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Improv Comedy Icebreaker Games : Improv Comedy Games: Kitty Wants a Corner

Improv Comedy Icebreaker Games : Improv Comedy Games: Kitty Wants a Corner

I’m going to explain to you the icebreaker
exercise kitty wants a corner. This is actually an old school yard game that I adapted to
use in improv classrooms and any kind of icebreaker situation. It’s a fun game that gets you thinking
about taking risks, get people moving around and get people making eye contact, which really
helps with any kind of work. So how it works is you get people in a circle and one person
is standing in the center of the circle. That person is the kitty, the kitty cat. And they
are looking for a corner, they want a little hole, a little part of the circle to stand
in. They want to start, the person on the inside wants to stand on the outside of the
circle. So they are walking up to people in the circle and they are saying, kitty wants
a corner, kitty wants a corner. And the person they say it to says, go ask my neighbor, so
I’d say, kitty wants a corner, go ask my neighbor. Kitty wants a corner. Go ask my neighbor.
Isn’t it fascinating? Well, there is something else going on while that is happening. People
on the outside of the circle are trying to make eye contact with each other. They have
what I call hungry eyes. And they are looking across the circle and trying to make eye contact.
If I make eye contact with someone across the circle, oh hello, and give a little eyebrow,
a little nod, a little okay, we’ve got something here. Then what we do is we’re going to move
and we’re going to switch places in the circle. So we walk across the circle and switch places.
And that’s an opportunity for our kitty in the center to try and grab one of our spots
on the outside of the circle. They’re looking for a corner. So there’s constantly people
switching spots in the circle and the kitty is trying to grab one of these spots. If they
grab one of these spots, whoever is left out, they’re going to be the new kitty and they
are in the center asking, kitty wants a corner, kitty wants a corner, go ask my neighbor.
So it’s really fun and fast paced. I always again encourage safety first because there
is running around the circle so I try and encourage people to walk. I say none of this,
none of that, none of that you know, just get across the circle safety. And it’s a fun,
fun game to talk about risk cause some people say, oh I know how to win this game, I’ll
never leave my spot. But that’s not really the point, that’s not very fun. And there’s
some people that take so much risk that it’s, they’re not even trying to succeed. So we
always want to you know take the game seriously and ourselves not and try and take a fun amount
of risk where there’s still some danger of success or failure. So that’s a simple schoolyard
game called kitty wants a corner.

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