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Opening the Dora the Explore and Hello Kitty Surprise Lunch Boxes and Toys

Opening the Dora the Explore and Hello Kitty Surprise Lunch Boxes and Toys

– [Mr. Engineer] Hey everyone! I’ve got two fun surprise boxes today, Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer, but The Assistant’s not here. She can’t help me. – [The Assistant] I’m right here. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re right where? Where, where, where are you at? I don’t see you. Oh, you’re right there (laughs). Oh, we found The Assistant, yay! We probably should open
these boxes, right? – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay The Assistant, let’s see what’s inside
the Hello Kitty one. – [The Assistant] Okay! Even Hello Kitty’s gonna be the best! – [Mr. Engineer] You think Hello Kitty’s gonna have better stuff than Dora? – [The Assistant] Yep. – [Mr. Engineer] Well
this is a good start. Do you know what this is? – [The Assistant] Cotton candy. – [Mr. Engineer] It sure is. Hello Kitty cotton candy. Say that three times. Hello Kitty cotton candy. Hello Kitty cotton candy. – [The Assistant] Hello
Kitty cotton candy. Hello Kitty cotton candy. – [Mr. Engineer] You only said it twice. Hello Kitty cotton candy. Ready? And we’ve got? – [The Assistant] I want blue. I want blue. – [Mr. Engineer] You want
the blue cotton candy? – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] You know what? Oh, this isn’t cotton candy. This is just cotton. Yeah, this is just cotton. This is what you make shirts with. Mmm, maybe I will eat cotton candy. Mmm, these were good. I wonder if any people at home, do they like cotton candy? – [The Assistant] Tell us. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah, let us know. (laughs) I’m tryin’ to talk with
cotton candy in my mouth. – [The Assistant] That’s rude. That’s rude. – [Mr. Engineer] It is. Alright, and in Dora we have? – [The Assistant] Swiper. – [Mr. Engineer] Swiper! Oh, I think he’s gonna go. Oh, he fell out. Swiper can’t stand. I think Swiper’s gonna go
steal some cotton candy. No Swiper. Ha ha ha! That’s pretty funny. – [The Assistant] No Swiper, no. – [Mr. Engineer] The Assistant wants the cotton candy all for herself, except for what she shares. – [The Assistant] Mmm. – [Mr. Engineer] Mmm. Hey wait a minute. Swiper took some cotton candy after all. Swiper, give me that. That’s not for you. You’re a fox. You can’t eat cotton candy. The Assistant will now pick
another thing out of the box, and she’s picked? Ooh, it’s a Hello Kitty? It’s like a little jar. It’s a super squishy. Do you know what it is? – [The Assistant] A rubber ducky. – [Mr. Engineer] No,
it’s not a rubber ducky. I think it’s a Fashem, so we need to open it up. We need to open it up. – [The Assistant] Oh, a rubber ducky. I was right. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey, it is. – [The Assistant] A super squishy. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah. – [The Assistant] What is it? – [Mr. Engineer] It is
kind of super squishy. Let’s look. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty. – [The Assistant] Can I have a try? – [Mr. Engineer] You sure can. – [The Assistant] Hello, boo. Hello (laughs). Hey, oh you can see bubbles. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, it
does have bubbles inside. – [The Assistant] I guess it’s soap. – [Mr. Engineer] No, I think
it’s just a little toy. Alright Hello Kitty, you keep Swiper from taking any of that cotton candy, because I’m gonna get a? It’s Dora! Dora, hello Dora! – [The Assistant] Dorie. – [Mr. Engineer] Will you say hola Dora. – [The Assistant] Hola, can you say Dora a hundred times (laughs)? – [Mr. Engineer] Dora a hundred times? That would be a lot of times to say Dora. – [The Assistant] Okay, what about five? We can beat each other. – [Mr. Engineer] Ready and go! Dora, Dora, Dora,
– Dora, Dora, Dora. Dora, Dora, Dora,
– Dora, Dora, Dora. – [The Assistant] Dor. – [Mr. Engineer] You ended
up just sayin’ Dor (laughs). Alright, so we found Dora and Swiper, and you found this little
