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Kitty Invites Jamal On Tour | Season 3 Ep. 3 | EMPIRE

Kitty Invites Jamal On Tour | Season 3 Ep. 3 | EMPIRE

So Jamal, what I’m going
to need from you is– Mom.
No. Wait. Seriously, can–
how did you do this? Boy, don’t you
question how I make my black girl magic happen. I’m gonna cure you of this PTSD. OK, you ready?
-OK. All right. Kitty! Baby, come on down,
with your fabulous self. Look at you. Come on, come on, come on. Your shoes. Girl, ain’t nothin’ changed. Look at you. You look gorgeous, as always. And look at this. Oh, stop. I don’t even know
what to say right now. Well, I think you
should say yes. Right, Kitty? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Uh, hell yes. What– what I just say yes to? I don’t care, but– Well, Kitty, why
don’t you tell him? OK. So this beautiful lady,
your mom, had an idea. I’m here rehearsing, getting
ready to go on a South American tour, and I want you
with me, because we found a song that’s perfect for us. I just want to sing
with you, and I think it would be amazing. It’s hot, Jamal. It’s hot. Uh– I’m not really
performing right now. Just yet. Um– OK. I’m going to go
back to rehearsal– Yeah, just let me
talk him for a second. -Just call me when– yeah.
-No, no, no. Let me talk to him for a second. Come here.

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