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Lion And Tiger Cubs Feat. Jackson Galaxy

Lion And Tiger Cubs Feat. Jackson Galaxy

Hi, friends, this is Jackson Galaxy. They call me the ‘Cat Daddy,’ which means “I love cats,” but, all of them, not just the small cats, I love big cats. You know, really big cats! Lions and tigers. All of the big cat species. And that’s why I’m here today because I want to talk to you about a crisis going on with big cats in the U.S. right now. That’s right, there are approximately 5,000 lions, tigers, and other big cats, being held captive in deplorable conditions in this country. Whether in tiny cages and roadside zoos, or in backyards, or cubs that are speed bred, taken away from their mom for cruel photo ops with the public. This all has to stop because it’s a lifetime of misery for just a moment of a photograph. My friends at Big Cat Rescue are working on federal legislation, the Big Cat Public Safety Act, and this will make it basically illegal for the public to touch a big cat, or a big cat cub. This way we take business out of the hands of unscrupulous operators, and also send the right message about interacting with wildlife. So if you go to CatLaws.com my friends at Big Cat Rescue, one of the largest big cat sanctuaries in the U.S. will take you, step-by-step through how you can help get this law passed. Now the second thing that you can do is just not participate. I know it seems like a lot of fun and a really exciting opportunity to take a picture with a big cat cub, but if you knew what that meant for the rest of their lives, I know that you wouldn’t do it as well. Well, now you know and hopefully you’ll help make this practice stop. So, go to CatLaws.com for more information. Help support Big Cat Rescue in their effort to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act and thank you for helping the big cats. Light, love, and mojo to you. -EDITED-ACP-DQ

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  • I agree with the treatment not being right but passing a law to never be able to touch one? What about people like Kevin Richardson in south Africa. Or the many people that want to grow up to be like him? You want to take away the chance of being around and interacting with big cats forever? I think we just need to stop using them as tourist attractions and money grabs but if people want to touch them in the right situations and environments with the right knowledge and training..let them.

  • Big cat rescue is ranked NUMBER ONE at charitynavigator.org and are completely transparent about all their donations. They are FANTASTIC and are a wonderful place to make donations to, knowing the totality of the funds will go to helping big cats.

  • :0 I love your shows! And even more for this video on big cat awareness! People think about money and not about how they feel.

  • Ugh i know… But i held a tiger pup in my arms when i was younger…
    Its still the best thing to ever happen to me… And i was a virgin back then… Lmao.

  • This is what I keep trying to tell people. Unfortunately, most people I talk to flat out deny that big cats are in any danger at all. We, as humans need to take responsibility for our actions and stop acting innocent.

  • Thank you Jackson Galaxy for doing this! I loved you already for being the amazing person you are, but my admiration and respect has shot thru the roof now!

  • I can only sign if I am an American citizen which I am not. There are people like me around the world who would love to help stop the cub petting industry in the States and around the world of course. Please create a list for non residents well. Sure you would get thousands of signatures that would add even more weight to your plight.

  • Not the biggest Jackson Galaxy fan, but agree wholeheartedly with this video. Big cats & other endangered species deserve respect & protection. Keeping them as “pets” or exploiting them for profit DOES NOT contribute towards conservation efforts in the wild

  • Thank you Jackson, and thank you Big Cat Rescue for embarking on this noble endeavor! I love cougars and cats of all kinds and it's tragic that people still use them as toys and furniture when they're such intelligent and majestic beings

  • Big Cat Rescue also has a YouTube channel, so subscribe to them to see the big cats in a safe and nurturing environment. They need to buy A LOT of meat to feed the cats, so please consider making regular donations if you can so that they can continue to feed these rescues a nutritious diet

  • If you want to pet a cat go to your local animal shelter and volunteer. They’ll have lots of cats you can pet and help care for.