Mashem and cotton candy. What are you gonna find next Assistant? Yours might be empty though, so maybe you’re not gonna find anything. Hmm? – [The Assistant] Let me even see. Hmm? – [Mr. Engineer] You found
a Hello Kitty magazine. – [The Assistant] Uh, it’s a pencil. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, it is a pencil. I wonder what you’re
gonna use that pencil for. – [The Assistant] I know! – [Mr. Engineer] I think there’s some other things that you can use it for. Well I found ourselves a? – [The Assistant] Boots! – [Mr. Engineer] Boots! Boo, Boo, Boo, Boots. – [The Assistant] Boo (laughs)! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey look. He’s wearin’ red boots. Is that why they call him Boots? – [The Assistant] Boots. – [Mr. Engineer] So if he was wearing red slippers,
would his name be Slippers? – [The Assistant] No, that’s a weird name. – [Mr. Engineer] If he was wearing red gloves, would he be called Gloves? – [The Assistant] No. – [Mr. Engineer] Why
do they call him Boots? – [The Assistant] ‘Cause he
has red boots on, but (laughs). – [Mr. Engineer] But that’s
a pretty silly name too. Alright Boots, you hang out next to Dora while The Assistant gets another surprise. – [The Assistant] Surprise. ♪ Ma ma ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
you know what she found? She found a Hello Kitty diary. Wow, look at that. – [The Assistant] I think it comes with a chain and key. – [Mr. Engineer] I think it does too, and that’s probably what
that pencil was for, so you could put notes in the Hello Kitty. Wow. – [The Assistant] Yeah, watch this. I could write something. It’s N- O- S- E. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you wrote noise. You make a lot of noise from time to time. We need to find that chain, don’t we? – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] So look, right here. There’s our Hello Kitty lock right there. – [The Assistant] It’s a chain. – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t
think it’s a chain. I think it’s a lock. – [The Assistant] Oh. – [Mr. Engineer] So we lock it up. And then we have this key, right? – [The Assistant] Yeah,
so we can unlock it. – [Mr. Engineer] Then we can unlock it, and then we can get back
to all those cool things that The Assistant would
put in there, right? But we’d better put the lock back on so no one can open it, right? – [The Assistant] Even Swiper! – [Mr. Engineer] Even Swiper
can’t get this book open. It’s locked up good. Alright, let’s see what Dora has now. She’s got? Do you know what these are called? – [The Assistant] Jelly beans. – [Mr. Engineer] They’re
called Belly Flops. – [The Assistant] Bellies? – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah,
they’re called Belly Flops. You know what? They’re Jelly Bellies,
but they were made wrong. – [The Assistant] Oh! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh! These are why they call ’em Belly Flops, Meaning they were. ♪ Oh, you my belly. ♪ ♪ Ma ma ma ma ma ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] You know what? Look. Look at all the silly shapes. Look at this. Look at these silly shapes. It is like a double. Look at that double one. – [The Assistant] Look at this one. – [Mr. Engineer] And
look at this green one. It’s like three jelly beans in one. – [The Assistant] Duh! – [Mr. Engineer] Wow! – [The Assistant] Look at that one. It’s like a little stair. – [Mr. Engineer] It is. So these are all Belly Flops. That’s pretty silly, isn’t it? – [The Assistant] That’s
because you were in the belly. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] There’s our Belly Flops, and look! Swiper’s already taken two jelly beans. Swiper, those aren’t for you. – [The Assistant] Swiper! – [Mr. Engineer] Jeeze, we need to open up somethin’ else out
of the Hello Kitty box now. What do we have? Do you know what these are? – [The Assistant] Gummy bears. – [Mr. Engineer] They’re
Hello Kitty gummi treats. Wow, we got a lot of
yummy things, don’t we? – [The Assistant] Mmm hmm. – [Mr. Engineer] We
probably shouldn’t open ’em. – [The Assistant] You’re
already opening them. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you’re right. I am already opening
it and it’s pretty fun. Right?
