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Hi guys and girls, welcome back to the channel This time what I bring is a fan art of lynx In Spanish it is lINCE So well, I hope you like it, the idea was to make this day Heidi’s skin But I’ll pass it for Monday, since I want to get some new skin this season And when I saw the skin I really liked it, and well, I also remind you that this drawing can be downloaded by entering the description And in what remains of today or tomorrow I will be uploading the uncensored version or 18+ That can be downloaded through the discor, so I suffer from discord and in that way, apart from entering a pretty good community. You can download the drawings without censorship, so I’ll wait for you there. Also, if you like this video, leave your likes, subscribe to this channel to continue watching more videos like this one Share this channel or this video with one of your friends to keep growing. And well, I do not say more and I leave you with the process. Well, guys and girls, I hope you liked it, if that’s how I said it. Leave your likes to show that they liked it. Subscribe to this channel to continue watching these videos. And if you want to ask for a fan art, some drawing, some skin. The only way to do it is when I’m in stream Therefore, I recommend that you activate the notifications so that you can notify you when you make a stream. And that way you can go in and ask for the fan aer you want to see. And if you win you can see it on the channel. Well, guys and girls, I hope you liked this video and that you liked this drawing. And well, with nothing more to say, greetings to all and many thanks for your support.


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