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Kitty Celebrates Her Mother’s Life | Black Ink Crew

Kitty Celebrates Her Mother’s Life | Black Ink Crew

(Miss Kitty)
Hey! Come on!
Out the rain, out the rain. Please. (Donna)
We come bearing gifts. Thank you. Ohh. Thought you might
need a drink. I need something. You know, this week
has been… hellish. It’s been hell. It hurts. You only get one
mother. So I don’t think it’s
really hit me yet. No. But… One day at
a time, right? Yeah. I’m trying my best
to make this repast a celebration
of my mother’s life, and not dwell on her illness. My cousin Kevin.
Kevin, this is Ceas. Hey! Cousin Kevin. ‘Cause my mom
was so vibrant and just so full of life. And she was loved
my everybody. I’m good.
How you doing? Donna. How you doing? And I’m gonna
miss my mom so much. I’m just happy that
she’s not suffering anymore. And we’re just there
to celebrate her life. All right, everybody,
excuse me. On behalf of my mother,
I just wanna say thank you so much
to everybody that is here to support me
and Daddy and the entire family. I couldn’t have made it through
any of this without any of you. I wish she were here. But you know what?
It’s God’s will. So I just want y’all
to raise y’all glasses to honor the beautiful
life of my mom. Long live “Dee Phil.” I’m still in shock,
to be honest. But I am glad
that my Black Ink family came down to meet
the rest of my family and celebrate my mom. You just handled this
so womanly, but if you do need
a shoulder, you know
you got multiple. I know. Ohh! Can I, um, borrow Kit
for a little? Yeah! (indistinct chatter) I’ve known Kitty a long time. And… I know
she ain’t never been through anything
this traumatic before. See, she doesn’t show you
when she’s hurting. Kit’s not gonna ask you
to hold her down. You just have to hold her down. (chatter in other room) I wanted to make sure
my friend was okay. I’m okay.
You know? I’m processing. That’s what… is just catching me
off guard, how strong you is
in this mo– And ’cause, I’ll be
honest with you, me and your moms,
she left a lasting
impression on me. She’s a cool lady, yo? Dee was everything.
Just the sweetest… sweetest in the world,
just wanted to see the good in everybody
and everything and… always did, so, you know… to lose that, it’s… ♪♪ All the milestones that
I wanted her to be there
for, she’s not– She’ll be there in spirit.
I believe that. But she just won’t
be there for the daily. I wanted her to like
hold her grandkids and, you know, help me
plan my wedding and… I’m blessed that I still
have my dad, very blessed. And I don’t take that
for granted at all. I miss her.
I miss her every day. Until I see her,
I’m gonna miss her. You hear me? I appreciate it. (Miss Kitty)
It’s all kind of
hitting me at once, that my mom
is really gone. I mean, this is it. But I feel like my mother’s
spirit is here with us, and she’s in heaven,
and she’s happy. ♪♪

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