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I personaggi di MGS – Chi è Revolver Ocelot?

Hello everyone, I am Lafra and welcome to
my first video of the column dedicated the Metal Gear Solid characters. Before
I warn you all that this movie contains spoiler on texture of Saga and is therefore
addressed to those who have completed all the chapters. also not the main events will be handled,
but I will try to focus on the psychology of the characters. I want to clarify that
treat of a very personal interpretation, why feel free to comment
and tell me what you think. Revolver Ocelot, is undoubtedly one of the
most controversial figures of the Metal saga Gear Solid. Present in five chapters
canonical (and MGS Portable Ops) is one of main characters, as well as triggering engine
the majority of events. Adamska comes from The Boss during the landing
Normandy (June 6, 1944) following a wound that the woman, pregnant, had
reported on the battlefield. Immediately after birth, philosophers take it with you,
separating it from the mother, and take him to Russia. Here you will be increased from Volgin and the GRU up
to 1960, when the USSR diserterà secretly to join the CIA. 
From childhood Ocelot it is perfectly divided between East and West: American mother, father
Russian; born in France, he grew up in the east; KGB agent spy for the CIA.
It is with this duality that comes She introduced the character, now twenty years old,
in ” MGS3 – Snake Eater ”: an arrogant boy in a uniform of the GRU, with the foot
spurs from typical American cowboy. He lived then in the Cold War with
a vision ” super partes ” in the world, Ocelot It will inevitably be affected by ideology
The Boss and his sacrifice. In 1970 Adam will recover the legacy of philosophers
killing the CIA director and will become one of the founders of the Patriots, organization
founded with the aim of making possible the his mother’s wish: to create a united world. Despite the ideology of The Boss has definitely
It affected the lives of Ocelot, the latter put their admiration and loyalty to another
Figure: Big Boss. Met unexpectedly during the mission
Virtuous in 1964, Snake will raise immediately admiration in the boy, which grow with
the man initially a competitive relationship, and subsequently more and more respect.
It will be the link with Snake, built during the course of Snake’s mission
Eater, to guide the actions of all Ocelot his life. [2:00] After the GZ accident and destruction of
MSF, Adam will stay to watch over Big Boss for nine years waiting for his awakening:
as cover, will work in the meantime Afghanistan as a torturer. Here, you will gain
the nickname ” Shalashaska ” (a word born from the union of the terms ” gulag ” and ” sword
Hero ”). Thinking about it, the meaning of this word is ironically appropriate to
Ocelot’s personality: his figure, in various chapters of the saga, oscillates continuously
including that of ” tormentor ruthless and seemingly moved only by sadism ” and ” valuable ally
Big Boss ” leaving the player for a long time perplexed about their tactics and making
often unpredictable and responsible for some of the biggest hits of the series scene. Since the eighties, Ocelot worked alongside
Venom Snake in Diamond Dogs and contributes the foundation of the Outer Heaven: now completely
dissociated from Zero and the Patriots, will start then studying a plan to bring them to
destruction. 1999 is the year in which the body of Big Boss,
following the defeat at the hand of Money Snake, falls into the hands of the Patriots, and Adam
starts to act with the sole purpose of placing end of the organization and, therefore,
John awaken from the deep coma. His plan is very detailed, well-researched,
but also requires a high price: the man indeed It must get away from all the people to him
nearest to ensure the success of floor and, over the years, hiding
his identity and often find themselves having to face, or eliminate, people who in the past
They were his allies or friends. Thanks to articulated lies and a recitation
extraordinary, in 2014 they all now consider him only the casing of Liquid personality
Snake, crept into his mind because of the arm transplant.
Actually Ocelot will continue to act secret against the Patriots, with the aim of
permanently delete their tyranny digital. To succeed in this his intent,
Solid Snake will make use of the unaware. The two will establish over time a relationship
mutual estimation, but at the same time hate: Ocelot, David considers it a great
soldier with extraordinary fighting skills, but also the man who put an end to life
Big Boss. Solid, for its part, is up query to the end of the aims of
Ocelot and its intentions. Several times over the years, Adam put
Solid to the test, and you shall put great trust, He saw that his plan could be successful
end only because of the boy’s ability. Once he achieved his goal, Ocelot
dies, with the understanding that at that exact when Big Boss is finally awakened
free, the world he had always wanted: a place without laws, like the Wild West,
where anarchy would reign, but men, fighting, would have rediscovered
the pure emotions, no longer slaves of a system that repressed and controlled.
According to the vision of Ocelot in fact, the war and fighting are nothing more than a
the middle man to discover his true nature. This vision was definitely
influenced by Big Boss, who in the ’90s He had tried to create an independent state
to escape from Cipher control, but that Unfortunately he was spending years
their captivity in his clutches. Adam lived his whole life pretending
to be someone else, lying to many, doing double and triple games, distorting
the overall balance. But his loyalty to Big Boss has never wavered: it importanmte
emphasize that Ocelot has always been the only fight not for the living legend
Big Boss, but the man behind it. If he could choose, he would Ocelot
probably he preferred to live as a man and not as a soldier, and this same ….
Fate, perhaps, would have required even for John.

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