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MEOW! I’M A KITTY! | Orcs Must Die Unchained w/ Bob, Wade, Jack

MEOW! I’M A KITTY! | Orcs Must Die Unchained w/ Bob, Wade, Jack

Mark: I-I dont know how to sync it up from this screen Oh I guess I could just.. Okay..Wait.. …hang on…lemme go… Mark: boot boot boot Jack: It’s good if your mouse is on screen It’s not, so let’s do this!
[Bob laughing] Mark : I’m a kitty cat. Wade : Yaaay!
Jack: Such a fricker. Mark : You’re a fricker, fricking fricker- Jack: count the time on screen. Mark: Oh. One. mark: zero.
*all laugh*
audience: oh boy -_- Jack: *Laughing* Nailed it! Mark: Thank you! I tried real hard on that one. *all still laughing* Bob: Holy fuck Jack: You actually had a countdown timer; you’re like, “I don’t know how to sync this.” Jack: “This is impossible!” *Mark laughs* Jack: The easiest syncing you’ve ever had to do Mark: Shut up! I didn’t know. Wade: With all the disdain in your heart. “ONE!” Jack: “One… Got it! Cool!” Mark: It’s ok, I know what I’m doing. I’m editing this one. It’s cool. Mark: Okay. Should I explain the game? Did any of you explain the game to the people watching? All: No Bob: Not even at all. Mark: Alright, this is Orcs Must Die. It’s a new MOBA/ survival game/stuff where you play with your friends and try to kill the enemy dead. Alright, so my role is ‘pillager’. *to Jack, Bob and Wade* I’m not talking to you assholes, I’m talking to them. My role is ‘pillager’. I go get, steal supplies and kill people in the back and then uhm… I don’t know Jack: He’s the coward role. Mark: Hey, I’m not the coward! Bob: He’s the one that doesn’t help us with anything and will have a very low score at the end of the game in all of Bob: the important categories.
Mark: No! I’m going to have the best score at the end of the game, you just wait! Jack: He’ll just have the best score because he just avoids everything. Mark: SHUT UP!!! No I don’t! Just ‘cuz I’m running away currently right now, doesn’t mean that I avoid everything. Bob: That sounds like what that means. Mark: Nooo. Jack: And you play a character who turns invisible and doesn’t want to get into the battle Mark: Shush! You don’t know me! Let me be me and I’ll do my thing and you do your thing, which is hopefully not suck. Jack: I’m slapping a door with magic. Mark: Wow *Laughing* Bob: With magic! *Scattered laughter* Jack: I’m magicing! Mark: Ow… Uh-oh. Jack: Go, spirits of the underworld! Jack: Kill the dude! Derek (Bob): Did you cast magic missile into the darkness? *Mark and Jack laugh* Mark: I get that reference! i get it!
Bob: Com’ere Mo-bot. You gon’ die. You gonna die mo-bot Mark: … Wow Wade: Oh god, Gabriela deals no damage! Jack: Aah, I leveled up already. Mark: My-MINE! MINE! HAHAH! My kill. hehehehehehehweho wah heh ha Wade: Ow. Oh, get out of here! Bob: Let’s take down this guardian right now, Jack — oh god, run away! Jack: Get’em! Get’em! Kill ’em! Jack: ‘Kay, he’s locking on Jack: No, let’s not do that. Jack: Let’s jungle for Mark! Bob: Oh yeah! Bob: haaaaaaah Jack: Cause he’s a stupid. Bob: Thanks for all your help, Mark. Mark: You’re stu- I, I AM helping! You guys aren’t helping with Mo-bot. You’re letting me get him. I guess thank you. In a way. *Jack chuckling* Mark: Here we go. Got ’em! Mark: Oh god! Ah oh oh hey help help
Jack: Damn I’m gettin’ all kill assists- stop stealing everything!! Bob: Stay in here, Lizzybot Mark: I’m not gonna help you, I’m gonna help myself. Mark: Uhoh- She blonked! Wade: They’ve got a level two portal already! Mark: Shut up, it’s fine! Ow. Bob: Mark should do something about that. Jack: Wade, stop freaking out! Wade: [freaking out sarcastically] Jack: Wade’s in the back like, just like “guys we’re gonna lose!” Wade: We’ll be fine if if B-Bill-Bill tank hadn’t stolen my person! Jack: I’m gonna suck my own health for mana. *Mark laugh* Jack: *growling* Sustenance… Mark: That’s an interesting way to describe that, but ok. Mark: So Jack’s sucking himself in the corner over there while we’re trying to make the victory here. Jack: I want to suck myself. Bob: There’s two of them over there, Je-ack. Jack: I know. Jack: Ow, god it hurts. Jack: Oh, Bob I hurt. Wade: Oh NOT Lancebot, not now! Jack: I still can’t believe that Wade has a fuckin’ bot archnemesis. Mark: Yeah, he’s that much of a loser. Wade: Oh god, I got all of the arch-nemesis! Mark: You don’t HAVE any arch-nemesis! You’re literally not their main focus. Wade: I’m their main focus… Bob: Come the fuck here Lazybot
Jack: Get him! Get him! Mark: Haha! I stole the kill again!
