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Hello Kitty Toys ❤ DisneyCarToys Dance Party Limo, Bee Rosy Hello Kitty, Cafe Toy Review Kids Toys

Hello Kitty Toys ❤ DisneyCarToys Dance Party Limo, Bee Rosy Hello Kitty, Cafe Toy Review Kids Toys

Hello DisneyCarToys here and today we are
going to play with three different Hello Kitty play sets. But we are going to do something
a little different. That’s right, we are going to do it with the cat paw. You ready
cat paw? Oh I am so excited, let’s take a closer look at each one of these toys. This
first set is that Hello Kitty Café thank you cat paw for showing off the box. On this side
of the box there are some cute little accessories eggs, a waffle maker and a plate.
There’s even an oven that dispenses stickers. Alright cat paw can you turn around
the box for me. Yay thank you. Lets take a look and we can see everything that
comes inside. There’s a table and calm down we will open it soon. Oh and the inside
of the box has a special surprise for us. Yay. Well the cat paw just set everything
up here and its beautiful. What’s that cat paw? We need to open up the surprise. Oh it
says its form Hello Kitty its gotta be good. Lets see what’s inside, oh it’s
a little Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cone, and that ice cream is shaped like Hello Kitty’s head
that’s so cute. Okay lets look at some more Hello Kitty toys and it seems like the cat
paw wants to open up the Bee Rosy Hello Kitty set. It comes with the Hello Kitty doll,
a little Hello Kitty doll, a winged backpack, a little hunny pot, a water pot
and tiny little bee. Cat paw can you help me show off the back of the box? Thanks you are
being so helpful today. Well according to the back of the box this set comes with
a purse, a bee, a water can, and a backpack clip, oh we cant forget about our surprise
now. And now everything is unboxed and look at that Hello Kitty and but what I am
most interested in is the Hello Kitty surprise let see what it is. And it’s a
cute little mouse. Well we are saving the best for last here. Look at this huge Hello Kitty Dance
Party Limo it comes with tons of accessories and Hello Kitty and her Dance
partner and wait what’s that cat paw. The door turns into stairs that’s pretty awesome.
The limo turns into a dance party. Wait a minute cat paw you have a surprise stuck
to you okay got it off. Here’s everything that the set comes with we have this nice
red carpet which is actually pink we have hello kitty and her date, the limo, the dance
floor, all these accessories and these stickers woot woot. This set has some pretty
nice details the red carpet is lined up with hello kitty bows these stickers are pretty
fun too, with an envelop, heart, pieces of mail, and some cookies, the accessories
comes with two other people for there little dance. We got cups, donuts, and a table
and cat paw oh come on I think he is just a little excited. This set is super easy
to set up, I got all the accessories on the table I have the other two dances right here
and the disco ball. Come on little cat paw lets dance. Okay that’s enough. When
the dance party is over just put the door up and then also this disco floor door down.
And now you have a limo. Here are all three of the hello kitty sets together and
in the comments let me know which one is your favorite. And don’t forget to subscribe
and like. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video thanks for watching
and have a great day.

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