Pet Toys and Pet Treats

hey everybody welcome back to my channel!!Alrighty! Karma’s gonna join us too! Silly kitty.

So anyway we’re here for another great video and you can see they’ve got some boxes right here in front of me you guys the viewers the #Ray Ray Family have been awesome enough to send us some more stuff.

Dawn what do you say! Come here come here where we can see.

Oh! There’s Dawn Dawn! here you gonna help me open some stuff so this one I hear isfrom a Yvonne Miller oh thanks Jose Oh KGB catnip right there focus I think you for their focus there there it goes alright thank you so much fun I appreciate that I think we’re gonna give some of this to karma tonight hey one more time doing just a tool or a toy is it safer dangerous is it for adults or kids yeah good job hey ready oh this looks like treats you pull that out of there dawn good job darling thank you so much for this so I got a look inside the box

See if it has a name oh so fancy is it turbo way to open stuff but it’s effective oh wow what’s this what is that oh wow check this out another great toy from a go dog thank you so much it’s incredible oh wow you see this it says it’s a kitty city so it’s been great getting to know your wonderful family thanks so much for sharing your story with us I hope karma and zombie.

enjoy these and wish your family all the best blessings from kaya thank you so much Kylie that’s awesome we’re totally gonna get these out for zombie and karma and uh ready one two go what she likes that no zombie do you want to try one zombie good boy zombie no more treats tonight karma you either zombie you silly dog zombi you silly doggy all right so I’m gonna put this cat nipand put this little mouse on the inside and uh I want to get karma all riled up to put this mouse.

New little uh her new little toy I’m not sure what it is gonna open it up yet but I’m totally excited to get on that it’s cute little bag sergeant put a little mouse key down inside there I’m not really a pro at this yet I’m sure you know what leave me a comment about the best way to again catnip all over the toy to play with karma.

now if I’m doing it the right way definitely leave me a comment and tell me if not help me out give me some advice I appreciate that looks good to me karma where’s that karma kitty kama kitty I basically have no idea how to set this thing I was gonna open it up and see what happens Wow zombie are you done for the night button yeah are you don’t playing for the night there’s my good boy there’s karma kitty I think she’s done playing for tonight once again we have war hurt out get some rest farmer what are you.

what are you doing very good oh you turn it so you guys can’t see this but there’s a little square that shows up on my face on the little display over there and if I move sideways like this this work oh it’s stayed on my face that time you know it looks like you’re licking my ear don’t do that what’s wrong with this guy so anyway guys thank you for watching this video for all of you folks that send us gifts thank you so much I appreciate that my family appreciates that and of course you know zom bie and karma they absolutely love it for you guys that don’t know I have an Amazon wish list

I’m it’s listed in the description down below check that out also I’m gonna provide links to Amazon where you can purchase what was given to us for yourself and your family so as always guys thank you for being part of the ray-ray family I appreciate each and every one of you guys if you’re brand new to this channel I invite you into the ray-ray family by clicking the red subscribe button

I think it’s this I was forgetting pretty sure is it that sight hose I get right and right down there oh yeah 2019 smash that red subscribe button and ding that notification bell so you get notified every time we post anew video and as always remember to be biggest be the biggest the best you could possibly be and do something every day to make somebody else’s day great see you guys you.

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