Jack: Kill assist AGAIN? Mark: Yehaha! Jack: You just rolled in and take the kill! *Mark’s evil laugh* Jack: What a bitch! Mark: I’m a pillager! I’m a kitty cat pillager. Mark: Don’t mind me. Jack: You’re an asshole.
Bob: Hey, Bob: Mark opened-
Jack: AHHHHHH Bob: Mark actually open the second gate! Bob: I guess I’ll go put some things in it. Mark: Yeah, duh! I’m like super cool. *Jack laugh* Jack: “I’m, like, the best!” Mark: Didn’t you guys know?
Bob: Jack, can you put your glyph down yet? Bob: You-you got dem coins? For that glyphs? Jack: No, I need 1250 and I only have 995. Mark: Ow ow. Bob: Scrub. Mark: AAahh, Guardian! Jack: Shut your pee hole! Mark: Noo!
Bob: Scrubs. Jack: Shut it all up! Mark: This is my-
Jack: [interference] Mark: This is my video! If I shut up, it’s not going to be very interesting. Jack: Not you, I’m talking to Bob! He needs to shut the sh-
Mark: Oh. Jack: Oh wait, Krogan meat! Krogan meat! Go get it! Mark: Whic- Oh wait it’s on the other side.
Bob: Oh yeah. Bob: I’ll come help you, Mark.
Jack: If you go fast, you’ll get it! Bob: I’ll come help you. Wade: Umm… They have enemies in our middle tunnel. Jack: Yeah, well, you’re- Mark: They’re all going for it. Every team member is going for it right now. Bob: Team by…! Mark: Alright, I’mmunna- Mark: I’mmunna be right there as soon as I break this box.
Jack: I go….I go help? Mark: I’ll be right there. Wade: UM. Why are you all here? Get out of my house! Mark: I literally told you tha- Bob: Holy shit! Mark: -they’re on the way Bob: See ya Mark! Mark: [laughs] Jack: Comin’ to help! Mark: OHH that’s a LOT of them.
Jack: See, it’s all there. Jack: Yeah. Wade: Yeah. Mark: I’m- This is going to kill me. Mark: This is going to kill me. I’m gonna die. Mark: I’m dead-I’m runnin’ aWAY AH AH I CAN’T RUN Mark: AHH Jack: [laughing] Jack: I gotcha! Bob: Mark, I got you. Bob: I got you Mark: Thank you for th- Jack: AHHHHHHH
Mark: -heals [laughter] Mark: I think-I think we should-
Bob: Wish I could kill this goddamn Bob: fucking bear
Wade: Ohh noo Mark: That didn’t-see-yes.
Jack: Fuckin’ LANCEBOT DIE JESUS CHRIST Wade: I need a gun to put down traps in awhile. Bob: Lancebot’s gon’ die. Mark: Is he?
Jack: crap, crap crap crap Mark: Nah, he’s gonna run away like a bitch.
Jack: crap crap crap Bob: How is he so fast?!?! Mark: Ow ow ow! Dead I’m dead I’m dead. I’m dead, I’m SO dead.