– You’re silly. Hey. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, they’re in a bag, so we got to open the bag. – [The Assistant] Aah, can I have one? – [Mr. Engineer] Hey
look, it’s Hello Kitty. – [The Assistant] Hello Kitty. – [Mr. Engineer] Hello Go-gy. – [The Assistant] Wow,
they’re stuck together. – [Mr. Engineer] I wonder
if they’re Belly Flops too. – [The Assistant] Red. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, Hello Kitty red. – [The Assistant] I want Hello Kitty red. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, alright. Let’s put this.
– Here, have this. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] It’s bodiless. It’s just Hello Kitty’s body. That’s pretty silly. Alright, so I’ll put these here. – [The Assistant]
They’re like gummy bears, but they’re gummi kitties. – [Mr. Engineer] And we have, oh look! It’s a Slinky! Whoa. (laughs) Give that back to me. Let it go! I said Elsa’s let it go. ♪ Let it go ♪ (laughs loudly) Whoa! What do you want me to do? Since Swiper’s been takin’ so many things. I put the Slinky on Swiper. Ha ha ha. – [The Assistant] He looks funny. – [Mr. Engineer] He looks great. – [The Assistant] It looks
like a giant necklace. – [Mr. Engineer] It does
look like a giant necklace. Alright, what was that? – [The Assistant] Kind of like a necklace. Like he had his necks. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah. Alright, let’s see what
is in Hello Kitty’s. – [The Assistant] Okay. I’m still chewing those
because they’re so hard. – [Mr. Engineer] It is
a Hello Kitty blind bag, so what do you think’s inside? – [The Assistant] A new horse! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, ready? Let’s open it up. Hello Kitty surprise. I can’t get it out! Oh yeah! Oh. (laughs) There’s a bag inside of a bag. Two surprises in one, and we have Hello Kitty with
a little ribbon in her hair, and a little hat on, and it looks like she is
on a little hoverboard. – [The Assistant] What’s a hoverboard? – [Mr. Engineer] Like a
skateboard without wheels. Wow. – [The Assistant] That’s
just to make her stand up. – [Mr. Engineer] It could be. That’s probably what it is. Alright, what we have now
is we have a surprise egg! Look at that surprise egg. Mickey Mouse, hmm. We should open it. Alright, so we got it open. Now we gotta open the egg. Ooh, some chocolate, mmm. Assistant, I think you like chocolate, and then we’ve got the surprise. What do you think it is? – [The Assistant] I don’t know. – [Mr. Engineer] It is Clarabelle. I think that’s Clarabelle. Wow, we need to put her right
over here next to Swiper. Swiper?
– Who ate all the chocolate? – [Mr. Engineer] I think you might have had some of that chocolate already! – [The Assistant] Look (laughs). Got it! – [Mr. Engineer] You’re like Swiper. You’re always takin’ the chocolate. Look, Swiper’s tryin’ to get away! That Swiper man, I tell ya1 Alright, let’s see, what do we have now in
our Hello Kitty surprise? Is it empty already, or do you? Oh. ♪ Da da da duh ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Wow, look at that pencil. – [The Assistant] It might be for? – [Mr. Engineer] Hey look,
I’m gonna tickle you. Ooh, it tickles. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle. – [The Assistant] I’m not ticklish. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you’re not? We’ll see about that, but it’s a pen. – [The Assistant] Let’s see
if we can write in here. – [Mr. Engineer] It’s like
oh, too, too, too ooh ooh. Ooh hoo. – [The Assistant] Let’s
see if we can write. – [Mr. Engineer] We should, shouldn’t we? But first, but first we need
to see what’s in Dora’s. Ready? We found?
