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Location = Cat Confidence

Location = Cat Confidence

Team Cat Mojo– I am excited. Can you tell? I’ve been waiting
to put this down into the video ether
for quite a long time. Now I get the chance. Can’t wait, man We are going to be talking
today about the confident where. Are you ready to get catified? Let’s go. So what we’re really
talking about today is the confident where. Where in the world
are they confident? Is your cat a bush
dweller, a tree dweller, or a beach dweller? A bush dweller is a type
of cat who is always hiding under the coffee
table, or they’re behind a potted plant, a bush. And they are waiting to do what? In the raw cat mind, if we
think about cats in the wild, what are they waiting to do? They’re waiting to hunt, to
strike, to get your ankles, to do something. They’re down there
getting their mojo on. Now, tree dweller,
pretty obvious– if they’re not down
there on the floor behind the potted plant,
what are they doing? They’re up there, somewhere. Now, here’s the important
thing with tree dwellers. It can be anywhere
above the ground. Tree dwelling
doesn’t necessarily mean way up in the rafters. Rafters included, for sure. But it can be this chair. It can be this table. It can be on top of the couch. It can be way up in the rafters. But they are demonstrating
confidence up. The beach dweller still
lives out on the floor, likes to feel all four paws are
firmly touching terra firma. Got it. However, they do like being out. Yes, you know that
cat, the cat that you trip over, every day, when
you come into the living room. And you haven’t had
your coffee yet. And you go face planting
into the kitchen, because you’ve tripped
on your beach cat. What they’re doing is, they’re
sending a clear message to you and to the other
animals in the house. Basically, if you want to
get from point A to point B, you’re going to have to not
take the straightest path. You’re going to have
to go around me. Remember something, it’s
all about Cat Mojo 101. Which is what? Confident ownership
of territory– where does your cat
demonstrate confidence? Well, what’s the
anti-confident where? Where are the places
where your cat develops a lack of confidence, fear. Now, if you use the
word hide, then you’re not talking about a dweller. You’re talking about a hider. You’re talking about a caver. So if a cat is
caving, that’s saying that they like to
be small, invisible. If they could, they would
disappear into their cave. That’s what makes a cat a caver. So what turns a caved
cat into a bush dweller? Well, I’m glad you
asked, because this is what catification
is all about. Catification is getting
you to the point, where instead of hiding, where we
can’t find you– oh, you’re behind that shoe box
back there– to creating an environment where
it’s under our control, where we’re saying,
you know what. It’s OK if you want to be
in an enclosed environment. But we want it to be
where we want it to be. Let’s look at another example. You say, Jackson Galaxy, I have
a cat who’s a tree dweller. He never comes off the fridge. Huh? What? No, you’re cat is not
confident on top of the fridge. Your cat is fridging. They’re up there
trying to get away from other cats
who are tormenting them or kids or humans. They’re not coming down, because
they only feel safe there. They can disappear up there. Safety does not
equal confidence. It’s a component of. But that’s the pendulum
swinging way to the other side. We want your cat to
be the mojito cat. We want your cat up like that
and ready to take on the world. And if they’re on top of
the fridge, that ain’t it. So what are we trying to do? We’re trying to
transition the fridge cat to be a tree dweller. And how do we do that? We catify. We give the world ramps
and a cat superhighway, to make sure they can move
around there with confidence. And then over time,
we encourage them to come down and join
the rest of the world. So what our job is– if our cat
is displaying the unconfident where, if our cat is
displaying fear and the urge to disappear and be small,
we want to say to them, just as if they were our
children, go out there. Step into your greatness. And the way a cat steps
into their greatness is territorially. If they only own the joint,
they are a confident genius of a cat. And that’s what we want. We don’t want to
change our cats. We don’t want them to
be someone they’re not. If they’re introspective,
that’s who they are. If they’re life of the
party, that’s who they are. But we don’t want
the introverted cat to become a hermit. That’s not a good life. You know your cat. And if you don’t know
your cat, all you’ve gotta do is watch them. All you’ve gotta do is
put on your cat glasses and watch them. And you will find out the
most intense stuff, man. Hey, what makes
us Team Cat Mojo? It’s the we. It’s the us. And how do we become
a we and an us? And how do we make life
better for cats, our cats, all those cats, shelter
cats, cats on the street? We spread the word. We talk to one another. We become a community. So how do you do that? Subscribe– leave
me a comment here, so that I talk about the
things you want to hear about. And find me on Twitter and
on Facebook and on Instagram and Google+. And speaking of
Google Hangouts, be sure to join me on
Wednesday, February 5. I’ll answer your questions. And we’re going to talk
more about declawing. So stay tuned for
more information, but man, get that on your
calendar and do it now. You have been watching “Cat
Mojo” with Jackson Galaxy. Please stay tuned. There is so much more to come. And until we talk again, folks,
light, love, and mojo to you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Location = Cat Confidence