Jack: Yeah…. Hogarth is FAST Mark: AH BUT I GOT THAT KILL hueh huehhuhhuhuhuhuh Jack: FOR FUCK’S SAKE! KILL ASSIST AGAIN? I hate you. Mark: hueheuhhuehoohohohohoh Mark: Need to be better, man. Jack: YAY! I got one. Mark: Yay.
Wade; Okay, Mark: Okay, we gotta get that Krogan Meat now.
Jack: Did we get the meat? No we didn’t. Mark: Because they all- Mark: Lancebot ran away like a little bitch
Jack: Weeeee! Bob: Yeah, I’m gonna go back to the attack glade and you guys get the meat. Mark: Alright, we’re gon’ get it. Mark: Can I steal this kill too?
Jack: NYAAAGHHH Mark: AH! I’m low on health and didn’t even realize!
Jack: Die you-
Wade: -all of them right here! Mark: Oh god, I’m dead. Jack: God dammit! Mark: I’m so dead. Bob: Mark-Mark gon’ die. Mark: No I’m not. Mark: You don’t know that. Jack *mumbles something about everyone sucking amid the interference* Bob: Seems like you’re gonna die. Mark: A-Ah! Jack: Oh god, Lancebot’s here. HELP!
Mark: I was stealthed! Mark: Come on! Come on! Mark: So close! Mark: Ha HAA! I got ’em! Mark: ehehehehehehe Mark: [evil laughter] Wade: Our guardian’s dead too Jack: HELP ME! Bob: Uh, do you have enough coin for your glyph yet, Jack? Jack: Yes. Bob: We should do that. Mark: I’ve got no health, but I’m tryin’ to help you, Jack Mark: Cause I’m a-I’m a friend Jack: Yeah, I’ve got no health either. Mark: I’m a good friend.
Jack: This is bad. Mark: Oh god.
Jack: get ’em get ’em get ’em Mark: YEAHH
Jack: Yes!! Mark: Another kill for meee! Bob: Goddamn, dude! Mark: I’m doing good this round. Bob: ooOH GOD Mark: Even though I’m very very VERY close to death. Mark: I’m going to be killed by a gnoll, how bad is that? Bob: That’s not good. Jack: We need Krogan Meat! Mark: I couldn’t get it, I was about to die. I’m going back to recover. Jack: I-I-I died tryin’ to get it Bob: There’s fucking three of you guys over there, how hard is this? Mark: I’m-I got two health! Jack: Lancebot started showing up and started… Jack: opening anuses. Mark: [laughing] Jack: He was like “Let me inside that B, I love you!”
Mark: [laughing] Jack: I was like, “Nooooo!” Mark: Well that’s-
Bob: That does SOUND really bad. Mark: It doesn’t sound that bad actually, he’s kinda nice about it. So…like…y’know. Jack: My glyph is down. And…eh… Bob: Awesome. Jack: Wave’s comin’ out. Bob: I will take this lane, you take that lane? Mark: I’m helping! Mark: Look, I’m helping!
Jack: Ok. Bob: Thank you Mark, good job. *insincerely* Mark: Thanks, man! Jack: [interference] you little BIYATCH Jack: Okay, I’m gonna head for the Krogan. Mark: Yeah, I’m gonna help too. I’m just-I just ran Ivy out of there so hopefully I’m gonna be able to… Jack: ‘lo Bob! Mark: Ha-hah!!!
Bob: Hey, how’s it going? Jack: Good. Mark: Uh-oh. Jack: Ow, ow, STOP it Mark: This guy SUCKS by myself, can you guys come help?
Jack: Stop the hurting, o-ow Jack: I’m comin’! Jack: I’m slow Mark: Be-Be faster, Bob: I’m about to break through a gate.
Mark: -please! Bob: So….leave me alone. Jack: KYOP Mark: So what the Krogan meat does – Mark: -And once again I’m not talking to you assholes – Mark: What the Krogan meat does, is it allows you to get a boss- Bob: [laughing]
Mark: HEY I killed him, why do YOU get the meat? Mark: That’s not fair! Jack: ‘Cause you stole all my other fuckin’ kills!
Mark: NO! Mark: Screw YOU!
