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Q&A at Big Cat Rescue to see exotic cats 09 17 2019

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue to see exotic cats 09 17 2019

Where are you going! You can’t go up there! Your boy’s being really silly! Coming back down? Crazy cat! Hey, good morning, everybody, it’s Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida, and this is Mary Ann and Max Bobcats. Good morning, Karen. They have their morning zoomies going on. Oh my gosh, you should not be jumping off things like that. Thank you, everybody, it’s good to be back. It has been a crazy first two days back. Sunday was a full volunteer day, tons going on and then, yesterday was like all day hospital stuff. And it’s my rehab day and my meds day, so crazy-crazy. Morning Noor. Well, there they go. Yep, that was M&M: Max and Maryann Bobcat. Actually, while I was gone, they moved from their lakeside enclosure over to this huge cage. I mean, you see that they just completely disappeared. They are where the cougar cubs used to live. That’s where they were at when I first started here and yes, they are loving it. I’m gonna be real quiet cuz I see Tom Tom out and I would love to show you one of our new bobcats. I’ve said hi to her several times over the last two days. She’s very sweet old lady. Hi Tom Tom! Her first whole day here, she stayed in this den, but we’ve seen her out venturing several times, now. Hi lady! Can we come say hi to you? It’s okay… Here’s Tom Tom. Hi! Good morning, everybody, I’m gonna talk very softly because I don’t want to, I don’t want to stress the little lady. Hi! You’re okay! You can see she’s very, very matted. She’s a 19-year-old Bobcat that just came here from California. It’s okay, lady! Yeah, see, that’s what I was afraid of. Here, I’m gonna go; you stay right there. There, we go. Yeah, I don’t want her to feel like she has to jump and run, so maybe we move back a little bit. It’s okay! It’s, also, almost breakfast time, and she’s a very good eater, and so I want her to enjoy breakfast. I don’t want her to come running over to me and then realize I don’t have food. We’re still getting to know each other. The cougar Cubs had moved over several enclosures quite a while ago, actually. I’ve been here four years, so they haven’t been in this enclosure in probably three years. So, that was sweet little Tom Tom; she is one of the four new cats that came in late last week. I believe they actually got here on Saturday. And I have seen Mouser and I have seen Shiloh. Shiloh actually walked right up to me, realized I didn’t have food, and then was like, “Never mind.” But, I have only caught a glimpse of Philmo from really, really far away, and then he runs immediately. There’s my Lilly girl! What are you doin’? Hi! There’s my little girl! Hi! I see you still got that dread. Hi pumpkin! Oh, you gonna get me! That’s good, that’s a good girl. So, this is Tiger Lilly. Look at you and your full stance! You got rowdy neighbours/ Max and Mary Ann across from her, as well. You still got that one big mat. You know, I was hoping it would fall off while I was gone. We got to keep working at it. We got to keep working at it, don’t we? Yeah, you got me! No, you got me good! When I first got back on property Sunday, to volunteer, she came running, but she also jumped off of the den and I’m like, “You guys are too old to do that!” You’re so silly! I know, I didn’t bring you anything, you’s mad. Who’s mad? No breakfast, yet. So, Tiger Lilly’s 24; we believe Tom Tom is about 19. They’re kind of neighbors. Lovey Bobcat is in-between the two of them. I know! I always tell people, “If looks could kill, Lilly would have killed everybody by now.” She’s… she can shoot little daggers. Where are you goin’? So, Kewlona and Dryden are over here, as well, and they are also a little bit freaked out by Max and Mary Ann because Max and Mary Ann are so frisky. You can see them still running in the background. This enclosure has been empty for, again, years and so, none of these older or shy Bobcats seem to know what to do with these really wild, outgoing Bobcats across the street. It’s pretty silly. It’s pretty silly! You guys are going crazy! There, this is Max an Mary Ann Bobcat, again. They are literally, they have like a football field worth of an enclosure, now, which is perfect for their high energy level. Yeah, bobcats are vicious! I