  • I'm so glad you are helping get the word out about the Big Cat Safety Act. I used to want my picture taken with big cats and their cubs, but thanks to the educational videos that BCR puts out, I have realized how cruel it really is. It breaks my heart to see cubs without their mother, and in unnatural habitats. Good work Jackson! 😻

  • Amazing video! Cub petting is awful and should be stopped all around the world, zoo's also needs to be closed and never opened again. We have a zoo at 4hrs of drive and they have lions, tigers, girafe, panthers, monkeys and so much more. Can you imagine what they live in? I am in north Canada, we have cold, snowy weather almost 8months per year. They do not deserves to be kept in ciment cages 8 months per year thats just inhumane. And they have the guts to ask us for help to feed the animals… Sick pieces of shit, close your stupid zoo and send those poor animals where they belong. Small tiny cage with almost no grass only dirt in summer. Poor nutrition, we do not have the animals or vegetations that they eat like anteloppes… The only meat they give is chiken and beef, they dont eat that in the wild maybe beef but rarely. They have to feed them vitamines and minerals because our food is not rich enough. How sick can you be to love so much animals and yet take them from their home, their family, keep them in cages and then feed them with substitute food. The goverment needs to put a stop to all of this, not only ours but every country in the world.

  • I just turned into a teenager so I can't really help much but I will do what I can and if the law is still not passed when I turn into an adult I will help

  • I will sign and make the calls, but what will happen to all of these animals when the law is passed? Who will care for them for the rest of their lives?'BCR cannot care for all of them. What will happen? HR1380 passes both houses and it is signed into U.S. Law? Albert

  • I admit years ago I took a photo with a lion cub..but at the time I had no idea what they go through..would I do it now?absolutely not..I will do what I can to get this law passed,because these beautiful big cats deserve to live somewhere that they are respected,loved,and cared for(like Big Cat Rescue)..I ❤ felines,large and small and will help however I can to ensure all felines are cared for and respected ☺

  • Instead of taking a picture with a big kitty……. why not just take a picture with your kitty at home instead owo

  • Thank you so much! I heard there are more big cats as pets than there are big cats in the wild! It has to stop!

  • I wish they would federally outlaw private ownership of these big cats and really crack down on them. This needs to stop. 😢💔

  • When you promote TNR and Pitbulls you don't actually love cats. Cats aren't from hell, and they aren't bullies. You sir are a fraud.

  • This situation is so sad. No living being deserves it, but since I love cats it breaks my heart ☹️

  • I've never ever seen this in New England and would be appalled and vocal if I did. I've only been to a Zoo once in my life. About 7 years ago I went to Oklahoma. And I found it simply depressing. Animals should be in the wild. And zoos should only have Animals that can't survive in the wild. Thank you Big Cat Rescue and Jackson Galaxy for being a voice for the voiceless.

  • Sharing this message daily on socials. Only soulless, heartless, brainless waste-of-space "celebs" like the kashtrashians and their ilk do things like this, and they influence the gullible, the stupid, the uncaring, and the ignorant into copying them because they think these people are "cool." They are NOT cool. They deserve to be shamed and ostracized. Get on board and help make this a better place for the innocent, the blameles, and the voiceless. YES on HR1380.

  • If it's wrong to own a big cat it should be wrong to own the same cat sitting beside this man. Both are animals and both belong in the wild.

  • Thanks for the info!! This is very helpful 😊

    This is probably my most earliest comment on this channel

  • Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help the big cats. And for all you do for the small cats as well.

  • I don't like seeing big cats caged and exploited like this but I also don't want laws aimed at the public. Big Cat Rescue, if you guys want federal legislation, then direct it towards the businesses. Example:

    1) Businesses that own big cats should be required to house them in a pen of a certain square footage (I don't know, 10,000 sq/ft per big cat, and the pen must contain trees, shrubs, pool of water, and other things to stimulate the cats' senses, etc).

    2) Businesses that own big cats are not allowed to separate cubs from their mothers until the cubs reach a certain age. If cubs are going to be used for souvenir photos with the public, then a cub can only be used for a certain number of photos (or hours) per week and can only be used 2 or 3 days per week, and must be returned to its mother (in her big nice pen) promptly.

    I would support this kind of legislation but I don't support the kind of legislation you're proposing. Creating a federal law that makes it illegal for a person to touch a big cat is ridiculous. In the rocky mountains, there are wild mountain lions, bobcats, and lynx and legislation like this would criminalize the actions of a good samaritan intervening if they came across a big cat in the wild that was injured or in some kind of distress (i.e. rescuing cubs if the mother was hit by a car).

