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Impractical Jokers – Creepy Cat Attack (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Creepy Cat Attack (Punishment) | truTV

Okay here we go do the honors? Okay, ready, bud? Here we go. Okay, ready?
One, two… Q: Does this place
look familiar at all? [ Dramatic music plays ] Soak it in, buddy. [ Laughter ] Now, do you remember when you dropped tarantulas on me, my friend? We all did. [ Laughs ] You seemed
to enjoy it just a little bit more
than everybody else. Don’t come near. No — pumpernickel,
pumpernickel. Pumpernickel! Stop! [ Laughing ]
You’re a grown man screaming “pumpernickel” in a warehouse. [ Laughter ] Instead of covering you with tarantulas, we’re gonna cover you
with kitty cats. [ Laughter ] No, you’re not. Oh, yeah, we are. Oh, yeah. And don’t worry, buddy. If you start panicking,
just say, “Whole wheat.” You just say,
“Whole wheat.” It’s a safe word,
buddy. Tarantulas cannot attack you like a cat can. They can’t attack you that swiftly. They can’t bite you.
They can’t scratch you. Of course
they can bite you! Knock, knock. Who’s there? Catnip. [ Laughter ] Oh, I do not like this. [ Exhales deeply ] [ Drill whirs ] Q: Let’s get this started. Sal: And the punishment begins… All: …now. Okay.
Let’s bring them in. What is that? [ Eerie music plays ] Murr:
There they are. [ Laughter ] Oh —
What the [bleep] is that? Q: Those are
5-week-old kittens, buddy. Aww.
They are adorable. Oh, God.
That looks like it was… [ Laughter ] Oh, it’s meowing. [ Laughter ] One more!
Bring him one more! -One more cat.
-…My [bleep] face off. [ Laughter ] There you go, buddy.
You survived phase one. All right. Let’s take out the kittens. Bring in the next phase of life. Phase of life? There’s one other phase —
kittens, cats. [ Laughter ] Here we go, bud. [ Dramatic music plays ] [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. Joe:
Those are cats! Guys, I can’t do it. Wait. Wait. Before you do it —
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait. Please —
Whole wheat, please. Before you do it,
can you just tell them — Guys. Oh, my God. He’s scared of kittens. Here’s cat number one. [ Cat meows ] [ Laughter ] There’s another one. Two cats! [ Laughter ] Can they sense my fear? [ Laughter ] Oh. [ Laughter ] You looked less scared when
there was a tarantula on you. I know.
This is crazy. Oh, my [bleep] [ Laughter ] My balls. I can’t do this. I’m afraid they’re gonna sense
how afraid I am. [ Cat hisses ] Oh, my God. Please. Stop.
They’re fighting. [ Laughter ] [ Cat meows ] [ Laughter ] [ Weakly ]
Please. Whole wheat. Q: Did you say,
“Whole wheat”? I couldn’t hear
what you said. The cat’s sitting on your mike. We can’t hear you. [ Laughter ] Sal: [ Weakly ] Whole wheat.
I’m saying, “Whole wheat.” You’re 40 years old saying
“whole wheat” in a warehouse. [ Laughter ] Okay.
Phase three. Oh, what is that? That’s a steak. Q: That’s a steak. No. No. You’ve got Plexiglass
around you. Is that
to keep things in? Or to keep things out? [ Laughter ] What is that? What is that? Please. [ Laughter ] Don’t —
Oh, you [bleep] [ Laughter ] Let’s get the last cat in here. The biggest and best cat that we know. Please, don’t.
Don’t, please. If this is a tiger, do not let it get in this thing, please. You don’t know
what these things — They’re trained.
You don’t even know. Look what happened
to Roy. [ Laughter ] Here we go — the biggest cat of all. Murr: Uh-oh. My favorite cat. Uh-oh! [ Laughter ] [Bleep] cat. I hate this [bleep] cat. This cat keeps coming back. [ Laughter ] And… Joe:
There you go. Yeah! [ Laughter ] Hump, Benjamin.
Benjamin, hump.

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