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Hello Kitty in orbit: Japan sends toy into space

She may be the world’s smallest astronaut,
but Hello Kitty is now in space beaming messages back to Earth. Yes that’s right, Japan’s ambassador of cuteness
is on board a spacecraft in a bid to promote the country’s high-tech industry. But it’s not as easy as it looks! The 4cm
tall Hello Kitty figure had to undergo a huge makeover for the mission. A team at Tokyo university, who helped develop
the plan, used a special paint of coat to protect the toy from UV rays, cosmic rays and
the vacuum of space. There is a strong, violent shake and strong
vibrations when you launch a rocket and this Hello Kitty will not break apart even under
the stress of the shake during launch. This is a Hello Kitty outfitted for space travel. Owners of Hello Kitty have asked fans to to
submit 180 character messages that can be delivered from space. Well that’s just out
of this world!

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