  • Can cats be a combo? Our 2 kitties (mother and daughter), are definitely beach dwellers but can become tree dwellers. The calico (daughter) becomes very territorial when faced with visitors, any visitors. Why does she lose her confidence where? There are no other animals but these 2 in our home and I am home with them all day. They also have an extensive catio where they spend warm days.

  • my cat Luna is all 3 depending on her mood. she likes being up some days and others she likes being under a chair and other days she's in the middle of the floor

  • We have 5 cats in the house, 2 are tree dwellers, clearlly, theyre favorite place is on top of the woderobe (Weve made it really comfy up there for them) one is a clear bush dweller, her livingspace is under a table, she loves it there, but she really isnt afraid to go in open spaces ether, she just dosnt prefer them.
    Then we got 2 cats left, one is selldom home, so I cant say for sure, but I would say when hes here, hes usually sleeping on a chear, so guess a tree dweller, and leastlly, my own cat, who I just dont know, he loves all the surfaces, but he aint afraid of hights, he jumped out the window on the second floor a few days ago (Hes happilly fine after that, and the window is now closed!) But I cant really place him in any category :/

  • my cat dwells everywhere 🙂 he sleeps atop his kitty tree and likes to sit atop furniture, but when i try to move around the apartment he's always lying on the floor in the middle of the room. and he watches the birds from hiding spots (from under the armchair, from behind the plants…) he really owns the whole area lol

  • OK Jackson I have just about all the personality's you can think of. I have a cave deweller. Her name is Violet . She was really beat up by a bunch of dogs, my husband picked her up took her to the vet, Violet had major surgeries.OK back at the ranche
    I got a baby one week old
    It was raining, thunder, lightning, I mean Bad
    weather. Chick down the street comes to my door something was by her car. So of course I go down and check it out, it is a baby little baby meow well the mom had her litter about 6 days ago. I went into over drive, and because he was so little, I go home get. him dried him off, my husband walks in and here it goes, I needed him to be serious so he can listen no of course not, and here we go. Oh look at the baby he is such a little baby on on and on so I brought him down from his cat high long enough to get the baby the 3 essentials. a few bottles , formulae and Q-tips. This little baby was born may 2014 May 2. His name is Stormy, And if that isn't weird Stormy sucks his paws. Which is cute beyond belief, especially when its a baby doing. Well along the line he got very spoiled, I'm sure it was my husband. Now what has happed is Stormy is under the misc communication that he is king of the roost. This is the problem if Violet dares to come out from under the bed, Stormy is really mean to her. When I interfere, I get beat up by him. Other then that we get along usually. The is one exception if he even looks like he is going to go near Butters I put the chain male goes on and I'm ready to go into battle. And I Risk Stormy staying away from me for days. Butters is an old kitty. And even though Butter's will stand up to Stormy but I won't let them. Stormy is a really strong and I just would really be a mess without Butters. Stormy grabbed my arm one time and I was amazed at how strong he was. One time mountain lion grabbed my daughter when she was five, and I put my arms under her arms standing in back of her, I pulled so hard Jackson,, I didn't make a dent and I was pulling for my little girl so I also had that parent strength. It did nothing so two men came over to help me, at the end, it took a total of four men and myself. We finally, when it was over,one of the wives of one of the guys that helped me said didn't you think that cat could've turned on you, and I was just standing there calming down and I told her, It never crossed my mind. And there was one other time I being held and where I couldn't get away was with Stormy

  • My kitten,Mellon,is definitely a beach dweller with a pinch of tree dwelling. Once he gets neutered, I'll let him go outside,I know he is dying to get out of the house.

