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Learn To Speak Cat – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #11

Learn To Speak Cat – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #11

Hello, I’m Simon – welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do,
and today we’re finding out about ‘Cat Sounds’ Well, of course all cats have their
own personalities and I know with my cats it’s the sounds they make, which
really helps define them from each other. Well, I think the most vocal one of all of my cats has to be big fluffy Teddy, he’s such a loving cat that when he comes into the room he lets you know the great big chirp, his
tail’s in the air, he’s happy and he loves to purr and puggle and he will meow all
all the time for food! In contrast to Teddy, I have Maisie, big Maisie, and she was a rescue cat, so when she was a tiny kitten,
she spent the first eight months on the streets, so she didn’t really learn to meow, because she was living with other cats and as a consequence, she doesn’t really
meow, so she’s very quiet and she’ll go make a little tiny noise, instead of a meow
but she’s a very affectionate can she purrs for England, so she makes up
for not having a voice by purring as loud as she can. [Meoooooooow] Meowing is not actually a natural behaviour for cats, out in the wild they wouldn’t be communicating with one another through
vocal communication, and it’s the same for feral colonies, when cats are
communicating with each other they actually prefer to use scent
communication primarily, but they’ll also rely on facial expression and body
language as well. But, with our pet cats they tend to be quite chatty. What’s
really interesting is that this is a communication form that builds up over
time with owners and their cats. The cat will develop specific meows depending on how their owner responds. So if a cat does meow for example, to say open the
door and the owner does this, then that cat will learn that that’s going to get
the response it wants, and it’s more likely to do that particular type of meow next time.
This is very much a learnt behaviour with people, so if you’re a chatty owner
you may well find you have a chatty cat. When a cat growls at you it’s usually
because they feel threatened in some way. Essentially what the cat is saying is
stay back, because I will strike or attack if you come any closer.
Growling is quite a distinct sound and other animals that are much larger use
low-pitched sounds, when they’re being threatening. So cats may be using the
growl, to be more intimidating to other cats in order to get them to back off.
Cats are often heard growling around food, either to tell humans or
other cats to stay away, this is a perfectly natural behaviour because out
in the wild, they’re solitary animals and they wouldn’t be sharing their food
with others. A cat may hiss for a variety of
reasons, whether it’s because they’re poorly socialised or they’ve learned
a negative association with something that we are unaware of. Cats that are hissing
or spitting are very likely to scratch or bite and that’s why it’s very wise to
leave them alone when they’re showing these behaviours. If it’s uncharacteristic
for your cat to hiss, then certainly the first thing we recommend, is getting the
health checked by the vet, because it may be they have an underlying medical
problems such as being in pain for example and it’s crucial to get this
ruled out first. Purring is one of those sounds that
we’re all familiar, with generally speaking it’s when cats are being nice
and content, this is a behaviour that kittens can show just after they’ve been
born, it’s a form of communication with their mother that all as well. The mother
will also purr back say that all is well her end too. Cats will generally purr when
they’re stretched out in the sun or lying on your lap. But there are other
types of purr, there is another type of purr called the solicitation purr, this
sounds more urgent to the owner and they often asking for food or attention.
Scientists have discovered that it has an embedded frequency that sounds
like a human cry, although purring is usually a sign that a cat is content,
they can also purr when they’re in pain. Now, if you’re concerned look at the
context of the cat, are they asleep and feeling nice and relaxed? Or could
there be other medical signs that there’s an underlying medical problem? When I had finished my very first Simon’s cat film,
I started to think about the cat noises he would make, I had a silent film, the
cat was acting but he had no voice. First of all I thought about putting real-life
cat noises on top of the cartoon. But I soon found out this didn’t really
work, they weren’t really gelling together. So then I thought, well…l I’ve kept
cats all my life I know the noises they would make him and how his mind is
working and what noises he would make in that situation. So then I thought I’d
give it a go. Meow Meow And, it works… So ever since then, I’ve recorded all the cat noises myself!

53 thoughts on “Learn To Speak Cat – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #11

  • You give your cat a name….. And THEY give you a name!!! Listen closely when your cat is trying to call or get your attention!! My ginger cat Archie calls me "UmmmmCowwww!" 🐱

  • I'm glad you chose to do the cat "voices" yourself. Gives the characters so much depth and detail that you just don't get with real cat sounds.

    My last kitty died almost a year ago. During her precious 17.7 years (human years) of life, she was very very chatty. More so then any other cat I've known.