Bob: Yeah. It’s so- Bob: -frustrating when someone takes the spoils of what you’ve been working on for so long, isn’t it? Jack: YEAH, doesn’t it suck? Mark: Hey! I earned all those kills! Mark: Just ’cause you guys were so bad that you couldn’t even keep up with me doesn’t mean that you need to complain about what I’m doing. Jack: Shaddup, we’re doing meat. Jack: Go put a boss in! Mark: No. Wade: Yeah! Mark: I don’t wanna. Mark: whoa. Jack: Oh! We’re almost there! We’re almost there! Almost there!
Mark: Ah, shit! Jack: Where’d he go? Mark: Dammit, I almost got Dustybot. Mark: Jack, don’t go in there! Mark: Jack, it’s death! Jack: [Interference] I’m not going in there, I’m taking potshots. Mark: Alright, here we go. Jack: C’mere Lancebot! Mark: Alright. Mark: Hang on. Jack: God, I have no fuckin’ mana with this dude. Ever. Wade: Mmkay… Mark: AHH ha hAH HA ha ha! Mark: Aw, kill assist.
Wade: Nice kill! Mark: Kill assist? It might as well not have happened. Jack: MY kill this time! Mark: Just ’cause you got range… Bob: Don’t tell him ‘nice kill’, that just encourages him. Wade: Oh. Bob: Think I’m about to get a solo kill on Mobot.
Wade: BAD kill. Bob: C’mon. Bob: C’mere, you motherfucker! Bob: Nope, don’t, don’t target me, guardian. You don’t need to do that. Mark: AH Kill Assist?? This is bullshit!! Bob: Goddamnit!
Jack: [mechanical laughter] Mark: I’m like, I’m like way better than you, Jack.
Jack: I’m just hanging around you now to do it on purpose. Mark: ‘Cause you got range, such crap! Bob: [infectious laughter] Jack: Hey, you take them out close, I’ll take them out far. Jack: We all work together… Jack: And we’ll… have a Merry Christmas. Mark: I don’t – it’s not even close to Christmas, but okay. Jack: SHUDDUP Mark: Ow, Lancebot hurts! Bob: Let’s take down this Guardian!
Jack: Yeah, Lancebot sucks. [Jack, turning into an unintelligible robot] Wade: Yeah, you don’t belong here!
Bob: He’s doing a lot of damages. Mark: Did anyone summon a boss, or did we totally forget about that? Jack: Oh! Bob: Nope, no one did that.
Wade: No, there’s another-there’s another- Mark: Yeah, we totally forgot about that.
Wade: -er, erp Mark: Yeah, no one summoned a boss. Jack: [coming in and out] He doesn’t do anything anyway. Jack: Oowwww. Bob: I will go back and put in a boss for the next wave.
Jack:~*~[interference]~*~ Mark: Yeah, I’m attacking the Krogan right now. No one better steal my meat! Mark: No one by the name of Jack better try to jack my meat! Bob: Mark, I want your meat. Bob: [seductive gargling] Mark: No, Jack, not again! I’m tired. Mark: Ah, Lancebot’s gonna kill me!
Wade: Well, that sounds a lot like… Wade:…someone else… Mark: … huh? Bob: Oh, we actually didn’t get a boss, guys! Mark:Yeah, I- That’s what I said!!!!
Bob: or did someone put it in? Mark: I just said that!!! Bob: Why did you ask if someone put the boss in if there was no boss? Mark: And then I answered my own question! Mark: It was a rhetorical like- Bob: I stopped listening once I realized you were being a jeeeerrrrkkk.
Mark: It was like-
Jack: Go get the Krogan meat! [Mark laughs] Mark: Well, that’s not very nice.
Jack: Kill th-oH GOD they’re all here! Mark: Ow! Jack: ow, ow Jack: Get the meat!!! Jack: For fuck’s sake! Mark: Goddamnit it was my meat! Mark: I hope you die! Mark: I hope you die? Jack: I am gonna die.
Wade: ♪ -the play♪ Mark: I’m not gonna help you I’m just-
Wade: ♪ -the play ♪ Mark: I’m just hanging around you hoping you’ll die
Jack: oh god oh god Mark: Aw, come ON!
Jack: Oh god oh god I’m running Jack: Oww!