  • Hey Jackson! So my cat is scared of men, every time one comes over to my house he hisses and hides. He is fine with my female friends…what can I do to make him confident when my guy friends are over?

  • mine is mostly beach goer but a little tree person as well..he rules the house and the entire building at the same time mild and social..

  • My sister has a caver. She's such a pretty cat and I wish she would come out from under the bed more but my sister also has 3 large dogs so her kitty doesn't want to come out. 🙁

  • I have two tabby cats, who are brothers (littermates). One is a beach cat, and he is the same color as our hardwood floor AND the carpet, so I'm always tripping over him. He's a darling, though. I think my other cat is a tree-dweller. I love both of them <3

  • Hey! I was wondering if anyone has advice for someone with a cat family that gets along (5 cats) but the oldest cat attacks the youngest one almost everyday now, theyve been together for 2 years and were never like this before. They are all adults now, but when I got 4 of them, they were kittens and the other older cat really loves them and plays with them all the time and they like to sleep together :"( my family wants to give the oldest one up, but I want to try to make this work until I move out in roughly a year. any advice?

  • Orbs was more of a roof dweller. I don't know how she kept getting on the roof. I don't think I ever saw her afraid. One night, she brought home a rattler & was playing Rijki-Tikki-Tavi with it. I grabbed her & my dad killed the snake & buried it. Because, there was no way, she was going to let that fun game end.

  • Carlota is a mixture of the three, although she is mostly a "Tree dweller". She is a happy Mojito cat, thanks to your advice!

  • My cat is a mojito and a beach dweller. He does NOT like to be overlooked by anyone. That will make him really mad. He is the king in the house. Hugs from Norway.

  • One of my cats displays confident behavior and was a tree dweller since she was a kitten. Sometimes she goes alone into the couch and other enclosed spaces though. She doesn't seem stressed when she comes out. Is she actually anxious or just having some alone time?

  • Hi Jackson. We travel with our cat and he is a confident cat. The only issue he seams to have is with crowds of people gathering around him when stop to get gas or stretch our legs. I take him out on the leash to stretch his legs and people are just attacked to him. It's like they have never seen a cat on a leash. We catafyi the van by giving him safe places to jump up on to see out, we take sent soakers with us and his favourite toy. His bed and his creat . We take the door off of it so it does not swing closed on him. He is a well rounded travel companion. 2000km traveled today.

  • My tomcat is a beach dweller. His girlfriend was a tree dweller. Now she is more like him. She likes to lay on the floor and watch us. Very funny. They are both Mojito cats.

  • Luckily we have a tree and a beach, they are both comfortable in their environment as such. just brought home a third, a kitten who loves both tree and beach, a great dynamic so far. They all are so funny the three cats and dog however become beach dwellers when people come into the home all waiting by the door waiting for human interaction.

  • We have a tree/ beach dweller and a tree/ bush dweller. The latter only hides when people come over, but not with all of them.
    QThe tree is usually the Couch our our laps. 😂 or a cat tree. 😉

  • I have a mojito cat and a bushbaby. Mojito (Peepers) is beachy and ups, he likes the ups, especially hammocks. Both rescue boys. Thank you Jackson, for all that you do. Much appreciated and needed.

  • I just want to say I'm so lucky to have 4 cats that all want to sit with me on the same chair at the same time. When they're not with me, all four are cuddling with each other on my bed. They never act jealous when one of them is getting attention. Am I blessed? Are they amazing cats? Or am I a cat whisperer? I don't know. All I know is that I feel lucky to have the best 4 cats on the planet.

  • I have two cats who have both taken ownership of the dogs beds, I have a labrador shepherd mix age 13 and a terrier cockapoo mix age 2 1/2 the cats are both 16years old. and definitely the bosses.x

  • My little 7 lb Abyssinian 2 yr old cat has never stopped hiding! Her 13 lb brother cat is a hitler bully cat that wont let her own anything he chases her off everything even her own cat pole we built just for her!
    Now she has developed stomach problems & lost weight (cuz now he owns all the food (I have to hand feed her or she won't eat!) and does nothing but hide from bully cat! My Vet said I had to rehome one of them! The bully cat is my husbands cat & female is mine. I have her seperated from bully cat, but she isn't gaining weoght very fast & has lost so much muscle from her thighs from him injuring her that she can't jump anymore! She climbs up her cat pole with claws. He is now dpwn stairs cat, he's a perfect pet no other behavior problems, so husband won't rehpme him. My female is my cat affectionatly loves me & is perfect pet in everyway, and still adores bully brother!
    He even has a cat run fenced to run outside!! Cat from hell towards her only! He loves people and is the life of the party, just won't share anything with Sister! They are 3 yrs old & its just gotten worse!

