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LYNX | Men In Progress | Nicknames

LYNX | Men In Progress | Nicknames

My nickname is Anus… which is great When I was younger I was called the Michelin Man Hot Rod Obviously Dennis, Dennis the Menace My cousin used to call me Long Change because I’m a real saver Freddie Flintoff They started calling me TAF because it’s the word fat backwards Most of my nicknames are based around the fact that I have or had quite a big head it started off as, Meatball was one of the names Quadzilla One of my friends, we said he had a face like a vagina, so we call him C***features Other nice ones, like Fivehead obviously one up from forehead And Sixhead depending on how harsh people were feeling My nickname is Wiggle Shredded Wheat Pidge We did get Rubes and Pubes quite a bit My childhood was great for a few weeks Started calling it Widescreen If someone has, sort of, put in the effort to think of something for you it does feel like you are valued to them It tests your ability to cope you call someone Dickcheese for like 10 years, see if it breaks them if it doesn’t then well done, you’ve survived

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