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Hello Kitty Mirror

Hello Kitty Mirror

Hi everybody, and welcome back to Tillys Surprise
Toys. Today we’re going to look at these Hello Kitty
Mirror Mascot boxes. There’s four Hello Kitty themes.
There’s a camera mirror. Calculator mirror.
A wallet mirror. A dotted camera mirror. So these are blind boxes, which means it’s a surprise which theme we’ll get.
They have all been picked at random so there’s no guarantee we’ll get one of each.
But these are perfect for any miniature collection. For your dollhouse. For your Barbie. Or great
as a small makeup mirror too. So let’s start opening these and take a look
and see which one’s we’ve got. We get a little flyer, telling us all four
we can get. Some gum. We look as though we’ve got the little calculator mirror. It’s a little calculator. With little Hello Kitty’s face on it. It say’s “I can count” If we turn it round.
We can see…it’s a mirror as well. You can see me in ther maybe? Hello! Go on to the second one. We’ve got the little camera. So Hello Kitty’s on the camera. And it say’s “Hello Kitty. Smile for me” Turn it round, and there’s the mirror. So we’ve got two more, hopefully, that we
may get. We’ve got the little wallet, and the dotted
camera as well. So let’s open this one up. We’ve got the little purse this time. Ah, that’s brilliant.
I was hoping we’d get this one. I think this one maybe my favorite actually.
Out of the four we can get. So, this does actually look like a little
purse. It’s got the little clips on the top, but
obviously you can’t open it. So you’ve got Hello Kitty on the front there.
She’s got her little pet goldfish with her, and her bottle of milk.
And she’s saying “Hello. Hello everybody” So, turn this over so you can see it looks
like but you just can’t open it. So last one. Let’s hope we get that dotty
mirror. Yay, we got all four! So there we go again. Same as the other on actually.
Just spotty red, instead of red. So I really hope you enjoyed taking a look
at all these miniature mirror mascots. And I’m so pleased we managed to find all
four of the designs. My favorite from today would have to be the
little Hello Kitty purse. I think that’s really sweet.
I would love to know, in the comments section below, what your favorite is.
Is it one of the little camera’s, the calculator or the little purse.
So thanks very much guy’s for watching, and we’ll see you again next time.
Bye for now.

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