  • Hi Jackson. I am a caregiver for some feral cats. One of them had kittens and at 7.5 weeks I was able to find them all good homes. My son and I have been socializibg them since they were about 2.5 weeks old. I'm keeping one of them. How do I raise a well adjusted kitty. I've never owned a cat before.

  • Your videos have made me happier with my cat and my cat happier. Your knowledge with cats is very valuable and admirable. Thanks man

  • Can you talk about cats who will cause you pain if you're NOT up by a certain time on the weekends? My 7 year old, 12 lb Lexi will walk on my breasts with those staircase spindles for legs. First step and I'm up. It's like dull axes ripping into them and you guessed it, I'M UP! I do NOT close the bedroom door. Ever. I learned that lesson when I was 12. Pick. Pick. Pick under the door. All night. Every night. I known I can never win against her. I am her servant. I JUST want to get her to STOP walking across my chest. Can you talk about how to deal with this kind of personality?

  • my cat likes to be high up in the house but when i bring her outside she could care less about being high up she runs out and gets into all the plants getting into them and laying by them. in the house though she loves to be high up and watching everything from above or looking out the windows.

  • My boy is mostly a beach dweller, but he does love to be up high too! If I am home, he loves laying in the middle of the floor.

  • My 2 feral cats who adopted me last month like to hide and hunt and climb the tree in my backyard, i provide them with food, shelter in my backyard, toys, fresh water 2x a day, and much love from me and my hubby

  • My cat is really trusting me, she will be a beach-dweller with me. Showing me the belly (cathug) but for some reason she goes in a sort of ‘alert-modus’ with by boyfriend. She will watch him pass, keeping her distance and sometimes even leave the room because he is moving around too much (i think thats the reason). We Joke about how my boyfriend can breathe too loud and she will go away because of it. But it’s really sad, cause I see what a confident cat she can be. And my boyfriend does like her and tries to play with her, feed her and sit really still next to her to let her get used to his scent. But it’s been like this for about 4 years now… Do you guys have any more advice? TeamCatMojo to the rescue?!💪🏼

  • my cat seems to be all three. When we spread the blanket on the floor to eat, she spreads right out in it before i can put the food down.

  • My sisters cat is confident everywhere, if you don't want him somewhere. He don't care. If you wanted to eat that donut he just stole. He don't care.

  • My cat is mostly a tree dweller, but also a lap dweller if she's in the mood (whether you are or not- she'll keep trying).

    This is fine with me. Like, I just gotta make sure I don't plan to move off the couch for the next hour or more if she's being that pushy for cuddles. And I will take all her fuzzy cuddles that I can get really.

  • My cat is a tree dweller- beach cat mix when happy and when he’s scared which is mainly he gets the dog going he’s a mix between hider and going up high 4 safety

  • Hi I have a male cat that is getting beat up and hurt all most every time he goes outside and he’s not fixed? He’s about 1 year and a few months old other than that he’s a great cat . Can only one help me safe him from getting hurt??

  • Thanks Jackson. I've just bought your Catification book and I couldn't grasp the difference between a caver and a bush dweller. This video did the trick!

  • Thank you so much, Jackson, for your books, vidéos, ''My Cat from Hell'', and everything in between. I live in Woonsocket, Rhode Island with my 2 male cats. Neko is my 10-yr old Siamese, and Pitou is my 7-yr old Tabby. I rescue my cats from 'The Cat Sanctuary'', a no-kill shelter here in town.
    I can't get enough of Jackson Galaxy! wNeko, Pitou, and I love you! 🐱🐈😊

  • You've taught me a lot about cats. I've had them in my life for decades, but there is always more to learn and to see. Thank you!