– I hope. – [Mr. Engineer] A feather for one, but oh, Dora and Boots fell down. (laughs) Do you know what these are? These are princess stickers. Isn’t that fun that Dora had those? Let’s see which? Can you help me with
the stickers princesses? – [The Assistant] Ooh, Sleeping Beauty. – [Mr. Engineer] So Sleeping Beauty, Cinderfella.
– Cinderella. – [The Assistant] Cinderella! – [Mr. Engineer] Sleeping Beauty you said? Is that what you call her? Sleeping Beauty? – [The Assistant] Oh yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Ti, Ti what? – [The Assistant] Tiana. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s Tiana? – [The Assistant] Tiana! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, Tiana. Cinderfella. That’s a glittery one.
– No. – [The Assistant] No,
it’s Sleeping Beauty. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, Sleeping Beauty. Oh, okay. Um, you’ve got Belle with a fan, like literally a fan. Not like a fan like, I like Belle. I’m a fan of hers, and then we’ve got some
guy trying to dance. – [The Assistant] Charging (laughs). Prince Charming and? – [Mr. Engineer] And Sleeping Cinderella. – [The Assistant] Sleeping Beauty. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, so
it’s not Sleeping Tiana. Alright, well I don’t
know where Moana was at, but she should of been in those too. I’m just sayin’, where’s Moana? – [The Assistant] Moana. – [Mr. Engineer] Alright,
let’s see what we have now in the Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty.
– Hello Kitty. – [Mr. Engineer] Another, another pencil. – [The Assistant] We shall write in here. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow, it’s got Hello Kitty’s all over it, doesn’t it? ♪ Hello Kitty ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] I think
it’s Christmas too. It’s got Christmas trees and wreaths. Aah, alright you ready? And in Dora we found a? Do you know what this is? – [The Assistant] What? – [Mr. Engineer] It’s a ball catcher. You’re supposed to try to catch that ball. – [The Assistant] Hey, can I try? I might catch it. – [Mr. Engineer] I can’t get it. Can you try? – [The Assistant] Uh huh. Oh, I got it in. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, I think you cheated. I don’t think that’s how you’re
actually supposed to do it. I think you gotta take it all the way up in the air like this. – [The Assistant] Oh! – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right. – [The Assistant] Oh, I get it. We put it up in the air and bounce. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] Alright, let’s see what’s in the Hello Kitty, okay? – [The Assistant] Oh, look at it. Look. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
that’s a lot bigger ball. Whoa, it’s bouncin’ all over the place. Alright, we picked it up. Ooh, it’s Hello Kitty. – [The Assistant] And look behind it. – [Mr. Engineer] It says Hello Kitty, and look, that’s a heart. See the heart there? – [The Assistant] Heart, heart, heart. ♪ Heart goes the weasel ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] I heart you. Do you know what that means? – [The Assistant] Hark goes there. – [Mr. Engineer] Hark, who goes there? But it’s heart not hark. Oh, look, Dora gave, Hello Kitty gave Dora
a Hello Kitty sucker. ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Wow! That’s cool. – [The Assistant] Ooh, open it. – [Mr. Engineer] I can’t open it. Just kidding (laughs)! Oh, that was a super fast opening. – [The Assistant] Backwards (laughs). – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, oh there you go. Alright, that was nice of
Hello Kitty to give Dora that. Let’s see what is in Hello Kitty. (laughs) Whoa, do you know what these are? They’re little clips. They’re called claw clips. – [The Assistant] Claw? I have clips. – [Mr. Engineer] You could
put them on potato chips, and you can try to get ’em open, ’cause they’re hard to open. There we go. Are you ready? Alright, I guess you could probably use them in your hair too, huh? – [The Assistant] Yep, or a feather pencil. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah. That’s a good idea. Watch. Ready? Wow, should we put the other one on too? You hold this one and I’ll
get the other one ready. – [The Assistant] Don’t
you forget the cap. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah. We don’t want to forget the cap, so there’s one on one side, and two on the other side. Wow, that’s pretty nifty. Here you go. Alright, let’s see what’s
