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Hello Kitty Cookies How To Cook That Ann Reardon Harō Kiti

Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and
today we’re making Hello Kitty slice and bake cookies where the Hello Kitty is all the way
through the cookie dough so you can just slice it and bake them. I’ve made a Hello Kitty cake before and to
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There’s also a chocolate list. A desserts lists and a macaron and sweet snacks
list and plenty of others. I’ll let you explore. To make the Hello Kitty cookies you will need
salt, vanilla, egg yolks, icing sugar, plain flour or all-purpose flour, corn starch and
some soften butter. Whisk the butter until it’s pale and soft
and I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the HowtoCookThat.net website for you. Whisk in the icing sugar or powdered sugar,
it’s the same thing until they are well combined. Then add in your egg yolks, the vanilla and
the salt and whisk that again really well. Then you want to mix in the flours, the plain
flour and the corn flour and keep stirring it through until you get a soft cookie dough
like this. Spoon 3 tablespoons into one bowl. 5 into
the next and then put one cup of your mixture into another bowl, i’ve got a half a cup scoop
here, so we’ll put 2 in. And then half a cup into the final bowl.
Taking the smallest bowl, add some yellow gel food coloring and mix that in so that
we’ve got yellow for the nose. And then colour the others pink, dark pink and black and leave
the main bowl plain. Place the mixture into a plastic bag with
the corner cut off and squeeze it into a fondant extruder and you can get these cheaply online,
I’ll put a link to that below as well. Use it to make a long snake of yellow cookie
dough and then do the same with the black, but this time you’ll need two, one for each
eye. And then place that in the freezer.
If you don’t have a fondant extruder you can use a piping bag instead. And I want you to
pipe or use the extruder to make a thicker snake of deep pink for the middle of the bow.
Roll out the rest of the deep pink and straighten up the edges so you’ve got a rectangle there
and then pipe or use the fondant extruder to make a snake of plain cookie dough on the
top of one side. Cut that dough in half and then roll it up
using the paper to help you over the top of the plain dough so that it makes one side
of the bow. Then repeat that for the other side and freeze
those. Roll out some of the plain dough fairly thickly
and then trim off one end to make it straight and use a circle cutter to cut a little semi-circle
in the size shown. Place that flat-side down on the baking paper
and cut more until you have a long strip. Then do the same with the top half of the
head. And just re-roll out the dough as you need to and then place all of that in the
freezer to firm up. Once it’s firm, turn it upside down and add
the black strips where the eyes should go. Roll out a strip of plain and add it between
the eyes there and then add the frozen snake of yellow on top down the middle.
Use the left-over plain dough to build up the sides, so that it comes up flat around
the nose and then add the smaller semi-circle that we made on top of that.
Roll it up into a tube in the baking paper. Just squeeze it gently, not to hard, we don’t
want to squash it all and then place it back in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
Cut an indent along the top of one side and this should be just above the eyes, so check
which way up your dough is because you don’t want to do it on the bottom of Hello Kitty’s
face. Take one side of the bow and trim some off
if it’s too big and then cut a slit for it and then push it down into the head there.
Add the dark pink snake down the centre for the middle of the bow and then add the other
half of the bow on top and it’s really hot here in Australia today so I’m going to put
it back in the freezer again . Cut some strips of plain for the ears and
add one on top of the bow and one just the other side of it.
Roll out the lighter pink cookie dough and place Hello Kitty on top in the middle and
then wrap the light pink up and around the ears and then use the extra light pink to
fill in the top there between the ears and on the side next to the ears so that we end
up with a round circle cookie. Then roll the whole thing in a tray of sprinkles
to cover the outside and then freeze it again for about 30 minutes.
And then it’s time to slice. Little Hello Kitty.
And then just keep slicing them and if they squash as you cut them, just give them a little
squeeze on the tray to make them right again. Put that lined baking tray into the oven and
keep an eye on them as they bake because you don’t want them to go too brown.
Once they’re done take them out of the oven and leave them to cool.
Then using some melted chocolate or black icing, pipe on the little puddy cat whiskers
on to each cookie and they are super cute and yummy.
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