  • What if one cat is moving from cave to bush cat confidence, but is crowding out the other cat by owning every piece of furniture now and not letting the other cat have territory near me?

  • Excellent video! We have 11 rescued feral and/or abandoned cats, which means we have ALL of the cat-egories you mention. And…your Safe Space for Cats has gotten us through many new cat introductions and cat issues! Thanks much!

  • Haha I have three cats, and the oldest one (7 years old) named Miss Kitty is a bushdweller, and a super happy, playful one at that. The second youngest one (1.5 years old& female) named Tikki is a confident, energetic tree dweller. And the youngest cat (5 months old & Male) named Bisque is a VERY confident and happy Beach dweller! Honestly, he is the exact meaning of monitor cat. He purrs when he sees people, welcomes them into HIS home, and cheerfully purrs and nuzzles the other cats when they walk into the room! I love cats…

  • My friend has a cat that's always under the bed but when she pulls her out she purrs and loves it but when it's gets loud Bc she has dogs. she's terrified and is jumpy but when it's nice and quiet she is completely fine. she has siblings and all that crap downstairs so she never willingly comes out of her parents bedroom or her bedroom. She is so sweet but hates Loudness the thing is everything she needs is in that bedroom so she is confident in there but no where else. Any advice?

  • My cat is all 3 lol She loves to be everywhere, up high, down low, on the floor. She's wherever I am too, if I'm taking a bath she's on the edge of the tub, if I'm cooking she's on the counter watching, if I'm on the couch she's on the coffee table demanding I look at her rather than the TV. I love my tortie beast lol

  • The best cat story I know…….

    I rescued my Dotty 2.5yrs ago and she was, they figured 3.5yrs old. The first 3 days she never left my lap, barely ate, she didn't use the litter box. Now? She is a LOVE BUG. We (I swear) mouse hunt together. I had a small mouse problem. She hunts when I give her the command, "get the bug Dotty" she will search where I point. Like search dog. She will even wake me up in the middle of the night if she got one to help her kill it or she lost it. She even HISSES when someone knocks at my door and gently slaps me to not open the door. She also used to meow loud when I showered or try again with her gentle paw to stop me from getting into the shower. She is super cuddly, affectionate and smart. I LOVE HER TO PIECES

  • My cat just goes everywhere, he's confident everywhere.. Except for when his dog brother walks by 😂

  • Ah, the beach dweller… I have one of those. I almost trip over/step on him multiple times a day…. But then he also likes to shoot right across my feet as I walk. I've almost kicked him off the stairs because of that, several times, until I learned to take a wider berth around the turn. Because he sure as hell wasn't going to stop.
    Also got a tree dweller who is always on top of some thing or another. And one who's both of those. Sometimes chilling on the floor, other times on a couch.

    Gotta love those different personalities. <3

  • Cats also watch each other. I have the experience that if you have a confident cat and a scared cat you can use the confident cat to show the scared cat that everything isn't so scary. I had a very confident cat called Max and got a very very scared cat called Sazoe wich was already 12 years old when I got her. Max had the same age. I used Max to show her how to play, that I'm not scary and the house is not scary. It took a lot of time and effort but it worked great. She died a very relaxed and confident cat at the age of 20. Max died when he was 18,5 years old. I just took in two new cats three weeks ago and the situation is kinda simular. Bobby, who is 4, is extremely confident but Tymon, who is around 1,5/2 years old, is a very skittisch, scared cat. Now I use Bobby to give Tymon confidence. They were already living together and like playing together wich makes it easier.

  • I needed to watch this video. I brought home a 7 year old indoor cat from a cat shelter and I've been struggling to bring down her anxiety. She doesn't play with anything or even attempt to smell mark or face rub new items. She didn't even explore the room. But she is happy to sleep on the couch. So we'll start from there.

    Thank you.