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  • Thank you for doing what you do for ALL cats big and small, I too love all cats and you have my support.

  • God this is all fucking terrible, I dearly hope that this law gets passed. I'll do what I can to help.

  • I was suckered into a photo op with tiger cubs several years ago. It occurred to me once the session was over that "something" wasn't right about all those cubs, so I went online and learned how terrible the exhibits are and how horribly the babies are treated. Made me SICK!!

    Two carnies were running it; the guy looked like a meth freak and the girl was ozoned out. I learned they worked for a big cat breeder hundreds of miles away who exploited the poor animals, then when they got too big sold them to a slaughterhouse who sold their body parts to the Asian "folk medicine" industry for big bucks!
    Dead tigers do NOT work like Viagra to get elderly male penises up, but those old bastards won't quit hoping.

  • Yes please make the”call of the wild” it’s easy takes like a minute and it’s for a fabulous cause! I have followed @BigCatRescue for a long time now! The cats are treated so good! Most of them after very hard start at life they live into their 20’s ! Most Big Cats don’t make it to 12 in the wild.ya’ll should check out their Facebook page ! BigCatRescue.org they also have cat cams on explore.org ! ✌️❤️🙏💯💚❤️😎☀️🏖

  • ❤️ Thank you so much for bringing this animal abuse to light. More people need to know that petting exotic animals is not a good thing.

  • Ugh those cubs are so obviously drugged… Labored breathing and everything. How can those idiots think it's cute?

  • There are people doing this with HUMAN CHILDREN where I live (a ring) and no one is stopping them; you see them in the public all the time with drugged children that they use to beg — and they are not poor or starving, it’s a scam!!

  • All of these places need to be shut down WORLD WIDE and these animals need to be set back out into the wild were they belong. If anyone is found out to be doing ANYTHING profitable or anything that's stopping the cats being anything less than happy and healthy. Then they need to do canned hunting but in reverse. Let them be eaten alive by these money making things who they couldn't give a shit about.

    The whole world needs to be extremely tough about situations like these because someone of the human race are vile scum that need to be very slowly and painfully tortured to death.

  • Big cats are horrible pets. They are massive, powerful, destructive, and can be difficult/dangerous to handle.

    I've worked with several big cats (mostly tigers and cougars) in some of the zoos that I have worked and volunteered at. They are beautiful, intelligent animals… but I wouldn't want one in my house. The ones that I have worked with were almost all rescues from either circuses or private collectors. (I'll mention 1 that wasn't and was the reason I stopped working at one zoo in a bit) They all had surprisingly good attitudes given what they had been put through, and most seemed to genuinely want to interact with people. That said, interacting with an adult tiger can be dangerous even if the tiger is friendly and has no intention of causing harm. Take it from experience, getting lazy or sloppy with these animals hurts. Think of it like having a 400 lb dog jumping up on your lap… squish.

    The one that wasn't a rescue was purchased at one of the zoos I was working at as a cub, it was about 3 months old when it arrived. It was a great little tiger, but the zoo manager decided to treat it like a pet dog instead of a tiger… he also had the old circus mentality, the "you need to use the whip and make it respect you, none of this treats and rewards" garbage… I ended up working with her a few times, mostly on leash or at play times or during feedings. I was one of the most experienced people at that zoo, so even though I was a volunteer I sort of worked with everything. I also ignored the manager's whip thing and used positive reinforcement style training for leash work and conditioning for medical procedures, etc. I left that zoo over their poor handling and treatment of that tiger… ended up taking that idiot manager with me after an issue at the zoo got the owner to actually listen to the reports I gave about his treatment of the animals, so that's good I guess.

  • The government needs to do more and pass a law that is nation wide (includes all states.) this is a serious problem* its sad in 2019 that the laws in USA are not more strict (the “best” nation in the world all that we have achieved smh

  • If I want a picture with a big cat that big cat will be a zoo resident safely separated by a the glass or I will take a picture of the big cat then a picture of myself and photoshop myself into the phone with the big cat. I ain’t risking it

  • As much as I'd love to pet cubs and so on, I never would. If I ever end up in Florida again, I think I'll pay Big Cat Rescue a visit. Been watching their vids for a while…they really care. All the best from Canada.

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