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Miss Kitty Clears the Air w/ Young Bae | Black Ink Crew

– ♪ – I still have no clue as to why
Tati’s trying to ruin me and Bae’s friendship by telling
her lies about what I said. So I’m just gonna cut out
the middleman and go straight to Bae herself. Hopefully, without Tati’s
alternative facts flying around, we can clear the air between us. – ♪ – Thank you for coming. – To be honest, I don’t know
why I agreed to come. – ♪ – I asked you to come out
’cause, you know, obviously, things went left at laser tag. – Please, do not disrespect
my mother! – Bitch, whatever, you come
to me first! – Hell no! I know, we’re supposed
to be friends, so why were you
talking [bleep]? – Bae,
I wasn’t talking [bleep]. – BAE: Yes, you were. Like you told Tati that
y’all helping me pay my bills. It’s not like my mom just
stepped in and worked. Sky told her
that she could work. Why you going out there
embarrassing me, “my friend”? – First of all,
let me tell you, I didn’t say anything
derogatory about your mom. I was just joking around. I was like, “God damn, Eomma,
you just spent all this money. Oh, you gonna
take me shopping?” But it wasn’t meant to be like,
“Oh my gosh, like ew.” It was like more of a joke. I love Eomma. However, I definitely felt
some type of way, like… it’s just hurt that you would
assume that I said some nasty things like that to the point
where you wanted to fight me. – I didn’t wanna fight you. – You ran down on me like I was a common ass bitch
on the street. Like that hurt my feelings. – ♪ – I was just like mad emotional
because my mom just left, like she’s going back to Korea. It’s just a lot of [bleep] going
on, I was a little emotional, and then–
– But, Bae, I would never ever, ever want any bad blood
between me and you. Like I love you, girl. I don’t have that many
close girlfriends, Bae. Like you’re like one of
my best friends. – ♪ – You’re crying.
Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. – No, no, like, y’all
is my family. We’ve been through a lot. – ♪ – Now I feel guilty. I didn’t wanna make
Kitty cry. I guess I was just sad
that my mom left, and on top of that, I found out
Kitty was talking [bleep]. That [bleep]
just made me see red. But at the end of the day, Kit’s
one of my best friends, too. I should have just let her
explain herself first before being so quick to judge. I don’t want you to cry
over this, you know I love you. – We just gotta be better. We should be family. – I know. – If you got a problem, don’t
you swear with me no damn more. – Bitch, you’re lucky. You’re a pussy, come here.
– [laughs] You shut up, bitch.
– BAE: [laughs]

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