mean, they they are hardcore animals, that’s why I love them so much. Tiger Lilly’s been in captivity her entire life, and she’s still that fierce. It took me four years to make a friendship with her, that’s what’s so amazing about it. You guys are crazy, crazy bobs! Thank you so much for the donation, and hello everyone, again, yes I had an amazing amount of time off. I didn’t even realize I needed it that bad. We were a couple days into our vacation and I was like, I had this like epiphany of wow, I really don’t take enough time for self-care, anymore, so I’m gonna try to be better about that so that I can be better for you guys, and for all the cats. Yeah, so while I was gone (I was gone for 10 days) and a lot happened, and it was hilarious because I was so afraid. I was actually, like, my soul was crushed thinking that I was gonna miss seeing the Guatemala Tigers arrive, which I still don’t have an update on that, officially. I hope it’s soon, but it could be September-October I really haven’t had an update on it. But, I was so afraid I was gonna miss their arrival and then the irony of it all is I missed four brand-new cats coming in. Oh, well. I’m sort of like, “Maybe I should leave more often, we get more cats.” Are you chasing me? There’s Max Bobcat, again. So, I was just gonna kind of move my cart a little bit around the corner, here and then we’ll stop. I will try to show you guys Shiloh. I am NOT getting my hopes up for Philmo, I think he’s gonna be a real hard case to crack, kind of like Kewlona. That’ll take a lot of time, but I have seen him out on his platform and his new enclosure. Philmo is a three-year-old male Bobcat that came in with Tom Tom and Shiloh and Mouser, which is the Savannah cat. There’s Zimba hanging out in his lockout. So,they’re still working on lockouts before feeding, this morning. Hi Zim Zim! And he’s ready, so any of you that are brand new and have never watched a Big Cat Rescue Live, they are, uh… He is sitting in his feeding lockout because they’re all waiting on breakfast. We feed every day between eight and nine a.m. and this little box that is extended off of his full enclosure, that goes all the way back to that platform, this is just his feeding lockout. So, they know that this is where the food is going to show up, so that’s what he’s waiting for. Nala is back there in her’s as well. Very smart; they know the routine. Thank you to everybody who’s sharing this, that really really helps us reach new people on Facebook. The weather’s actually really nice, this morning. So, I’m going to be quiet, again, because if Philmo is out, the only way we’re going to catch a glimpse is if I’m quiet. Here’s Gilligan. Hi Gilli! Morning, sir! Gilligan’s a Canada Lynx. You like your new neighbors? I hear Smalls behind me getting her zoomies going. Yep, there she goes. We’ll walk over to her, too. No, I have a feeling he’s already in his big den. Pretty much, he’s out, I think, all night long, and then the first time he hears a golf cart or something come by, then he darts. Here’s Frankie Bobcat, though. Hi, cute boy! Everybody’s very excited for breakfast. That’s the saddest thing for captive cats: if they are born, bred, or raised in captivity, they can never go free, and so breakfast time becomes their absolute favorite time of the day. Yeah, I think Philmo, one of our new Bobcats, is in that den there. He does eat, from my understanding, all four cats are eating pretty well, but with Philmo, it’s pretty much become common knowledge around here that you put the food down and you leave. So, that’s the least stressful way to feed him at this point. Everybody else has kind of been coming out and allowing us to either, stick feed them or actually two of them are eating in lockout. So… Me, too. I’m so glad Carole was insistent on getting Frankie, he seems like a different cat from what they said he was gonna be. All right, so this enclosure over here is where Shiloh is. He came right out and up to me, yesterday morning, but cats are cats, and every day is different. He’s living where Apollo was. Shiloh! Where’s that big Bobcat? They’re really great hiding, too, and new cats love to climb the trees that we have, so I’m always looking up in the trees, too. He likes this big den, as well, but I have seen him out on top of the platforms, too. Shiloh! Where’s that big Bobcat? So, I’ve been trying to just give them plenty