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Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, Korea (헬로키티카페): Korean Dessert (디저트) and Coffee

Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, Korea (헬로키티카페): Korean Dessert (디저트) and Coffee

(cute music with lyrics) Hello Kitty love! So for today’s video we are filming at the
Hello Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페) in Seoul (서울). Now personally I’m not a huge fan of Hello
Kitty but Sam loves cats. So I figure Hello Kitty (헬로키티) pink
cafe this would be perfect for him. You’ve got to be kidding me. Every time we go to a cafe like this I think
in my head okay I’m building up points towards a baseball game. This is all for Sam. All for you. Pink cafe with fluffy kittens. Let’s go order. (cute music with lyrics) Well we know what that means. The food is ready. (cute music with lyrics) So for our drink we ordered the green tea
latte and if you take a look down here it has Hello Kitty face on it. Imagine that. Ah, it is almost too cute to mess up. There she is with her little bow. Let’s see how it tastes. I can’t believe you’re sipping on the kitties
face. The Hello Kitties face. Mmmmm. Is it good? Wow. Yeah that is good. Yeah it is like a rich milky green tea. It is really nice. Mmmm. Nice and frothy? That is nice. I’m trying to save her face. Hahaha. What about like can you really taste the green
tea? Definitely. Yeah. It is good. Sam it is so funny to be filming you with
a pink background right now. Hahaha. It is super pink. It is like bubblegum pink. But anyways. How many baseball games? Four. Only one. Five. One. Anyways, we’re going to try the cake now. Okay. So this is a very pink, very hello kitty. And I think it is supposed to be raspberry
flavored. Yes. Let’s try that. Raspberry shortcake. Mmmmm. You know what? That’s good. You really do taste the raspberry. Yeah. It is a nice and light cake. It is very fluffy. Very fluffy and it kind of just disintegrates
in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Yeah. And if it sounds loud in here it is because
today is a very popular day with children. And they are just loving it here. They are loving Hello Kitty. They’re loving Hello Kitty (헬로키티)
even more than us. Hahaha. (cute music with lyrics) So the bathroom at the Hello Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페)
is just as pink as you can imagine. Pink toilet seats. Pink walls. Pink everything. So we’re now heading inside the Hello Kitty
gift shop. Let’s see what we find. (cute music with lyrics) Sam, I think that is probably enough Hello
Kitty to last a lifetime, right? Yeah but you know what it was kind of cool. It was very pink and very decorated inside. And if there is one thing that I can really
appreciate is that they didn’t jack up the prices too high just because it was a Hello
Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페). I’ve noticed other themed cafes in Korea like
you pay quite a bit more because it is a theme cafe. But those are pretty much standard prices. I think we paid about four thousand Won for
our cake and four thousand for our coffee. So that is pretty normal. Alright, so another quirky cafe to add to
the list. Visit the Hello Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페)
if you’re in Seoul (서울). (cute music with lyrics)

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