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Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 – Introduction

video is a must when it comes to a home
in business control system and when consumers buy video they want
to see it from wherever they are get the big picture with our new Lynx
touch 7000 this award-winning product takes our proven lynx Touch platforms in ads big video at a
great price the 7-inch screen is the biggest in the
business giving your customers the ultimate viewing experience the Lynx
touch 7,000 gives you the opportunity to sell up to four indoor or outdoor cameras on every
residential and commercial installation users can view up to 4 cameras right to touch screen and when they use
the industry exclusive links Connect app on IOS or Android
they can see live video in control their system from smartphones and tablets inside their home or business from
turning up the heat to turning off the light even closing a
garage door they can control the devices with just
one touch as the proven security leader with millions installations and the
trusted Honeywell brand we’ve included even more security features in addition
to two-way voice over GSM Lynx touch 7,000 now features a
breakthrough two-way voice over affordable wifi this
lowers your operational cost letting you further grow your RMR and its remote upgradeable to help you
reduce service calls if you want to convert an existing
hard-wired system to wireless just at the new 5800 c2w to the Lynx touch 7,000 and
save time and money your sales consultants will
love the free demo laps on I O S an Android since they show how the product
works from devices they use every day when you add Honeywell total
connect remote services it’s even more power using the same
graphic user interface operation is so simple and users can
view live video and receipt video clip to prevent from wherever they are they can’t even
operate their security like locks and thermostats remotely Lynx
touch 7000 and Honeywell Total Connect the big picture for growing your
business reducing attrition am pleasing your customers

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