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Guys you know I got a kitty cat go-meowmeow. Yeah, ah Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video, so I have a surprise special guest who just creeped into my house and theres little elf, a little elf! like oh my god you can only see my head *laughter* a floating body that would be really cool just a floating head Good day so Liza, and I just filmed a yoga challenge, and we were hot and sweaty were finally cooling down I I still smell I’m sorry, it was a lot of fun though. it was really fun Really enjoyed I honestly enjoyed I’ve been to like to yoga classes, but I’m definitely the most stretched I’ve been to none um so really the only time I’ve been to yoga classes for a YouTube video And that was self-taught class well you where great then. oh my god, thank you. ok stay humble but you where great, you were good *laughter* did you give them a house tour yet? I haven’t really I mean they’ve just seen it in the background of vlogs and whatnot but I think we should do one for Like just the Christmas decorations, you should, really? you should. I’d do some slow mos and stuff. Time to edit it, are you around to shoot that for me and edit it? yeah I can do that, I can do that, I can do that. Are you looking for work? Yeah please hire me! She was like can I see your film room? Why do you want to do a film room? Why? I’m a big fan. Laughter* “I’m a big fan.” I want to see where the explosions happen Ooo, cute hair Oh, hey I know I know I’m a little tyrannosaurus right now I literally look like Ducky from the “Land Before Time” I love Ducky. Yeah, if you have the editing the skill to put the thin Ducky right here. Oh look at me Laughter* I look like Ducky! You are little Ducky! Gabby was the one who pointed that out to me. That’s everything oh my god That’s hilarious Wait this isn’t the way you thought I was gonna be? No, not at all Why? Shut up, so you’re like right here? Yes Wait. Where’s the microwave A big stack of them Literally in there Are they? Oh my gosh Go ahead open it – it’s in there. I honestly don’t know I still need to ship out these boxes is there some surprise give aways Oh my god, its’s very organized! No, I think it’s down there there, it is here’s next week’s video Why haven’t you used it? Why haven’t you used it? For my birthday Liza that got me in towards Foreman grill because she really wanted me to melt crayons Yes, okay, I’m addicted to watching him melt things together And I wanted you to get a George Foreman and put Crayons in it. Or like markers in it Okay fine you’ll you’ll make your debut soon promise just give the George Foreman go away So yeah What did you think I don’t know like I thought this was like like I didn’t know was a whole room decades Oh, it was like your bedroom, and this was a wall interesting is that what you guys thought I’m curious what they think so this is what the room looks like guys I I think I did one no I filmed against this wall Yeah, I know. I have like three walls to shoot, but I only use this one because it’s seven three different colors Yeah, I got a kitty cat gong-myung yeah, he’s a smile He loves me. I’m allergic. We’re not getting a cat. Yes. We are like them Kitty this is your third one. Yes clearly has an addiction Makes me want to have a cat so freakin bad. I’m encouraging it Annie No no She has Very big like monstrous cat who what’s her name his name. Yeah She’s the big one, but lose the rip tear Facebook He doesn’t like belly yeah, yeah, and you did it on what happened Oh My god the kid has climbed Do you love it up there oh my god demonic demonic eyes She loves and she thinks she’s an ornament God it’s so cute. Oh, you’re sweet you like it up here. Yeah Time out Yes, all right guys we’re turning all the lights off in the house because we’re about to play at hiding go Wait you’re gonna see Why are you coming oh, I’m cqk, I’m doing my god guys, let’s go great her closet come on Wait where can we go upstairs downstairs? I’m gonna you probably know all the best hiding spots where where do I go? What do we do I’m scared No well we can’t tell each other because if you get found you become a seeker Okay It’s begun stop packing No not everyone upstairs Daniel I’ve never been here, but I don’t know where not there’s a quasi name here, but that’s too obvious I’m so much better than this. I’m not a no closet Well, there’s a sharper than others all my clothes. Yeah, this isn’t good. This is not good Covers I Literally don’t know where to go okay? I Literally fit in there. Oh my god here So that’s right ahead Wow Right up to me then that cat started No, I don’t even you heard me the first time and then you came back. Oh my god. Where were you? Literally ratted you I Survived if a murderer comes in your house next Okay, so now we’re playing one two switch, and me and Jenny are about to go up against each other I don’t know. What’s this game that we’re playing called which one Okay we record oh I have to be the fuckin tripod come on. Give me silhouette suck it in Biba out No I Stand firm it’s causing me a must be some toy. I was in the Hatfield verse o Remember when they copied it? This is No, I got more than that I definitely got more than my coordination you caught me everything you really copied everything I did so That’s real – oh Babe someone do it death drop well we can you All bears Now with everything oh my god Wow Oh Brady guys well I am super tired. It’s about 2:00 a.m.. Just got home today. It was a lot of freaking fun it was just really cool hanging out and acting wild and crazy with some friends But I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did. Please give it a big ol thumbs up It lets me know that you’re enjoying my vlogs and I yeah that’s it for today. I love you I will see you all tomorrow. Oh damn

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