  • Both our cats are mostly tree dwellers. They mostly like to stay at the top of the cat tree looking out the large window into our big backyard. Otherwise while one of them is on top of the cat tree surveying their kingdom the other is snuggled up to my aunt. And if you go into the living room and sit down with a blanket on your lap our black cat Shadow will walk on over to you, knead the blanket, and give your feline paralysis and falls asleep for hours and you feel to guilty to move xD

  • My cat is very scared of just about anything and everyone except me and my mother but he loves to cuddle and he is very cozy. I play with him every day and he loves it, but if he hears any sound such as cars or someone goes out in the stairwell he gets scared and it is difficult to make him continue playing for about 30sec to a minute. he is not much food motivated and i have not found his jackpot candy / food. But he has tried lots of different but he likes nothing more than anything else so he has a good dry food and then he gets the wet food that he likes and that is not the best feed but he likes it. he loves to be up on things like shelves, cat trees he likes but he also likes to lie on the floor and during the day he likes to sleep under my bed, but is much in my bed as well. He also has access to the balcony where he has things to sit a little higher up so he can look at the birds, cars and people moving outside. But I want to bring him out on a leash but then he gets so scared that he is peeing himself, but it's only when I lift him up and go out into the stairwell. He never does it otherwise only if I leave the apartment in the stairwell. So do you have any tips on what I can do to make his life better or do you think I should ignore taking him out on a leash? If you have any tips / advice then I will be very happy if you can answer from the cat mother in Sweden Connie Cooke Fagerheim

  • I love all your videos. My cat is very confident because of your advice. I just bought the cat mojo book and seeing my cat happy and confident makes me feel happy and confident , and proud mamacat. Thank you for your passion for cats.

  • How to differ between a cat hiding on the fridge out of fear and being a tree dweller sitting confidently on the fridge?

  • I wish I could talk my parents into letting me put more up spaces for my cat. She's very much a tree dweller. She loves nothing better than to be up in her cat trees, up on bookshelves, up in windows, just up. She hates closed in spaces and being trapped. She feels most secure when she can look down on her territory. I want to put some shelves on the windows and walls, but that was vetoed. She has figured out some nice paths, though. Like, she climbs from her cat tree to my chair to my dad's chair to the fireplace mantle to the shelf where my dad keeps his records. That's the highest place in the living room and has a nice open space where she can be.

  • I am a big fan of Jackson's work and generally support all of his ideas, but I do not get why he insists on cats living indoors. Our cats go in and out as they please and they are the happiest cats on earth. They enjoy the life a real cat should have and then, when they want to sleep, eat or cuddle, they come to a safe place. Plus, they have never scratched or bitten anyone, because they have absolutely no reason. I think that is far healthier for cats. Even if it means they live shorter, at least they lived 🙂

  • My cat does both bush and tree dwelling. I've noticed that for relaxing, he likes to be hanging out behind the houseplants, in a box, or under a table.
    He's very curious though and enjoys jumping up on the windowsills to get a better look at what I'm doing/ spy on the neighbours. He seems to prefer play that involves climbing, jumping, and pouncing from above.

  • Hi Jackson. Thanks for all your excellent videos, they’ve really helped us understand our cat. We love the little cat trio in the bell jar that sits behind you, can you tell us where you got it please? Thanks.

  • Mine does all three sometimes in the same ten minutes. He only caves when he goes to sleep and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

  • Hey Jackson! I'd like to ask if a Ragdoll and a British Shorthair cat, will use top roof shelves, ceiling catwalks etc.
    They told me that these breeds prefer to be on the ground close to their human.
    But, you know better, so, whats best for those breeds? Beside a tall cat tree, should I put high cat shelves on top of walls for them or not?

  • My older kitten is definitely a tree dweller!! XD She loves perching and staring down on silly hoomans. She will take over the couch, her window shelf, my room’s fridge and just throw slow blinks while I walk by. <3 My baby kitten is still too small to know if he likes high places. He can’t even jump on a chair, maybe in a month or so I’ll know where likes to be. :3

  • So how do you turn a beach dweller cat into a confident cat? We have a new cat who right now is clingy and cuddly and spraying everywhere…. We've been playing with him and following your steps for introducing to a new cat. He doesn't seem particularly interested in the ramps or Tunnels we have around.

  • Thanks Jackson! a big huge from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am part of a cat lovers comunity growing up in the culture of teaching the people that the cats are not only for cleaning the houses from mouses and rats. Here, there is a lot ot mits about cats. Really, the most of the people think that the cats are devill and bad. This idea is changing step by step. By the way, I ow 6 beautiful ones (adopted) inside home and I feed and take care of 4 outside from the neighborhood. I love them and I am learning so much with you.

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