of time and space. If I see them, awesome, if I don’t, I don’t loiter too long. Especially because we have many of our permanent residents that still love our attention. I see a Biscuit in the background. Nabisco, where are you going? Maybe if we come over here to Biscuit, Shiloh might come out, but I will keep trying to show you guys the new cats. I did get really beautiful photos of Tom Tom, yesterday, that I’ll be sharing. Hi bud! What are you doing? Mr. Biscuit. No, you don’t want that. You [Laughs] don’t want that! Yeah, good things for metal stabilizers, huh? Thank You, Elizabeth, for your donation. Him and Smalls are, like, notorious for trying to take my stabilizer. Oh so mad it doesn’t dispense food. Well, Deborah I’m not sure if the new cats were used to people or not. We know Mouser definitely was; he’s the Savannah cat. But all bobcats are different. Yes, he is still a grabber. Yes, you are. He’s so wild! Yeah, I don’t, I personally don’t know much about the facility the four new ones came from. Whether they, you know, had large tours or any of that kind of stuff. I honestly don’t know. Just being a wild one. Yeah, Shiloh hasn’t come out yet. I know, doesn’t Nabisco look like he’s finally, he’s still definitely in that, like, teenager stage. Oh, you know who else I should show you guys, actually, there are two other cats. So, lots of moves happened when four new cats arrived while I was gone. So Mrs. Claws used to be next door to Nabisco, and she is settling in, up here, in this front enclosure. So, when you come out of the back gate for a tour, which is right there, Mrs. Claws is gonna be the first one that you would see. Miss Miss! Missus! But she has been also a little timid and shy in this new enclosure, she’s a little bit closer to the gift shop and the parking lot, so she’s hearing a lot more noise than I think she was, but she grew up in rehab and there’s highway noise over there so I didn’t think it’d be too bad for her. But not all cats like change; some cats love change, some just absolutely despise it. Hey Miss Miss! Miss Miss! She could be in her tree, too. She’s been climbing this giant tree. Nope, don’t see her up there, today. Yep this, this enclosure, here, is where gosh since I’ve started here over four years ago, Breezy Bobcat was over here when I first started. I don’t think she’s going to come out for us. She’s been more timid in the mornings, but then a lot more sociable in the evenings. But, then the Running Bear and Little White Dove lived in this enclosure for a long time, and then when she passed away, we had moved him. And then Frankie went into that enclosure, and then we moved him. And it’s Sat empty for a while, and now it has Mrs. Claws. Let’s go see if Smalls is still out being silly. Sorry, I’m showing you guys a bunch of, what seems like, empty enclosures, today, but… There’s Biscuit again… But, that is being in the world of bobcats, or cats in general, they do what they want. Smalls! What are you doing? Hi! I’ll come around! It’s kind of funny, there are people that have been out here for like eighteen years and longer, and they’ll talk about, “I remember when that enclosure had this cat…” And it’s a cat I’ve never even heard of. Hi! Hi Frisky! Yeah, nope, not that end. This is Smalls Bobcat. Small girl! She’s purring. Everyone wants to touch the camera, today. Everyone wants to touch the camera, today! Hey, you and Biscuit have been talking! You guys have been talking, today. Too funny. Good thing I know your tricks. I can hear her purring like crazy. So, again, this is Smalls Bobcat. And if you guys are just joining or you’ve never watched us before, this is Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida. We’re an accredited sanctuary dedicated to rescuing big cats. We’ve got about 60 permanent residents on 67 acres. I’m actually surprised that my stabilizer held up. Usually, that’s when it’ll start flipping around. So, I have actually had some really funny interactions with some of the cats since returning. So, I’m noticing who actually is paying attention (and was missing me) versus the ones that could have cared less. Sunday, when I was here to volunteer, it was just really, really silly. Kali followed me everywhere, non-stop, chuffing. This one came running. Tiger Lilly came running. That’s a squirrel up there. Being so silly. Flint was adorable; I cared for him for the first