah Project
by Desmond and Elizke Gouws, at the Kwa Cheetah Project where the vulnerable species is bred
and later released into the wild. 00:49
COMM: But because Yakira’s mother sat on her when she was young, breaking her hip,
she can never fend for herself. 00:57
ELIZKE: She spends too much time with humans, which is not a bad thing um you know given
the situation with her legs unfortunately she wont be able to released one day and be
free. 01:11
COMM: Growing up with the family dogs Sailor and Gina and the rescued meerkat, Zulu, Yakira
is about as tame as a cheetah can be, and she interacts with guests who visit the game
reserve as well as visiting schools to spread awareness about cheetah conservation. 01:30
COMM: Today, Yakira needs to go to the vets for an X ray – and happily sits in the backseat
of the car. Although she is quite curious at what she can see through the windscreen,
she travels unsecured and doesn’t cause any disturbance during the journey. 01:53
ELIZKE: Your limo is waiting come. 01:57
COMM: On the way back from the vets, they stop at the supermarket for some groceries.
As Yakira can’t be left in the car in case she goes to the toilet, she is taken outside
in a harness. Unsurprisingly, she soon attracts a crowd. 02:12
COMM: While it is sad that Yakira can never live a normal life in the wild, she is well
cared for, and on this occasion was able to bring a smile to some unsuspecting shoppers’

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