in the Dora one now. Hmm? Oh, what’s this? Huh, it’s a little chocolate bar. – [The Assistant] Mmm. – [Mr. Engineer] Snickers. It really satisfies. Do you know what that means? – [The Assistant] What? – [Mr. Engineer] When you eat it, you’re not as hungry. – [The Assistant] Really? – [Mr. Engineer] But that’s true with all food, isn’t it? When you eat something, you’re not supposed to be hungry. I’m gonna put it right there. What’s in Hello Kitty’s? – [The Assistant] I’m hungry. – [Mr. Engineer] I bet. You’ve eaten all that
cotton candy and stuff. You must be hungry. Another Hello Kitty blind bag! Wow, we probably shouldn’t open it. Should we open it? – [The Assistant] You’re opening it. – [Mr. Engineer] I’m
gonna pretend to open it. (laughs) – [The Assistant] I’m gonna open it! (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] Alright,
let’s let me open it, and we’ll see what’s inside, and we have ourselves another bag. Inside of a bag like last time, right? Just like last time we had two bags. – [The Assistant] And we popped it open. – [Mr. Engineer] And it’s opened, and it’s Hello Kitty. She, it must be cold outside, because Hello Kitty is
wearing a hooded coat. ♪ Baby it’s cold outside ♪ (laughs) ♪ Baby it’s cold inside ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] And yeah, that’s Hello Kitty. We’ll put her next to the
other Hello Kitty, right? They can have a Hello Kitty party. Oh, Hello Kitty. What do they say to each other when they meet each other? Do they go, hi. Hi Hello Kitty, or do they
go, hello Hello Kitty, or do they go, meow, meow, meow, meow? Now we’re gonna look
and see what’s in Dora. – [The Assistant] Hey, you know what? I can name that one Snowflake. – [Mr. Engineer] That, you know what? All cats that are white can
be named Snowflake, right? – [The Assistant] But our cat that’s named Snowflake is black. – [Mr. Engineer] Who would have a black kitty cat named Snowflake? (laughs) Oh we do.
– Me! – [Mr. Engineer] You do. That’s right. Your black kitty cat’s named Snowflake. Good thing you don’t like M&M’s, otherwise, this whole pack of M&M’s is probably like way too much. (laughs) Oh!
– I already opened ’em. – [Mr. Engineer] I’m telling. You did open them. (laughs) Alright, well we need to see what’s inside of your surprise box. Ooh, another one of these, Fashem Mashems. Should we open it up? – [The Assistant] Wait. Squishy, squishy. Squish. That wouldn’t work very out. – [Mr. Engineer] That
wouldn’t work very out? – [The Assistant] That
wouldn’t work very well. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, it wouldn’t? Why not? – [The Assistant] Because,
you would have two. We would have two cats and one dog, ’cause we have a dog named Waddles. – [Mr. Engineer] Really? I thought his name was Blueberry. – [The Assistant] We have
a fish named Blueberry. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
’cause he’s red, right? – [The Assistant] No, he’s blue. – [Mr. Engineer] These names confuse me. Oh, look at, let’s look at Hello Kitty. So she’s got a ribbon on. – [The Assistant] And
she has a cow’s head. – [Mr. Engineer] She does have a really big head, doesn’t she? (laughs) And then she goes, rrr. – [The Assistant] Hey. – [Mr. Engineer] Ready? Whoa. – [The Assistant] She has a big high bow. (laughs) Do it again. Do it again. – [Mr. Engineer] Ready? I see you. (laughs) – [The Assistant] Hey, can I try? – [Mr. Engineer] You sure may. – [The Assistant] Okay. I feel like a beak. Woo! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, that’s
a big ol’ balloon there. – [The Assistant] Hey, you can blow it up. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] Pretty cool, right? – [The Assistant] Yeah,
we can name that Min Min. – [Mr. Engineer] We’ll name him Minion? – [The Assistant] Min Min. – [Mr. Engineer] Min Min. Uh oh. Dora fell. ♪ Min Min ♪ ♪ Min Min ♪ – [The Assistant] Hi Min Min. – [Mr. Engineer] Ooh, and
we’ve got a Frozen sucker. You know what I gotta do with that? – [The Assistant] What? – [Mr. Engineer] Let it go. (laughs) – [The Assistant] Oh,
I know what I can do. Look, tell me. Tell me what I’m gonna do. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re gonna
build a snowman with it. – [The Assistant] Nope. Throw it away in the garbage can. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you
want to build a sucker? No. Don’t throw it away.