Mark: Yay! My meat! Mark: Immuna go! Jack: Take it! Jack: GOO!! Jack: You don’t have any health either! Mark: Shuddup! Mark: I have 11, that’s enough to get it in. Mark: eehlelelelelelel- YEAH! Bob: C’mon Mark, get it in! Mark: I did it! Mark: Ah, shit! Jack: Okay, I’m just about to respawn, I’ll put a boss in. Mark: Oka- Mark: NO I want the credit! Mark: I want everything! Jack: FUCK YOU! Mark: awww… Jack: You didn’t put it in when I didn’t get anything!
Wade: You get nothing Wade: And you’re gonna like it. Mark: Well, you put the meat in!
(Bob: I’m gon’ die!) Mark: So it was YOUR responsibility!
(Bob: auuhhhhh) Mark: Take responsibility for your meat!
(Wade: Bye Bob.) Jack: fuck you. Mark: [heavy breath]
Jack: Place the boss. Mark: Alright, fine. Jack: Go Earth Defender, Guardian of the World! Mark: Aw, not Earth Defender.
Bob: Good teamwork everybody Jack: Ah cool, just got it in. Mark: Earth Defender’s so weird and stupid! Jack: shuddup. Wade: Man, if only our Jungler was gathering, we could have level three minion portals. Mark: I was gathering! And killing. But also gathering. Jack: Gathering meat does not count. Wade: Oh! Oh no! Interference Jack: -DUTY- Bob: That must be why we have level three minion portals. Mark: Hang on. Mark: I got it. Mark: I’m on it! Wade: Mark, Lancebot’s in the middle, he’s almost dead. Mark: Okay, got it.
Wade: Meet you there Mark: Missed him. Mark: I-I totally whiffed.
[Wade cracks up] Mark: [laughing now] I completely missed him!
[Wade continues to crack up] Wade: Got him! Wade: No I don’t! Jack: No, the other thing! Mark: I literally did a sweet spin kick in midair Mark: and TOTALLY missed him. Bob: You gon’ die, Mobot! Bob: You gon’ die, motherfucker! Bob: Aw, come on.
Jack: Oh nooo!!!! Jack: Fucker!
Bob: Fuckin’ gate! Jack: Pushin’ through the gate, pushin’ through the gate, quicker, quicker Bob: I’m gonna push past to get that motherfucker. Bob: Oh, he’s gone! Jack: Ran away. Jack: What a little bitch! Jack: Oh god, heheh Jack: A Kobold just flew past my head. Jack: Stop attackin’ the scarecrow! Mark: Dammit dammit dammit Jack: That’s not a thing!
Bob: This scarecrow thing is annoying. Mark: Ow! Ugh, Lancebot just-euhh- jackslapped me! Mark: I got- Euh! I got Lizzybot! I’m outta here baby! I’m out! Jack: haaa Jack: [gravelly voice] You do not belong here. Jack: Look at Mobot over there, taking potshots at us. Jack: Go away Mobot, you little bitch! Mark: What a dick. Mark: Wait, which lane is doing better?
(Jack: I hate him so much.) Mark: Which lane is pushing farther? Bob: Right now, we’ve got the boss in the long lane. Mark: Okay – euuuhhh uhhhhuhuhh
(Bob: The right-er- bottom) Wade: No no no no no no no! Jack: C’mon, c’mon, c’mon c-Aw, he was like three hits away! Bob: Don’t worry Jack, we’re about to-We’re about to get through the gate, whatever man.
(Jack: GAHH I hate that motherfucker.) Mark: Yeah, whatever man, jesus. Bob: Mobot can do whatever he wants.
Mark: Why don’tcha shuddup, you bitch? Wade: Ugh, both their minion portals are level three?
Jack: NOT whatevers. Wade: OH GOD! Mark: No it’s fine, we’re almost there too. Mark: Don’t worry, your pillager is here doing REAL good work. Jack: We are level three – go put shit in!
Mark: I’m about to die I’m about to die! Mark: My real good work is about to be ended! Bob: I’m not, I’m not – I wanna keep pushing with the, uh, Guardian. Or the uh, Earth guy. Jack: I dunno what you’re talking about. I’m talking about [interference eats Jack again] Mark: Jack, you keep cutting in and out, we can’t hear ya. Jack: [YELLING IRISH INTERFERENCE] Mark: … What?? [Bob’s laugh] Mark: I got it. Mark: I think he said ‘go upgrade the thing’. Jack: I DID say that! Bob: I think that’s what he said to do. Jack: I’m not cutting in and out, you suck!
