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Lynx kittens get first exam at Pittsburgh zoo

Good morning my name is doctor engineers surgeon and I am the director of animal health for the Pittsburgh zoo and PPG aquarium and pretty lucky this week I think that a couple of days ago we got to introduce some baby Bieber. See you all and today we are gonna introduce you do our for a Canadian lynx. Can’t tell you. You might remember the Canadian links hidden that we had him last year. Pouring into Monty and father both Eric and now this is there’s a second later as parents together so I’m very excited. Yeah let me remember from my theory that these kittens even another seven weeks old and their seven weeks old again. We’re a little not face no they are you have some personality in some spunk even though they’re young. Little kitten and we find that is true prevent small exotic feel and Tom that they just different grass. Faster in need to be ready to go in to defend themselves and and start to the Allen on the world so. Today we’re gonna do. His are a great out of fort median links take you. And women did their first time in an exam this is the same type of exam that no our own experience a way to provide for your dog and cat. We do on the cricket team between six and eight Wii Fit age and that’s kind what I’m looking for is are there any can do better abnormalities. Congenital abnormalities just means that there might have been some birth the facts are that the animal ordinance quite form correctly any of you. And we just wanna make sure that all of the animals are healthy and if they’re not healthy. What can we do to make sure that beyond that they survive here and our collections. We’re very fortunate to have Canadian lynx. Sunday Ari need then Tuesday US in the northern basin in Alaska gas. And our animals here’s serve as ambassadors to their wild counterparts. So again even though they’re tiny little can’t do that only seven weeks that aids and these are completely wild animals. They don’t necessarily enjoy being held. For the exam don’t necessarily enjoy seeing that doctor Eric. I’m the dislike you Friday and we know that it’s important to get routine health care what socio with these kittens is that even though they’re seven we sold. I have some pretty substantial T. I’m so there probably are you starting to test out some Amman actual food that she get here. I look at the eyes makes it that those reformed crack late. I actually look for a certain type of vessel and the item becomes what’s called the ghost vessel and and these they’re a little bit old for that. But sometimes if he’s Sophia vascular pattern in the eyes that can indicate that they’re actually. I’ll congenital heart lung disease that some part of the heart informed correctly. Still look at that a look at their eyes are no. I’m younger again this is their first fed a vaccine is so they are susceptible to a lot of different disease it. And where are exotic zoo feeling is actually it’s a couple of those canine. And feline viral diseases that we vaccinated them against T 9 December. As well as thank feline leukemia and police C virus and all that. I’m let’s make sure that there and Billick can’t thumb is nice and close that they again animals farm prickly that I have all its fingers wallets to those. And then and most difficult job I think the fate during this exam and actually sexing up that. They’re young little little kitten so sometimes that he looked pretty closely. He could Tyreke thank you get Phillip your thoughts. Adorable. Irate and then now look Teddy get a look I’m very neat. June. I’m double check everything. New. And again now. You had. That’s another bullet and another boy. This is Brad non had denying it’s. I need a higher rate next little while. Rags like Connor red day guys I’ll rate doesn’t. And we get nice squeeze some not a high hello here. Hang up. He is so he managed to get to right and long live. Very enlightening and right on that that’s right. That normally I am not cool and then Johnny got pregnant and already after a game that he didn’t the world doesn’t. He had an excellent tech for pilot. Yeah yeah oh good job. Yeah. It hell I only Molly Wood department. Like better than. His home the week and made some courageous. Hi rain I’m on again here again. They know ray yeah. I’m gonna go female. Coming up female. Laggard but. I had here and you know how. That’s music tirade. Yeah. It’s cool. Obama yeah and I got into the you did okay didn’t have hit the one last thing to do. It OK I didn’t even look at you now okay yeah. Yeah it’s okay. It’s OK I lived kids. It’s not have a good I rain it. Brown’s feet. After signing a final angry at me if this is going on at the right. The hardest one yet you’re feeling that. Flag me. When he let him all the well I know it’s yeah. I think that’s when Lindsay award for medicine until you. Or he. It’s certainly looks like that yeah. Would think that is a girl Hannah guy and how I’m not a member name. Good tell yeah. Sue paddy do when he hit you and other groups not only did everybody. Tell us and we have. Left right left to right. Sarah didn’t know yes that it may not flag at us. Hell yeah hell does the York feel iron. Bjorn is a wild wild man here he reverse it. Our right yeah that they made it yet.

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