Keeping Cat’s Breath Fresh

There are many solutions to how to treat cats bad breath. Why does my cat have bad breath? In short it is never normal for your cat to have bad breath. And there are a long list of causes a one such is in a young cat when their adult teeth are erupting through you can get some bad breath at that time and a bit of gingivitis that may resolve on its own sometimes teeth cleaning and more help is help is needed even at that age. Other causes include bacteria and tartar in the teeth which is really bad because it damages the support structures around the teeth and you get loosening and obviously bacteria in the mouth is not good for any-for the general health of the pet either. You can also get masses or even foreign things stuck in the mouth which is if there’s infection around there that’s going to smell too. But it’s not just problems in the mouth that can cause a smell there’s also systemic diseases or illnesses such as diabetes in cats and when that progresses to what we call keto acidosis the ketones produced causes a really distinct smell to the cat’s breath.

So, in summary bad breath not normal. A few more ideas for dental hygiene in cats are there is a new liquid that you put in their water and they tell you it is indicated for dogs and cats over 6 months of age and for cats they tell you a teaspoon to 1 pint of fresh water. It not only freshens breath but it also helps to bind the calcium in their saliva so that they don’t make as much tartar. So their tartar build up is less because it is made of calcium. Then there are these little chew and some cats don’t like them but my cats are pretty treat oriented and I found if there is nothing else, they will eat these. These are impregnated with an antiseptic that helps clean and add antiseptic to those gums that are red. So these are very good as well.

A lot of times cats are not treat oriented so treats don’t work so well but my cats are gluttons so if yours are a glutton, there are lots of things out there for them. Now these are feline greenies and they have chlorophyllin them and this is my little cat treat. My little cat treat holder in the bottom it says in French it says that dogs need masters but cats need servants; little French thing, that’s very true. So these are little fished shaped toothbrushes and they have chlorophyll and the cat chews on this and it helps to break down tartar. Then these are a different by IVD and one of my cats likes these better and one of my cats like these better. So they all have their own taste and every night we go through about three treats of each plus we use the treats for pills so that they also like the taste of those little pill treats so when I need to give them pills, those won’t backfire on me.

Then beyond that for cat dental hygiene, there are diets that are made to also break down the tartar. Cats love them and they do also have the ingredient in them that binds the calcium so they have less tartar. So that is just more options for your dental hygiene for your kitty’s. I know dental care is important for humans and it’s just as important for a cat as well. It’s fold as many as 85% of cats each three years and older have some sort of dental disease even though you think your cats may be fine and have no problems with their teeth. They’re very good at hiding pain and most dental disease occurs below the gum line where you can’t even see it.

┬áPlanck forms on your cat teeth every day if the plaque isn’t removed within a couple of days it hardens into tartar and eventually causes periodontal disease signs of periodontal disease include bad breath abnormal chewing drooling or dropping food a reduced appetite and changes in their behavior early detection and treatment is critical. because advanced periodontal disease can cause severe problems for your cat including kidney liver and heart muscle changes. so the bottom line is we as cat servants need to do the best we can to help prevent dental disease in our cats obviously most cats don’t enjoy having their teeth brushed. So this is a single most effective way to keep your cat teeth healthy in an ideal world you would have introduced them to this when they were just kittens. so that also they would just see as another part of their everyday lives.

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