time coming back, yesterday, and he jumped into that carrier before I could even set it on the floor. And the most interesting reaction I got was from Priya. Priya, pretty much, she’s just kind of like, “Oh, you’re just another person that feeds me.” Like there’s never really been, like, a super special connection. I mean, she does chase me on my cart and stuff, sometimes, but… What you doing, wild girl? But, I was cleaning her on Sunday, and we always close the lockout doors in order to clean the lockout. She came running from the opposite side of the enclosure, jumped up onto the door of the lockout, and just roared. Like, I don’t hear that girl roar, I hear her, you know, grumble and moan, and it was hilarious and scary. And then, she just would not leave me alone. I got to the other side of the lake, where Dutchess is and was cleaning over there, and then she just started to swim and come all the way to the bridge. And then got Dutchess all riled up. It was very entertaining. What are you doing up there? So silly, so silly. Yeah, it was scary ‘cuz, you know, I’ve gotten used to Priya for several years, now, basically just ignoring me, and my first day back, she she let me have it. Bobby, this is Smalls the Bobcat. And my stabilizer and camera can’t even keep up with her. All right, so, the other cat that moved while I was gone, so you know that… Let’s go back out this way… You know that Mrs. Claws moved, and then Nabisco moved forward, so Nabisco is now officially on the tour path. Philmo moved behind him. Shiloh moved into that enclosure, where Apollo is, and then I showed you (at the beginning of this video) Max and Mary Ann moved into an enclosure that was empty for quite a long time. But, the other cat that moved… I’m gonna go back to my cart so I can get us around a little bit faster… The other cat that moved was Beacher. Beecher’s a Savannah cat, and he is now in the enclosure that Max and Mary Ann were in. So, he’s got the lakeside view with the awesome waterfall. I don’t see Zucari out. Zucari is a Serval that lives here. Zimba’s still patiently waiting on breakfast. It’s coming, sweet boy. So, Beacher now moved and has a huge enclosure, and then Mouser went in to Beecher’s old enclosure so that’s where we’ll go first. We’ll try to see if we can get our eyes on Mouser; he’s one of the four new ones. I’m hoping that once Mouser comes out of his shell, here, that he’ll be real chatty because he’s next door to Hutch. And Hutch and Beacher used to just chat it up. For those that were asking where the cougar cubs went, well they are 13 years old, now, but we still call them cubs. Here’s Ares, and there’s Orion. They’re currently separated for breakfast, though. And then Artemis is right there. Hey baby girl! Manny is currently on funcation. There he is, creeping out. Hi Man! Are you still scaring your neighbor? So, I guess we’ve discovered… Oh, I see him back there. That if you think you can’t find Mouser, he is underneath his den. He has been spending time out, as well. As soon as I saw Mouser, my first thought was that it looks like Diablo’s face on Beacher’s body. Hi, cute boy! Is that a real fun spot to hang out? I know you’ve got, like, you’ve got a serious Jaguar across the street, huh? Hi! This is Mouser. Mouse Mouse! Afton got a really cute email from a caregiver that helped care for Mouser at the other facility, just full of ideas of enrichment that he likes. So, that was very, very nice. Hi! Oh, are you gonna come say hi? Hi, cute boy! Aww hi! I gotta zoom back out now, though. Here we go, and I’ve got your butt. Now, the hard part with these new cats is figuring out if they show your, show you their butt, if they’re actually gonna spray you or not. Hi! First thing he started doing was eating grass; that seems to be the theme in this enclosure. Back over to your grasses? Yep, back over to eat the grasses. It’s a super fun Savannah cat- thing to do in this enclosure. Super adorable! What is that big thing over there? I’m really not sure if he, I would assume, I mean that facility had hundreds of big cats so, I would assume that Mouser has seen other big cats, but no one can deny how intimidating Manny is… Mr. Mouse! And all of these cats do have bio pages on our website, bigcatrescue.org/catbio This is Mouser. I’ve got very big ball to play with, yeah! Hi, cute boy! Just eatin’ all the grass! We’re just eatin’ all the grass.
