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Liebesleben in der Schule | Marshell

Puberty is an interesting thing to see First you are a little, bald and slobbery thing but in the next moment BOOM and suddenly the looks of your teacher seem to change too All of you were very… very
naughty I was naughty!! Very naughty!!! My parents recognized this maturation This led to very disturbing conversations “And this a penis” “Why is it so much bigger than mine?” Relationships and sex became an important part of every conversation Okay that was an understatement It was literally everything we have talked about Our school was a hotbed of rumors You were seen talking to each other? Trust me, you have fu***** several times You just did not know about it It did not matter how much I talked about sex When I was confronted with a girl I liked There was only one thing I could think about “Hey Marshell, what ya listening to? Let me hear it” “She wants my D” We were focused on this topic so much it created a completely false concept of sex and relationships How is your “first time” gonna look like? Hmmm…. Yea, that should be it Especially the guys followed some kind of double morality On the hand there was the player with his 20 side chicks and on the other hand… Look at her I bet she is naked under those clothes What a bi Last but not least let us talk about “special” classmates Do you know about this sort of classmates who gave sex tips and relationship advice to every person within a reach of 10m? “Did I hear you guys need sex advice?” “Yaaaaaaay”
“What is sex?” “Hey bro, come on – it’s about time” “It’s time to chill and get some private times” “Kindness is not very bright, you’re just getting tied to this friendzone tight” “You gotta tease her every sentence right” “to give her an impression of stars so bright” “Then she’s willing to bow down deep” “and at night together you guys will fall asleep” “Afterwards you guys head straight for home” “She’s charmed and pulls them out” “Now you gotta be really kind” “to get some of that special time” “if you did everything right” “Sinep should bang Uranus tight” “and you get really horrified by this task” “because cthulhu was beneath that mask” “(refrain) He is a player – player – player”

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