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How to stop cats going on your car – The best cat video ever!

How to stop cats going on your car – The best cat video ever!

you know it’s really annoying when you punch yourself in the face but lately what I’m finding more annoying is cats the lighting and howling through the nights the running across the roof the demonstrating in the garden but worst of all is the urinating on everything now I’m not a cat hater but seriously this is a bad problem at my place they urinate in the front door the laundry door the back doors basically every door then there’s the gate gates wheelie bin air conditioner and car wheels tire valve windscreen car wheel again and again and again and my favorite is the car air vent so because of their putrid hormone filled foul miss you find you need to drive around everywhere Ace Ventura style now there isn’t much I haven’t tried like this the traditional stuff then there’s the old home remedies like citrus water bottles mothballs there was even my failed catapult I’ve even tried missing on my own car and then I created this so I’m going to show you how to flight back in a satisfying and humane way using a few automotive components and general household items now just to confirm that the problem is a cat urinating on my car and not some kind of Mitsubishi haters prowling at night come on yeah yeah yeah I’ve set up a couple of cameras for reconnaissance the resulting catalogue showed that it was not just one cat visiting my property but nine of them and one dove naturally I’ve named them so we have tabby green collar, ear off rang a white legs tabby toilet rug Blackie bone I rang a miss bucket fatty-fatty two-by-four stupid cat and blacking mc laser eyes so in order to build your feline defense system firstly you need to dismantle the door of your car to extract a very useful automotive component the central door locking lock this is responsible for locking your car centrally if you have aftermarket central locking because each hours built in 1850 like mine its hand at this point also grab its support bar while in the car I’m also going to use the low current triggered relay from my central locking system if you only have standard relays like the one on your car horn it’s okay it’s simply a matter of this like that with these so simple the next item you’re going to need is your car battery or you can even use the 12-volt backup battery from your house alarm system next you need a wireless motion sensor from a house alarm you know the ones that have little red light that blink as you walk past also grab a disused cardboard toilet roll in certain or paper towel insert lastly if you don’t really have one you’ll need to get a hand triggered hose nozzle now for construction firstly pull apart your motion sensors to expose its circuit boards sort of two wires to where the flashing red LED is connected we run these two wires at the back of the unit to our relay switch which the LED will then trigger then connect some crimped lugs to make all your wires stick to each other enter your 12 volt battery now take your garden hose nozzle and drill a hole through the handle at this point is also good to grind some stuff so it looks good on video take your support board and screw it back onto your central locking actuator take any old bolt and connect the central locking actuator to your hose nozzle trigger then use a g clamp to hold your final assembly place hammer stuff lastly your motion sensor will need a state-of-the-art directional sight so Gaffa take the cardboard shoe to the front then finally connect it to a tap and in the end you end up with this a big mess of wires remember kids don’t mix water and electricity so make sure you use a top-of-the-line waterproofing shield now find a thoroughfare that you know attracts a high level of captivity you may also need to funnel your unwelcome visitors into position so basically the idea is the cat walks past this directional motion sensor the red LED illuminates powering up the relay which sends 12 volts to the central door like this then pulls the hose trigger giving you one wet tabby and for the purpose of your entertainment I have wired up a bunch more stuff to trigger a light HD video camera and skills camera firing off three times second now the final step in the process is to test your setup and what better to test it with them the most irritating thing in the world Ke$ha or failing that the second most irritating thing this giraffe once you’re happy it’s all working correctly it’s time to leave it overnight now to check out our results now first up hoof we got here arts black mc laser eyes but his super laser eyesight might be onto the infrared trigger we’ll see actually I know where I’ve seen this cat before next that looks like we have tabby toilet rug casually sniffing out a good spot for some Monday night urine action and then off he strolls into the side of the garden shed next up its fatty fatty 2×4 we’ll see if he fits through the kitchen door what’s interesting is this isn’t actually my first time dealing with obese cat now this next one is actually tabby green color but unfortunately he was a little too stealthy for the video to pick up at first but we have the photos probably so stealthy due to his lack of back legs mmm the video camera was a little too slow again the tabby taller rug still enjoyed a good 5 a.m. soaking for the second time yet another video camera fail but we have ear off now I’ve actually seen this guy urine spraying stuff in the backyard in the past so I must admit it’s quite satisfying to see this one its Blacky laser eyes again come on son cats learn point-blank into the table and off he flies back to the Eveready factory it’s tabby green color again back for an early morning taste of mains water pressure and he celebrates his spraying with some fine b-boy moves and unfortunately there was also some collateral damage yeah you can probably guess what’s about to happen here can’t you here’s okay though and now with the lack of cats has since started a family in our backyard now what did I learn from this exercise well the same cats kept coming through time and time again despite getting hosed now as the old saying goes yet you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but apparently you can’t teach cats join me next week when we look at how to remove the cat claw marks from your pavement

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