That grass is very good. Have you seen Hutch, yet? Probably not. So, the downfall, right now, is we’re still trying to see, we have to do a couple little quick tests with Mouser to see if he can fit through four by four wire. So, right now, he’s in two by four wire, which is only half of what Beacher’s enclosure was, and so once we know for sure, we’ll be able to adjust accordingly. He also has Illithia as his neighbor. All the boys seem to really like Illithia, so I’m sure, once he settles in, they just got here on Saturday, so sometimes it takes weeks or months for them to get used to all the different stuff. I mean they came from California to Florida, that is a big difference, it was a very long car ride. Thank you to everybody who’s helping answer questions, I really appreciate that. Now, he’s back to a tall grass. All right, you stay right there for breakfast. So, that is Mouser. And there’s Mr. Manny, prowling his 22,000 square foot funcation enclosure. So, I can’t have come over here, though, and not said hi to Hutch, so we are gonna stop at Hutch. Then, I’m gonna drive us around the corner and I’ll show you guys Beacher and his new enclosure. That’s probably where we’ll wrap it up. Yesterday, I did not sit at my desk one time. Got here before 7:00 a.m. and left after 8:00 p.m. Hutchy! I have so much to catch up on. Tom Tom was one of the first cats I showed you guys, today, so if you guys have… Hi! If you guys have joined in late, you can re-watch all of these… I know, it’s your feeding lockout, come out, here I go, here we go. Yeah, I know, you tell Mouser that this is a good place to be. So, anyway, you can rewatch all of these lives at dailybigcat.com. I know! silly boy! So, Hutch is an African Serval. That’s Nikita roaring. Yeah, you hear Nicki. What’s she saying? Roar-roar-roar. I know! I agree! Big Cat Rescue is definitely a little slice of heaven for big cat lovers. You know our mission, you know that we don’t do any buying, selling trading, breeding, or touching, here. We are a true sanctuary for these cats. Most have been rescued from really bad situations, or private ownership, pet ownership, where these guys are not meant to be pets, used in the entertainment industries, used for breeding for the pet industry, and the cub petting industry. It goes on and on. When they come here, they get to just be themselves. They get fed, they get medical care, and they get absolutely loved by people like you. I moved from Ohio to get involved, here. We have a ton of cameras around property, too, so you can go to bigcatcams.com and you’ll see an entire list of all the live cameras that we have on property. We have seen quite a few cats already, today, and right now, this is Hutch Serval making breakfast biscuits. Breakfast biscuits! Hi! I know, you’re so silly. All right, let’s get back on the cart, here, and we’ll go around and we’ll see Beacher. But we have already seen Max and Mary Ann, Tom Tom Bobcat, we saw Zimba, we saw Tiger Lilly, we’ve seen Gilligan, and Frankie, Smalls, Nabisco-both of them plotting to take my camera from me. We just saw Mouser and Hutch, and I have also explained all the cat moves that were taking place while I was gone. So, again, you can rewatch this feed for all of that information. We’ve seen Manny, sneaky boy! All right, I always love this view in the morning. All the sunrays coming through. We’ve got swimming pools built and enclosures ready for whenever the Guatemala Tigers can arrive. That’s a rescue that’s been being worked on for well over a year and a half at this point. It is very hard to get all that paperwork in line. So, here we’re going by Tom Tom’s enclosure, again. Looks like she moved off that platform, though. Oh, yeah, now she’s in the grass. Hey Tom Tom! But they’re on their way to feed so I don’t want to interrupt. There’s Marie heading out to feed back, it looks like? Good morning! Marie does all of our amazing supporter videos, along with Mary Lou. I try really, really hard to submit stuff like that, but I run our Instagram account, and so I also need a lot of exclusive content for that as well. So, it’s hard for me to keep things separate, I guess people were complaining that they were seeing too much of the same thing on both Instagram and Facebook, so it’s kind of why most of