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Introducing two cats successfully

Introducing two cats successfully

Jack & Gerrit, The Russian Blues Succesvol een tweede kat in huis nemen Eerst was daar Jack Maar Jack wil meer dan alleen maar vogeltjes Dus hebben we Gerrit geadopteerd Gerrit is nu 10 maanden oud Maar hoe hebben wij ze geïntroduceerd Eerst hebben we Gerrit een ‘Safe-Room’ gegeven Eerste contact, door geur Na een dag, visueel contact Apart van elkaar, spelen in huis Jack heeft dan ook even tijd om de ‘Safe-Room’ te inspecteren Volgende stap, Jack in the Box…de rollen omgedraaid! De volgende dag, weer een visuele meeting Later die dag, was Gerrit er klaar voor Het eerste echte contact Dan is het tijd om los te laten In drie dagen, twee blije katten Bedankt voor het kijken! Volg ons op Facebook!

19 thoughts on “Introducing two cats successfully

  • I have two cats, brother and sister litter mates. They did not always get along if the female wanted her space she would hiss at her brother. Both were fixed so we just needed enough room for her to have some privacy.
    She got out and away six months ago and her brother stayed. If I get her back I might have to reintroduce them the Jackson way considering the time apart, but it might only take a day or two or it could be a month, I have no clue…first things first is finding her before attempting to find another playmate for him. I just wish people believed that not everybody uses lost cat as a way to deceive, I really do miss my kitty. Road trips just are not the same without my kittle dashboard diva, come home darling, door is open.💖😇🐈🐈

  • my two cats fought the first meeting id had gotten a new cat and had them seperated for a few days but that wasnt enough so ive switched the on n off one goes in a room the other roams vice versa . i did this for a week , then i build a barrier out of wood and chicken wire that splits the house into 2, it allows visual and litmited physical contact but it also allows one to roam away if wanted to, theyve had it up for a little over a week, and just now are they starting to show less aggression and more play actions

  • I could only wish! I’m on week 6…my cats are both shelter adopted…both were feral for a brief time as kittens, so they have deeply entrenched survival behaviors. Individually they are find with the household humans, but any outsiders, human, feline or other species are ENEMIES! I have tried every food, aromatic herb, pheromones, spray, etc. I’ve been using the Jackson Galaxy method of introduction. After a lifetime of many many cats, I am feeling quite insufficient for this process, but I will keep trying. Just be forewarned if the cats weren’t nurtured from kitten hood and you don’t know their entire backstory…you may be in for a very very long, drawn out and stressful process …

  • This was way cheesy and too over dramatic. Couldn't take it seriously with the music. These cats are not happy. They're fighting. The one getting higher and higher on the shelves, poor kitty was just trying to get away and be left alone.

  • Wow! Thats how it is done? Should show it to my neighbor. She has this cane and any cat that shows aggresion gets caned.

  • You lost me at 'after day 1 visual contact'. Also putting one cat in a cage gives them no escape route so will up their defensive feelings. Sooo not how to introduce cats.

  • I have one cat and got other kitten when they meet for the first time i saw agressive meeting they were fighting with eyes and it only been one day my cat isnt coming to me anymore and if i pet her shes running away i dont know what to do i want them to get along to be honest im rly scared of my cat right now

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