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How to Do Prenatal Yoga Cat & Cow Pose | Pregnancy Workout

How to Do Prenatal Yoga Cat & Cow Pose | Pregnancy Workout

We’re going to take you through how to do
cat and cow yoga poses. Vicki is going to come on to her hands and
knees. Knees will be about hip distance apart. Hands about shoulder distance apart. Spread your fingers nice and wide. Good. As you inhale roll your shoulders back, lift
your chest and head, let you belly drop into the cow pose. As you exhale round the spine towards the
sky, drop the head into your chest into cat pose. Breathe in rolling the shoulders back, lifting
the chest, dropping the belly. Then exhale, chin to chest for your cat. Good. Vicki will continue on her own breath moving
through cat and cow. In cat she’s allowing her shoulder blades
to separate off the back and breathing into the lower back to let it stretch. As you come into cow chest opens wide you
can stretch out the front of the shoulders a little bit. There’s also a lovely variation to do as well
here where you can take your spine and kind of roll it round and make little barrels with
it. It can go side to side, it can go up and down,
and it can even go back and forth a little. It’s about finding the part in your spine
that maybe feels a little tight , a little spot in your back that maybe feels a little
right as well. So you can do this pose whenever you feel
a little tight in your back. Whenever you want to open it up and just follow
your breath with whatever you do here and your spine will be nice and happy.

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