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Kids React to Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty

Kids React to Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty

♪ Minna saiko! Arigato! ♪ ♪ Ka-ka-ka-kawaii ♪ What the? – Oh my goodness.
– ♪ Ka-ka-ka-kawaii ♪ – ♪ Mom’s not home tonight ♪
– That makeup is insane! ♪ Like a major rager OMFG ♪ ♪ Let’s all slumber party ♪ – ♪ Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties ♪
– I have no roots. – ♪ Someone chuck a cupcake at me ♪
– Did you just throw a bunch of cupcakes down on the ground? – This is Avril Lavigne, isn’t it?
– Yeah, it’s Hello Kitty. ♪ Come come Kitty Kitty ♪ – ♪ You’re so pretty pretty ♪
– What?! This is just like a new
K-pop, but it’s worse. ♪ Come come Kitty Kitty ♪ ♪ You’re so silly silly ♪ ♪ Don’t go Kitty kitty ♪ – ♪ Play with me ♪
– (laughter) ♪ Ka-ka-ka-kawaii ♪ – ♪ (dubstep) ♪
– What is this?! ♪ Hello Kitty ♪ – ♪ Hello Kitty ♪
– Hello Kitty? (laughs) This is the evolution of music right here. We’ve reverted from
Brandenburg Concerto to this. Is this like a rap? ♪ Wake up, got a secret ♪ ♪ Pinky swear that you’re gonna keep it ♪ – ♪ Let’s be– ♪
– Is it just me, or do the lyrics not make sense? If I was there, I would’ve
eaten all that candy. – ♪ Come come Kitty Kitty ♪
– I think this girl is just listing a bunch of Japanese products. ♪ Kitty kitty, play with me ♪ What’s wrong with her hair? God. ♪ Ka-ka-ka-kawaii ♪ – ♪ (dubstep) ♪
– Sake. Sake bomb! I mean, I’ve heard it’s good.
I dunno, but… Those two girls look like
they’re her body guards. They’re just like: What does sushi have to do with this? Oh geeze. – ♪ Ka-ka-ka-kawaii ♪
– Picture time! Polaroids are in now, I guess. What does this have to do with anything? Yeah, this is definitely rap. I can’t describe this right now. – ♪ Meow. ♪
– (scoffs and laughs) Why is the woman dancing
around everywhere she goes? This is freaking me out! – ♪ Hello Kitty kitty ♪
– Hello Kitty, why? Are you done yet? ♪ Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty ♪ I’m kind of glad that’s over now. Oh, that was painful! It was good, but…it was really… I don’t know. (Finebros) How would you
describe that music video? Peculiar. Awkward. Random and weird. Too much makeup, too much
candy, too much jewel. I think it’s fun. I guess it was cute! I don’t get it.
She’s singing about Hello Kitty. (Finebros) But would you say you liked it? No. I hated it! I sort of did. Yeah, I liked it. I liked the song, but the video was weird. I think it’s catchy. I think if I would hear it, I would sing along with it. I guess the beat was okay. But that’s what everyone says
about music that they don’t like. I’ll give it a thumbs up,
but the weirdest part is… what type of person would
wear cupcakes on their dress? Really? What type of people does that? (Finebros) What do you
think this song is about? Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty. That’s what I was gonna say! Hello Kitty and Japanese stuff. I’m confused how the song is Hello Kitty and they don’t have Hello Kitty in the song. I think the song was about that girl
that wanted to eat–that wanted a cat– that wanted to eat candy with the cat. – (Finebros) Do you know who this singer is?
– No. I don’t. Yeah, I don’t know her name though. (together) Avril Lavigne! (Finebros) Well her name is Avril Lavigne. – Ever heard of her?
– Never heard of her. That sounds like Adam Lavigne. I’ve heard of her, but I’ve never actually
seen her or listened to her songs. (Finebros) If someone asked you describe
Avril Lavigne after watching – this, how would you describe her?
– Uh, I don’t know. She’s nuts. Joyful! Funness. A very creative mind. Very rockstar! She kinda does what she wants. She doesn’t care what people think. Crazy, like they’ll do
a whole bunch of dares. She probably got dared
to shave half of her head off. (Finebros) And what about those four
dancers that were behind her? – What were they doing?
– No facial expressions. I thought they were robots. They were just standing there like this. What’s the point of doing a music
video when you have to act strictly? You have to have fun! They were all dressed alike
and they all looked really similar to show how unique Avril Lavigne
is and how different she is. That’s sort of deep for this song. (Finebros) Well there’s a lot of people
who don’t like this music video. Me too! (Finebros) Not because of the song,
but because of what they actually showed in the music video. Do you have any idea of what could
make people upset about this video? I’m not sure. I think it’s a perfectly fine video to show. I have no idea. I liked the video. Not being racist or anything,
but it was very…Asian styled. Because of stereotypical and racial
things that they might think. I wasn’t trying to put that
up, but you forced me! (Finebros) People say
this video was racist. Did you find anything to be
racist in this video? Yes. There were no black people in this. No. No. No, I do not. Well, I thought about it, but I didn’t think
that people would get mad at it. Having a Caucasian girl say
Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty all the time while there are four Japanese girls
on the back, doing robotic motions seems kinda racial. (Finebros) Some people think
this video was stereotyping, or making fun of Japanese culture.
What do you think about that? I still do not get this. I feel like she’s trying to say that white
people can be with other people. I kind of agree. Maybe showing a bit of racism,
but they might not have been intending for that. I wouldn’t necessarily call it racist
because she never insulted anyone. So maybe she was embracing
the Japanese culture? (Finebros) After this got controversy,
Avril Lavigne posted on Twitter a response to everyone
saying it was racist. So we’re gonna give you what her Tweet said.
Can you read this back to us? Racist? LOLOLOL.
I don’t– LOLOLOLOL. LOLOLOLOLOL. I love Japanese culture and I
spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video… I don’t think it this is
gonna help her at all. She’s not taking it seriously. Racist and LOLOLOL should never
be the same sentence. That’s a fact! She should’ve responded in a different way. Maybe saying, “Sorry.” (Finebros) So, finally,
you’ve heard all of this. Do you think people should be
mad at this music video or do people need to calm down? I think people need to calm down about this because it’s about Hello Kitty! Calm down.
Take a deep breath. It’s just a music video! A music video.
It’s like getting hurt with a pillow. If they’re just mad about a music video,
they shouldn’t get all furious. She did not do anything wrong. They weren’t trying to be racist. That was not their intention. Just move on with your life. If I accidentally hit
a video and I don’t like it, of course I’m going to end up
not giving a thumbs down. I’ll end up just dismissing
that or give it a thumbs up just because I think
they tried their hardest. You need to treat everyone
else the same way as well. Thanks for watching
this episode of K-k-k-kids react! Are you subscribed?
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