    Now I wonder if her chattier personality was down to her watching us when she was a very young kitten and learned "Humans communicate with each other by talking? Hmmm… wonder if it'll work for me?" and because we responded to her little mews, that she just continued well into her old age.

    We also tended to respond rather quick to loud howling screaming from her later in her life when she fell off the washing machine. 😳 I guess that might have been due to her screams as a kitten when she fell off the stove and got her back leg caught in the oven handle. 😔

  • Дурь какая-то.Я сто раз на дню наблюдаю,как кошки друг с другом мяукают.Используют самые разные звуки и жесты для общения.Да и в отличие от других кошачьих (кроме львов),домашняя не обособленное животное – они сбиваются в стаи,и дворовые,и одичавшие.У последних довольно интересная социальная структура:матриархальная,не терпящая жестокости внутри группы.Исследования опубликованы много лет назад,так что получается в видео устаревшая информация использована.

  • I've had MANY Rescue Cats!
    A couple hundred… mostly saved before a month of age.

    Most purr… some do not. A 4-Year Old Calico has never purred. She breathes heavily into something like a snor. She never "meows". Her language is something that sounds like a monkey – using many pitches.
    Yet to learn her vast set of verbal calls.

    A couple never verbalize at all (except to other cats).. but are perfectly normal, happy.

    I watch the eyes.

  • Mil gracias por subtítulos en español!! La voz gatuna del dibujante-autor, es PERFECTA! Saludos cariñosos. Maau! 😻

  • Desde Madrid (España)' saludo a los papás de Simon. A los madrileños nos llaman "Gatos", 😻 y por eso los queremos mucho y estamos orgullosos del nombre! 😍

  • Maisy is like my cat called honey, she was a rescue but she sometimes meows, she meows so loud that you can hear it from a room away. It has woken me up several times when she broke into my bedroom at night, she sits on my leg and I’m obligated not to move because I love her too much to do that! Cats are interesting, but sometimes annoying.

  • Our rescue declaw hisses when in pain.

    America stop Declawing (toe amputation and claw amputation ).

    Go to thepawproject.org and citythekitty.com to learn more.

  • I can't say that I've ever known a cat to purr when it's in pain, but I've known many that purr when they are causing pain.

  • Oh my god your Double Trouble video is great! Wonderfully funny and so true to the life of cats I have owned. Thanks for the smiles you gave me.

  • My first video was off to the vet..I was hooked instantly😊..my two cats keep me laughing an giggling constantly and yes..sometimes a little annoyed but their my 2 loves an I wouldn't have it any other way.. SIMON'S CAT THANK U FOR THE VIDS..NEW SUBSCRIBER FROM BOSTON,MA😘…u truly have captured cats behaviors love love love your channel😊

  • In the wild , I know that from a animals , yes they speak through sense and body language and by looking at one another . But the do speak to one another with speech and sounds .
    I believe she is wrong in couple of things and don't really believe she is an expert on most of the things about cats . They are God's creatures , and he the one that knows about his animals .
    She only knows what she heard and sort of seen . But from a cats point of view , she is mostly wrong .
    -Hissing don't have to be in anger all the time . It could even be playful as well .
    -cats (sometimes meow at the door , tapping or both).
    -Growling ? Food , new comers (sometimes) etc…!
    Cat purring in pain ? That should be ruled out 'cause it's actually growling in soft "purring" silence.

    Just wanted to put
    that out there .👍

  • My “Puppy” is also a rescue but I got her at 8 weeks. She never got her meow. She sounds more like a dove. She does talk to her toys when pounce/chasing alone. She chirps.

  • Some self-proclaimed Cat "experts" really make me laugh sometimes ! Same as so called scientists that contradict each other over the same "facts" ! If it were up to me and someone would ask me something and I didn't have a clue, I'd rather shut up then say anything… Only wish others were all like that too ! Anyways… Btw, good job with Simon's Cat (and the cute sounds), keep it up ! It's pleasant, light and cute ! Makes me think of Scrat in Ice Age (just admit it, most people watch Ice Age just for Scrat), they don't really care about the rest, I don't Scrat IS Ice Age !

  • È incredibile come riesca a esprimere correttamente gesti e espressioni dei gatti in soli pochi tratti! 🐈🐈

  • Longest advert ever went to the loo and came back and it was still on. I'm glad it went to sponsor Simon ❤️

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