my stuff is staying on Instagram at this point. Where’s that beach boy? So, this is Beacher’s new home and it’s a beauty. He’s been enjoying and I don’t think anybody’s seen him playing in the water or anything as of yet, and I, he’s still so new to the enclosure I don’t really know where he prefers to hang out or not. You can see he has tons of new grasses. Oh, there he is, he’s having breakfast. Hi Beach-Beach! And he got fish, and fish is very bouncy, so it just kind of explodes all over the plate. So, Beacher’s having breakfast. Again, we feed every day, here, between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and the cats get a variety and it’s different every day. Some of the smaller cats, especially the Savannahs, really do like fish. Not so many of the big cats; they’ll eat it, but like, it’s not their favorite. But chicken of all varieties, beef, pork, turkey-you name it, we’ve probably tried it. Especially the older they get, the pickier they get, and again, if you want to learn about each and every one of the cats that lives here, you can go to bigcatrescue.org/catbio And this is Beacher, he’s a Savannah cat. We have quite a few Savannah’s here, now, with King Tut and Beecher, Loki, Simba, now we have Mouser. And with all this jabbering I’ve been doing, and all the driving and walking, I am so sorry I haven’t really been watching the comments very closely, today, but I know I have some amazing people in the comments that have been helping answer things for me, so I appreciate you. Yeah, of course Diablo. Does anybody else think, now that you’ve seen Mouser that it’s like a Diablo face on a Beacher body? Because that’s the first thing I thought. But, I go back to my desk after these lives and I comb through the comments, and I try to do it again at the end of the day because I know some people rewatch and they still comment after it’s not live anymore, so I do try to reach out to you and respond to you. It’ll come to you as Big Cat Rescue. Beacher’s gotten really good at being a clean plate boy. When he first arrived, he was very difficult to feed. He’s very, very picky, but we have found some of his favorites. You hear that roaring going on, that is Amanda. Amanda loves to scream at the keepers that feed her in the morning. Very, very scary. So, thank you, again, to everybody that has been answering questions. We have seen tons of cats, today. I showed you two of the four of our newest cats, and I tried to show you all the cats that have kind of moved around the sanctuary. I know that Jasmine tiger went on our vacation, which she’s on the live Explorer camera for that. I keep seeing somebody ask who was the cat that was moving when we drove by. I have no idea what you’re referring to, if it was the one that sort of chased my cart a little bit, and is a much bigger cat, that was Manny Jaguar. But, I think I said that when I drove by, so you guys can always again rewatch this at Dailybigcat.com That’s the YouTube channel where I have, actually, I have two playlists: I have GoPro videos that I’ve made, and then I have these live question-and-answer style walkabouts, and I’m gonna try-please don’t hold me to this-I will certainly try if I ever have time to get out here a little bit more often in the evenings, as well when it cools down-especially as we get later in the year. The cats get a lot more active at night, too. You doing so good! All right, everybody, well thank you guys very, very much. Thank you so much to the two people that donated, it’s amazing supporters like you are why we can keep rescuing these cats in need. And if you like these lives, make sure you setup your notifications to have Facebook let you know when we do go live. And you can do some research on these cats on our website BigCatRescue.org Every last piece. There are tons of videos on our main YouTube channel that show many of the big cats roaring, so just go to BigCatTV.com that is our main YouTube channel, and then all of kind of the live or unscripted stuff is at DailyBigCat.com All right, Beach-Beach! I will end this with a really pretty view of the lake, it’s in the center of the sanctuary, here. All right, I will see you guys, again, soon. Have a great day, everybody. EDITED-ACP-MGN-DQ

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