– No. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] Alright Assistant, let’s see what you have now. ♪ Min Min ♪ ♪ Min Min ♪ ♪ Min Min ♪ ♪ Min Min ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Ooh, with a Hello Kitty. It opens. I wonder what’s inside. – [The Assistant] I wonder what? – [Mr. Engineer] I wonder, wonder who? – [The Assistant] I wonder what too? Who are you?
– And go. – [Mr. Engineer] Well I’m
The Engineering Family. Who are you? Oh, you’re The Assistant. – [The Assistant] I’m
The Engineering Family. – [Mr. Engineer] And this opens down here. Look inside. Oh, little heart-shaped candies. – [The Assistant] Fast, fast. ♪ Fast fast ♪ ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ ♪ Heart-Shaped candy ♪ ♪ I gotta push ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Wow. – [The Assistant] Ah, come back to me. (laughs) – [Mr. Engineer] There you go. That’s pretty fun. – [The Assistant] Oh, they’re hard. – [Mr. Engineer] They go. They’re hard candy, but they’re good. – [The Assistant] You cut your hand open. Your head open. – [Mr. Engineer] You
cracked your head open? That wouldn’t be good, then you’d have blood and
you’d have to get stitches. Look what I found. Do you know what this does? (horn blows) (laughs) – [The Assistant] Can I blow it? (horn blows) – [Mr. Engineer] You can do this way? (horn blows) – [The Assistant] Can I blow it? (horn blows) – [Mr. Engineer] Sure, you can blow on it. (horn blows) Whoa, that’s pretty loud. (horn blows) That’s like way loud. We’re gonna put that way back here where no one can find. That thing is too loud for me. Alright, what do you have
in your box now Assistant? – [The Assistant] One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you
have a little Hello Kitty. – [The Assistant] Hey, watch this! Wait. There. – [Mr. Engineer] I think
her legs just moved. – [The Assistant] No, wait. ♪ La la la ♪ (laughs) ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la ♪ – [The Assistant] No,
she’s having her leg back. I have my leg back. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh no, that would hurt. – [The Assistant] No, she’s like runnin’ with her leg back. She’s so excited. Oh, you know what I found? Nothing else! – [Mr. Engineer] Nothing else? Oh no. You’re not going to paint
my fingernails this time. – [The Assistant] Okay (laughs). – [Mr. Engineer] You’re
not going to paint. When I said my fingernails, I meant, you’re not gonna
paint my hand either. (laughs) Oh, what am I gonna do with this? Well, this looks like a smile on my hand. What are you? (laughs) No. No. (laughs) Aah, alright, alright, alright. Alright. Why don’t you go ahead
and find out what else is in your Hello Kitty box. I mean, come on. (laughs) It looks like. – [The Assistant] Look
at the dire you’re in. – [Mr. Engineer] It looks like I’m like, I tried to squish a Smurf with my hand. ♪ Smurf goes the weasel ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] You found stamps. – [The Assistant] Whoa, let’s open it. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
gotta be opened, doesn’t it? Look, there’s a stamp and we pull it off. Now you can stamp things. That’s pretty neat, huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re stampin’ my, I got Hello Kitty on me now. (laughs) – [The Assistant] Now
you’re the Hello Kitty girl. – [Mr. Engineer] No, I don’t
need two Hello Kitty girls. – [The Assistant] Here’s a
Hello Kitty girl (laughs). – [Mr. Engineer] Alright, alright. I’ve got Hello Kitty’s all over me now. – [The Assistant] Hello Kitty. – [Mr. Engineer] Here. Put the lid on it before. – [The Assistant] It melts. – [Mr. Engineer] Before we? ♪ I low la ♪ ♪ I low la ♪ – [Mr. Engineer] Oh look. I found two different things this time. – [The Assistant] Ooh ooh. – [Mr. Engineer] I found a gigantic ring. – [The Assistant] Ooh, I like kitty cat. I like kitty. – [Mr. Engineer] And then we have ooh, it’s a Dora the Explorer bracelet, and you know what this is? This shows all the things, so she likes to play soccer, and she has a kitty cat. Wait, is that Hello Kitty? – [The Assistant] Yeah, no. That’s just a kitty.