Wade: I dunno, that doesn’t sound like something Jack would say. Mark: Alright, I got it. I got the perfect wave ’cause I got the healing hobgobles behind ’em. Wade: That sounds fancy. Jack: What’s our guardian doing? Bob: I dunno, he’s just sorta standing there bein’ a dick.
Jack: or our boss? Bob: The Earth boss is kinda of glitchy once he breaks into pieces Bob: I don’t think the AI works quite right. Jack: No. Jack: Y’think? [laughs] Bob: He’s sorta just standing there. Mark: Hey. Come back.
Jack: We’re going to get the guardian though Bob: Maybe. Bob: We’re almost out of- Bob: gUUuuuh Bob: bosses, to keep his attention. Bob: Oh god, Mobot’s coming. Jack: And then you got a guardian.
(Mark: Oh, where’re you goin’?) Jack: I’ve no mana! Bob: Suck your life or whatever.
Mark: Yay! Jack: That makes me very vulnerable! Mark: [laughs] Jack is very vulnerable when he’s sucking himself [mature laughter] Wade: I mean… Jack: EARTH GUARDIAN, DO YOUR THING! Wade: Raise your hand if you’re surprised! (Wade: and no one raises their hand) Bob: You don’t know if I raised my hand. Mark: Yeah, you don’t know how many people watching raised their hands. Wade: Bob, I know you. Wade: OWWWW WHERE DID YOU COME FROM YOU HELLMONSTER!? Bob: Mobot, you are not running away this time, you piece of shit! Mark: I got your help! Mark: I got your back there, Wade. Mark: Finish ’em off! Mark: But I’mma steal the kill, don’t steal my kill – but help. Mark: Dammit, you stole my kill! Jack: AHH hit him! Aha Wade: Oh god I’m gonna-dUHHWUHHUH Mark: Uh oh. I’mmuna die too. Wade: Bye Mark! Mark: Ah shit ah shit ah shit Jack: I’m lovin this game!
Mark: Ah shit! Wade: Oh god
Mark: Ah shit! Mark: Ah shit dude! Bob: Guys, you can go around that, y’know right? Wade: Ugh, everything terrible that could’ve happened, it did.
(Jack: I opened it up for the minions!)
(Bob: Ah, whatever.) Jack: cause your stupid Mark: Hey Wade- Bob: Let’s score some pounts! Mark: Wade, at least I made it out alive. Mark: That’s what really matters.
Wade: Yeah, yeah. Wade: That’s all that matters. Bob: That;s the important thing.
Mark: Yeah. Bob: I guess. Mark: OW Hero-seeker arrows. Wade: Oh, they-they got a lot of people. Jack: We’re about to be-
Bob: Ooh, Somebody- Jack: We’re about to be big score. Bob: Somebody put shamans in this wave. Mark: I did that!
Bob: That’s cool. Mark: I put heal-y shamans! Bob: Shamans look coool. Mark: Thank you, Bob! Mark: That means so much! Mark: Everyone’s been calling me an assho- aww.
Jack: DON’T ENCOURAGE HIM! Bob: They’re almost all dead, but they look cool. Mark: Aw, but they’re heal-y shamans! Bob: But they died to JUST the traps, basically. Mark: Shhhh your sp-SHUSH! Mark: They’re heal-y shamans! Bob: Jack, we got a Dustybot behind us over here. Bob: It’s your counter -ozial(?) Wade: C’MERE LANCEBOT HOW LIKELY THE ODDS ARE IN YOUR FAVOR Mark: I finally got Lancebot, the douchehole. Jack: Big score, big score! Mark: WHoa, we’re about to win, holy hell! Jack: Big score!
Bob: No, you’re not going anywhere motherfucker. I’mmuna kill you Jack: No you’re not. Bob: Or I’m gonna get a kill assist, thanks Jack. Jack: No problem. Bob: I think we’re going to win on this next wave if it goes like the last one did. Mark: Yeah, probably. Bob: PROwabl Mark: Prowably. Mark: ‘Cause I doubt they can rally a defense quick enough.
