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Picture Guide to the Dissection and Study of the Domestic Cat

Picture Guide to the Dissection and Study of the Domestic Cat

picture guide to the dissection and
study of the domestic cat a library of 3512 digital images corresponding to
detailed step by step dissection of the domestic cat 11 folders contain labeled
pictures of regional anatomy of the following osteology of the thoracic limb
99 pictures shoulder and thoracic limb 674 pictures osteology of vertebrae ribs
and sternum 93 pictures neck thorax and back 636 pictures abdomen 410 pictures
osteology of the pelvis 23 pictures pelvic and reproductive 497 pictures
osteology of the pelvic limb 82 pictures pelvic limb 452 pictures osteology of
the skull and mandible 129 pictures and the head 417 pictures the next file in
the thoracic limb section is titled thoracic limb pictures in this file
followed a section of the attached proximal shoulder in brachium slide 48
is a ventral view of the axillary region in which the lateral thoracic artery is
identified pins lie deep to the axilla brachial vein is slide 90 this vein
drains blood from the shoulder and brachium it merges with the axillary vein
near the thoracic Inlet this is the first of five files covering dissection
of the removed thoracic limb in this picture acromial and scapular heads of
the deltoid muscle are emphasized in slide 74 superficial branches the radial
nerve have been exposed along the dorsal surface of the antebrachium and manus
this is the title slide for images from the second remove thoracic limb picture
file the conjoined tendon of the latissimus dorsi and teres major
muscles is illustrated in this image vasculature of the cubital region can be
seen in this picture and includes the brachial vein collateral ulner and
transverse cubital arteries this is the title slide for mid-sagittal
we’ll head dissection pictures here’s a picture of the head in the median plane
cranial nerve 10 is exposed in this picture

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