– And then she likes – [Mr. Engineer] To play tennis, and then she also has this gigantic, I guess it would be amethyst, it’s purple. Alright, let’s see what’s in Hello Kitty. (laughs) Whoa, look at all these fun stickers. Hello Kitty stickers. I’m not gonna open it, ’cause I’ll end up having
stickers all over my hand. – [The Assistant] I won’t put stickers all over. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you won’t. Yeah, I’ve heard that before, haven’t we people at home? Hmm, you know what I think I found? – [The Assistant] What? – [Mr. Engineer] Another
Dora the Explorer. – [The Assistant] Uh uh oh. – [Mr. Engineer] Pretty neat, and I think this is the last thing. There is nothin’ else in my Dora. Is there anything else
left in Hello Kitty? – [The Assistant] Nope. – [Mr. Engineer] Assistant,
of all these things, what was your very favorite? – [The Assistant] The Slinky. – [Mr. Engineer] The Slinky? You don’t like the diary or the cotton candy that’s back there? – [The Assistant] I like the cotton candy, but I like. (horn blows) – [Mr. Engineer] The horn? You know what? The horn is my least favorite thing. – [The Assistant] Yeah, but I like the cotton candy. I want some right now. – [Mr. Engineer] You
want more cotton candy? I think I like the M&M’s and look at that. – [The Assistant] Swiper’s gonna steal. – [Mr. Engineer] He was trying to steal those stickers, wasn’t he? – [The Assistant] No. He was trying to steal the Slinky! – [Mr. Engineer] Or maybe he was trying to steal all the stuff
that’s painted on my hand. Tell us what your favorite
thing was at home, right? I think they need to
tell us what they like. – [The Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Then up here, it says subscribe here, so they should subscribe
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videos like this one, right? – [The Assistant] Yeah, so subscribe to The Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool
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just like the other ones. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right, and then down below, there’s a little thing that
looks like a thumbs up. – [Mr. Engineer] That means you. – [The Assistant] Thumbs up. That means all likes. – [Mr. Engineer] That
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I think The Assistant thought that the things in the Hello Kitty was better than Dora. I thought Dora had better surprises, but so how about Hello Kitty, if you think that Hello Kitty
had the better surprises, or Dora, if you think Dora
had the better surprises. – [The Assistant] Yep. – [Mr. Engineer] Alright everyone, have a great day! So long! – [The Assistant] So long! – [Mr. Engineer] Bye-bye! – [The Assistant] Bye-bye! – [Mr. Engineer] Adios! – [The Assistant] Amigos! – [Mr. Engineer] That too. Bye-bye! Now watch another fun surprise egg video with either Scooby Doo, Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Green and the Super Heroes
from The Justice League. Just click on the picture. You can watch the video.

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