(Jacktopher Walken: Wow, that is crazy!) Bob: C’mon minions, c’mere! Wade: AUUUHFUH
Bob: C’mere! Wade: Look, I killed the crockamooch! Mark: The crockaboot?
Bob: Ah, there’s the crockahoomuh. Mark: Noo, my kill! NOo, MY kill!!
Bob: Mobot you are not going to escape this time Mark: Noo, MINE Mwahahahaha
Wade: There’s a lot of- Bob: Oh, come on! Mark: I literally blocked your arrows with my body so I could take the kill! [laughs]
Bob: you suck. Jack: YOU HAVE ELEVEN KILLS? You fuckin’ kill stealing bitch! Mark: I’m a pillager! Isn’t this my job? Jack: NO
Mark: I placed like two traps – I was helping? Mark: I was helping. Mark: I was REAAAALLY helping, guys. Bob: Jack and I won the game, so… Mark: Dammit, Lizzybot!
Bob: whatever. Mark: Oh no no no no no! Come ooon! Wade: Uh, I kept them from winning the game? Mark: hahahahaHAHha Bob: [laughing] Bitch! [More of Bob’s magical laughter] Bob: Alright well, the game’s over in like 30 seconds. Mark: Niiiice! Mark: We did it! I did it! All by myself! Bob: Yes excellent work, Mark, you definitely did it all by yourself.
(Jack: No, no) Jack: C’MERE STANNUSBOT YOU’RE ALMOST DEAD Mark: Yaaayyy~
Jack: NOO! Mark: Yaaaaaayyy! Mark:Yayyy! Mark: YAAAYYY
Bob: Alright! Wade: YEAH! YEAH! Wade: YEAH! Wade: Go little Wadey go! Mark: Yeah, this game’s ludicrously fun. Mark: And also to save time: check out Bob, Wade, and Jack’s channel Mark: We all played a separate round over on their channels, I’ll just say that now. Mark: So, thanks guys for guiding me to victory! Jack: Fuck you. Mark: Aww. Wade: You’re welcome. Mark: Thank you, Wade!! Wade: Don’t forget: they can play for free. Mark: Fuck you, you’re welcome. Mark: Yeah go to orcsmustdie.com Mark: You can find the game. [Laughter] Mark: I earned a thousand donkey fat! Mark: Yay! Bob: Alriiiiight! Wade: Yaaaay, it’s like what you already had for brains, or something. Mark: WHOA BOB!
Jack: Bob was the best rated player! Mark: Bob, you got a higher score than me!
Bob: wrek wrek wrek wrek wrek Bob: ‘Cause I did what I was supposed to do the whole time.
Jack: I was the best in placing glyphs Bob: And also I got eight kill assists. Bob: EIGHT kill assists!
Mark: [laughs] Mark: But I got 12 kills! Jack: Yeah, put the five kill assists from me, and the eight from Bob. [Laughs] Wade: I got four.
Mark: Jack- Mark: [giggles] Oh man. Mark: Wade, you died three times? You bad. Wade: I would’ve been so much better with Smolder- look at the Smolder person! 0, 1 and 0? [laughter] Jack: Don’t blame Smolders! Wade: Must not know how to play or he/she does not know how to play Smolder like I do. Mark: Well, they did get highest damage delt Mark: to minions. Wade: Yeah, cause they’re- that the best- Wade: because they- Wade: they-the-th- [laughter] Jack: [laughing] that’s cause they the thing with the…YEAH. Mark: Okay, alright. Mark: I will see you guys later, Mark: and I’ll see YOU in the next video! Mark: Buh-byee!!! [LOUD FART]
Jack: Bye! Wade: Bye! [From Markiplier Animated | SUPER MARKIO GALAXY] Oh, don’t roll! NO! oh God! AAAAH! (Blubbering noises) [from HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA | Prop Hunt #27]
Mark: lets sing it together
Jack: oh yeah Mark: Splish splash I was takin a bath
Jack: [late] splash i was takin a bath Mark: in a rubber ducky-
Jack: bumbumbumbum Splish spla- Mark: – shove it up my bum Mark: oh Wade: Whoa whoa whoa
[Jack n Bob lose it] The End

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